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Exhibit 99.1
November 2009
Investor Presentation

Forward-Looking Statements
 This presentation contains forward-looking statements, including those relating to our future financial and operational
 results, reserves or transactions, that are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause the Company’s future
 plans, objectives and performance to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking
 statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “may,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan,” “subject
 to,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “continue,” “present value,” “future,” “reserves,” “appears,” “prospective,” or other variations
 thereof or comparable terminology. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences could include, but are not
 limited to, those relating to the results of exploratory drilling activity, the Company’s growth strategy, changes in oil and
 natural gas prices, operating risks, availability of drilling equipment, availability of capital, weaknesses in the Company’s
 internal controls, the inherent variability in early production tests, dependence on weather conditions, seasonality,
 expansion and other activities of competitors, changes in federal or state environmental laws and the administration of
 such laws, the general condition of the economy and its effect on the securities market, the availability, terms or
 completion of any strategic alternative or any transaction and other factors described in “Risk Factors” and elsewhere in
 the Company’s Form 10-K and other filings with the SEC. While we believe our forward-looking statements are based
 upon reasonable assumptions, these are factors that are difficult to predict and that are influenced by economic and other
 conditions beyond our control.
 The United States Securities and Exchange Commission permits oil and gas companies, in their filings with the SEC, to
 disclose only proved reserves that a company has demonstrated by actual production or conclusive formation tests to be
 economically and legally producible under existing economic and operating conditions. We use certain terms in this
 document, such as non-proven, resource potential, Probable, Possible, Exploration and unrisked resource potential that
 the SEC's guidelines strictly prohibit us from including in filings with the SEC. These terms include reserves with
 substantially less certainty, and no discount or other adjustment is included in the presentation of such reserve numbers.
 The recipient is urged to consider closely the disclosure in our Form 10-K, File No. 001-32955, available from us at 801
 Travis, Suite 1425, Houston, Texas 77002. You can also obtain this form from the SEC by calling 1-800-SEC-0330.

Company Overview
§ Houston American Energy Corp (NASDAQ:HUSA), the “Company”, is a growth-
 oriented independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and
 production of crude oil and natural gas resources
§ Operations focused in Colombia
  Current production of approximately 850 barrels of oil equivalent per day
  Participated in drilling of 100 wells in Colombia to date
  Developing new international projects with a focus on Colombia, Peru and Brazil
§ Significant concessions in Colombia with substantial drilling inventory identified by
 advanced 3-D seismic interpretation
  Over 895,000 gross acres with more than 100 currently identified drilling prospects
Market Cap:
$112.0 MM
Debt Outstanding:
Average Volume:
Shares Outstanding:

Investment Opportunity
§ Unique portfolio of high impact, large reserve potential projects in Colombia
  Pure-play small cap oil focused investment opportunity with substantial upside potential
  Significant acreage position focused in the Llanos Basin in Colombia
  Favorable government royalties and fiscal terms on existing contracts
§ Significant Technical Partner with SK Energy, a leading Asian integrated oil and gas
§ Proven Track Record
  Participating in successful drilling program led by Hupecol
  Drilled 100 wells in Colombia with a 70% success rate to date
  With approximately $19.8MM in invested capital management has generated in excess of
 $112.0MM of market capital to date
§ Low cost structure
  Non-operator strategy allows for minimal corporate staff
  Colombian properties have lower finding and development costs versus U.S. conventional
 and unconventional reserves
§ Experienced management and board of directors with access to proprietary deal flow
§ Simple capitalization structure

Business Strategy
§ Explore and develop existing properties through the drill bit
  Increase production and cash flow by drilling and completing identified well locations
  Quantify value of our asset base through an aggressive testing and drilling program
  Explore for and develop additional proved reserves on approximately 150,000 net acres
§ Acquire additional interest in oil and gas properties through partnerships and joint
 ventures with experienced operators
  Target acquisitions that enhance our core areas
  Focus on high impact, lower risk drilling prospects
§ Capitalize on the expertise, experience and strategic relationships of the
 management team and board of directors

International Assets
International Operations - Llanos Basin Colombia
Interest in Eight Concessions and One Technical Evaluation Agreement
Operator Interest
SK Energy 25.0% working interest in the CPO 4 concession covering ~ 345,452 acres
Shona 12.5% working interest in the Serrania concession covering ~ 110,769 acres
Hupecol 12.5% interest in the Los Picachos Technical Evaluation Agreement (the “TEA") ~ 86,235 acres
Hupecol 12.5% working interest in the Las Garzas concession covering ~ 103,000 acres
Hupecol 12.5% working interest in the Leona concession covering ~ 70,343 acres
Hupecol 12.5% working interest in the Cabiona concession covering ~ 86,066 acres
Hupecol 12.5% working interest in Dorotea concession covering ~ 51,321 acres
Hupecol 6.25% working interest in the Surimena concession covering ~ 69,000 acres
Hupecol 1.6% working interest in La Cuerva contract covering ~ 48,000 acres

