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Sarasota, FL, March 2, 2005 - Invisa, Inc. (OTC BB: INSA), an electronic life safety and security company that commercializes patented presence-sensing technologies, announced today that the Original Equipment and Distribution License Agreement executed by Invisa and Rytec Corporation has been revised. The $300,000 paid to Invisa by Rytec as an advance against future product delivery will be recognized by both companies as compensation for development efforts in 2005.

The draw down of the funding will be recorded in increments of $75,000 over the four quarters of fiscal (calendar) 2005. As consideration for the revision, Rytec will receive “Most Favored Nation” pricing on Invisa sensors.

Invisa’s President and CEO, Herb Lustig, said, “The evolution of this agreement is important. Not only does it continue and extend one of our most valued business relationships, but it reaffirms Rytec’s commitment to our InvisaShield™ technology. We are delighted that we share a common vision with an industry leader.”

Don Grasso, Chairman and CEO of Rytec, said, “Rytec is committed to being a technology leader in the high-performance door industry. Our long-term relationship with Invisa is consistent with our commitment to establishing key partnerships and our emphasis on safety.”

About Invisa: Invisa delivers presence-sensing solutions for safety and security applications. InvisaShield™ enabled devices measure an invisible zone of detection making powered closures (such as gates and garage doors) safer and monitored objects (such as museum exhibits and displays) more secure.

About Rytec: Rytec Corporation of Jackson, WI is the largest U.S. manufacturer of high-speed commercial and industrial doors. The use of high-speed doors improves operational efficiencies, aids in environmental control, reduces down time, and saves energy and money.

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