Overview of Colombia
§ President Alvaro Uribe Velez (re-elected
 May 28, 2006) - Pro Business
§ Main US ally in South America
§ Population: 45,644,023
§ Capital Bogotá: 7,881,156 citizens
§ Exchange rate 2009: 1,949 COP$/US$
§ Gross domestic product, GDP, 2008: US$
 395.4 Billion
§ GDP / Capita, 2008: $8,800
§ Current Production of 600,000 bbl/day
§ Estimated 1.36 Billion barrels of proven
Source: Wood Mackenzie, IHS, CIA.GOV

Overview of Colombia
§ Colombia is currently a net exporter (~ 282,000 bbls/d) of crude
 oil, but the country's reserves and production have been
§ To combat this decline, the Colombian government enacted a
 number of incentives aimed to attract foreign investment:
  Sliding scale royalty rates based on field size, with an
 8% royalty rate for most fields
  100% company ownership of production projects
  Eliminated government back-in rights on new
  Vastly improved security environment - President Uribe
 on offensive with broad popular support
  Military increased 273,000 to 370,000 personnel in 2
 years. US assistance at US$600 million/year
  Progressive Colombia fiscal changes similar to those in
 UK which spurred renewed interest in the North Sea
§ Colombia has a well developed infrastructure system
 comprising of over 3,700 miles of crude and product pipelines.
 This system is concentrated on transporting crude from the
 main producing basins (Llanos and Magdalenas)
Source: Wood Mackenzie, IHS, CIA.GOV

Llanos Basin
 The Llanos Basin covers an area of approximately 125,000 square miles
 Its primary geologic formations are: the Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and
 The Llanos Basin is one of the most
 active basins in Colombia
Other Llanos Basin Operators
Source: Wood Mackenzie, IHS, CIA.GOV

SK Energy - CPO 4 Block

Overview of SK Energy
Large Asian conglomerate with an integrated business model
 Continued Operating Profit Growth
Source: SK Energy Presentation
1 USD = 1189 KRW
SK Energy Participates in 34 oil and gas blocks and four LNG projects
in 17 countries, with proved oil equivalent reserves of 520 million
barrels (BOE).
E&P Business
Petrochemical Business
SK Energy is the undisputed leader in the petrochemical business in
Korea. During 2008 SK sold 8,445,000 tons of petrochemical products
for $8.75 billion USD in sales in 2009
Lubricants Business
Leading lubricant manufacturer in Korea. During 2008 SK Energy sold
9,531,000 barrels of Lubricants
Refining and Petroleum Business
In 2008, SK Energy had $27.12 billion USD in sales (71% of
revenues), with refining capacity of 1.1 million barrels of oil per day.
This represents the largest capacity in Korea, as well as one of the
largest in all of Asia
It should also be noted that SK Energy has Research and Development
and Technology businesses that are leaders in the industry.


SK Energy - Farmout Agreement and JOA - CPO 4
§ Contract entered between National Hydrocarbon Agency of Colombia and SK Energy, a leading
 Korean conglomerate
§ Right to earn an undivided 25% of the rights of the CPO 4 Contract located in the Western Llanos
 Basin in the Republic of Colombia
§ CPO 4 Block consists of 345,452 net acres and contains over 100 identified leads or prospects with
 estimated recoverable reserves of 1 to 4 billion barrels
§ The Block is located along the highly productive western margin of the Llanos Basin and is adjacent
 to Apiay field which is estimated to have in excess of 610 million barrels of 25-33 API oil
 recoverable. On the CPO 4 Block’s Northeast side lies the Corcel Block where well rates of 2,000 to
 14,000 barrels of initial production per day have been announced for recent discoveries.
§ In addition, the CPO 4 Block is located nearby oil and gas pipeline infrastructure.
§ The Company has agreed to pay 25% of all past and future cost related to the CPO 4 block as well
 as an additional 12.5% of the seismic acquisition costs incurred during Phase 1 Work Program
§ All future cost and revenue sharing (excluding the phase 1 seismic cost) will be on a heads up
 basis; 75% SK Energy and 25% HUSA - no carried interest or other promoted interest on the block


Current average production of 18,000 Bbl/d
from 8 wells drilled since July of 2007

Reservoir Distribution



Multiple Reservoir Plays

Corcel Overview
Source: Petrominerales.com

Corcel Overview (continued)
Source: Petrominerales.com

Corcel Overview (continued)
Source: Petrominerales.com

Corcel Overview (continued)
§ Production from Corcel’s wells have averaged in excess of 5,500 barrels of oil per
 day for the first thirty days of production declining to approximately 2,000 barrels of oil
 per day after the first year of production.
§ Production after the first year of production is expected to decline marginally at 5 to
 10% per annum
§ Multiple stacked pay sands
§ Active water drive is expected to result in high ultimate recoveries
§ The Corcel-A2 side-track well (drilled Sept. 09) is producing over 10,000 barrels of oil
 per day of 30 API oil at less than 1% water cut from the Lower Mirador, Upper
 Guadalupe and Lower Guadalupe sands.
Source: Petrominerales.com

Proposed 3D Areas with Structure Maps

Land Satellite Image with Structures and 3D Areas

Serrania Block and Los Picachos

Serrania Block and Los Picachos
§ Contract entered between Shona Energy (Colombia) Limited (major investors of which include
 Encap and Nabors) and Houston American Energy on June 24, 2009
§ Right to earn an undivided twelve and one half percent (12.5%) of the rights to the Serrania Contract
 for Exploration and Production (the Serrania Contract) which covers the Serrania Block located in
 the municipalities of Uribe and La Macarena in the Department of Meta
§ Serrania Block consists of approximately 110,769 acres
§ Oil Royalty: 8% to 5,000 BOPD and sliding scale to 20% at 125,000 BOPD
§ The Block is located adjacent to the recent Ombu discovery, which is estimated to have potentially
 over one billion barrels of oil in place
§ The Company has agreed to pay 25% of Phase 1 Work Program. The Phase 1 work program
 consist of completing a geochemical study, reprocessing existing 2-D seismic data, and the
 acquisition, processing and interpretation of 2D seismic program containing approximately 116
 kilometers of 2-D data
§ The Company's is expected to drill its first well on Serrania Block in the 1st quarter of 2010
§ Los Picachos Technical Evaluation Agreement encompasses an 86,235 acre region located to the
 west and northwest of the Serrania block

Serrania Phase One Seismic Program
The Phase One Seismic program
was competed in September of
2009. We plan on drilling our first
Serrania well in the first quarter of

Picture of Ombu field extension onto Serrania
Key Points
Ombu Field
Emerald Energy - 90% owner and operator
of the Ombu field recently sold to
Sinochem Resources for approximately
$836 million USD. Emerald’s major assets
were located in Syria and Colombia.
Emerald’s major Colombian asset was the
Ombu field in the Llanos Basin
Canacol Energy LTD (TSX-V: CNE) - 10%
owner of the Ombu field is estimating that
there is up to 1.1 billion barrels of original
oil in place on the Ombu field
In 2009 Emerald Energy after drilling 5
wells on the Ombu field was given potential
recoverable reserves of 122 million barrels
by Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc.
Production rates of the five wells ranged
from 100 to 400 bbl/d
Source: Emeraldenergy.com, Canacolenergy.com

Los Picachos TEA
Los Picachos establishes a future
growth area for the Serrania
Initial 2-D data has identified several
large prospects located on the Los
Picachos TEA similar to those found
on the Ombu Block to the south east
Los Picachos encompasses an
86,235 acre region located to the
west and northwest of the Serrania

Hupecol Operated Assets

 Operator: Hupecol
 Hupecol has acquired significant
 concessions in the Llanos Basin since
 Houston American Energy’s inception in April
 2001. The following are HUSA’s effective
 working interests based on its indirect
 ownership interests in Hupecol:
 Current net production of 850 boe/d
 Currently 5 of the six concessions operated
 by Hupecol are for sale by Scotia Waterous
Hupecol Colombian Operations
 La Cuerva
1.6% W.I.
12.5% W.I.
12.5% W.I.
12.5% W.I.
 Las Garzas
12.5% W.I.
6.25% W.I.
Colombia Operations
* Highlighted Concessions are currently for sale

Overview of Hupecol (Private Company)
§ Operator of the majority of the Company’s existing producing Colombian assets
§ Privately held E&P company with offices in Colombia and Texas
  Hupecol’s managing partner currently operates significant production and gathering facilities
 domestically in the U.S.
  Operates with an extensive staff of geologists, petroleum engineers, geophysical and
 accounting professionals
§ One of the more active independents operating in Colombia
  Hupecol currently produces approximately 7,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day in
  Hupecol sits on the Board of Directors of the Colombian Petroleum Association General
 Assembly along with Perenco, Petrobras, ExxonMobil, Hocol, and Terpel
§ Proven track record
  In June 2008, the Company, through Hupecol Caracara LLC as owner/operator, sold all of
 the Caracara assets to Cepsa, covering approximately 232,500 acres for USD $920 million
  As a result of the sale of the Caracara assets, HUSA received net proceeds of $11.55 mm
  Drilled over 100 wells in Colombia to date with a 70% success ratio


Budget through December 2010
 (1) Per the SK Farm-Out agreement, HUSA pays an additional 12.5% of the Seismic Acquisition Cost.
 (2) Per the Shona Farm-Out Agreement, HUSA pays an additional 12.5% of the Seismic Acquisition Cost.
 (3) Cash flow from existing production is expected to fund all future Capex. Select properties are presently being offered for sale.


HUSA Financial Overview
§ Strong Balance Sheet with no debt.
§ Significant production growth since the first quarter of 2009 from existing Hupecol operated

Management Biography
 John F. Terwilliger, President and CEO
 John F. Terwilliger has served as the Company's President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since its
 inception in April 2001. From 1988 to 2001, Mr. Terwilliger served as Chairman of the Board and President of
 Moose Oil and Gas Company, a Houston based exploration and production company focused on operations in the
 Texas Gulf Coast region. Prior to 1988, Mr. Terwilliger was Chairman of the Board and President of Cambridge Oil
 Company, a Texas based exploration and production company. John is a member of the Houston Geological
 Society, Houston Producers Forum, Independent Petroleum Association of America and the Society of Petroleum
 James J. Jacobs -Chief Financial Officer
 James “Jay” Jacobs has served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer since joining the Company in July 2006.
 From April 2003 until joining the Company in July 2006, Mr. Jacobs served as an Associate and as Vice President
 in the Energy Investment Banking division at Sanders Morris Harris, Inc., an investment banking firm
 headquartered in Houston Texas, where he specialized in energy sector financings and transactions for a wide
 variety of energy companies. Prior to joining Sanders Morris Harris, Mr. Jacobs worked as a financial analyst for
 Duke Capital Partners where he worked on the execution of senior secured, mezzanine, volumetric production
 payment, and equity transactions for exploration and production companies. Prior to joining Duke Capital Partners,
 Mr. Jacobs worked in the Corporate Tax Group of Deloitte and Touché LLP. Mr. Jacobs holds a B.B.A. and a
 Masters in Professional Accounting from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin and
 is a Certified Public Accountant.

 Lee Tawes
 Mr. Tawes is Executive Vice President, Head of Investment Banking and a Director of Northeast Securities, Inc. Prior to
 joining Northeast Securities, Mr. Tawes held management and research analyst positions with C.E. Unterberg, Towbin,
 Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., CIBC World Markets and Goldman Sachs & Co. from 1972 to 2001. Mr. Tawes has served as a
 Director of Baywood International, Inc. since 2001 and of GSE Systems, Inc. since 2006. Mr. Tawes is a graduate of Princeton
 University and received his MBA from Darden School at the University of Virginia
 Ted Broun
 Mr. Broun is the owner/operator of Broun Energy, LLC, an oil and gas exploration and production company. He co-founded,
 and, from 1994 to 2003, was Vice President and Managing Partner of Sierra Mineral Development, L.C., an oil and gas
 exploration and production company. Previously, Mr. Broun was a partner and consultant in Tierra Mineral Development, L.C.
 and served in various petroleum engineering and management capacities with Atlantic Richfield Company, Tenneco Oil
 Company, ITR Petroleum, Inc. General Atlantic Resources, Inc. and West Hall Associates, Inc. Mr. Broun received his B.S. in
 Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas and an M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Alaska.
 Stephen Hartzell
 Since 2003, Mr. Hartzell has been an owner/operator of Southern Star Exploration, LLC, an independent oil and gas company.
 From 1986 to 2003, Mr. Hartzell served as an independent consulting geologist. From 1978 to 1986, Mr. Hartzell served as a
 petroleum geologist, division geologist and senior geologist with Amoco Production Company, Tesoro Petroleum Corporation,
 Moore McCormack Energy and American Hunter Exploration. Mr. Hartzell received his B.S. in Geology from Western Illinois
 University and an M.S. in Geology from Northern Illinois University.
 John Boylan
 Mr. Boylan has served as a financial consultant to the oil and gas industry since January 2008. Mr. Boylan served as a
 manager of Atasca Resources, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, from 2003 through 2007.
 Previously, Mr. Boylan served in various executive capacities in the energy industry, including both the exploration and
 production and oil services sectors. Mr. Boylan’s experience also includes work as a senior auditor for KPMG Peat Marwick
 and a senior associate project management consultant for Coopers & Lybrand Consulting. Mr. Boylan holds a B.B.A. with a
 major in Accounting from the University of Texas and an M.B.A. with majors in Finance, Economics and International Business
 from New York University.
Board of Directors