EX-21 6 dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES Subsidiaries

Exhibit 21


Entity Name


Domestic Jurisdiction

AHI Healthcare Corporation    Texas
American Imaging Management East, L.L.C.    Delaware
American Imaging Management, Inc.    Illinois
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan Administrator, LLC    Indiana
Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company    California
Anthem Credentialing Services, Inc.    Delaware
Anthem Financial, Inc.    Delaware
Anthem Health Insurance Company of Nevada    Nevada
Anthem Health Plans of Kentucky, Inc.    Kentucky
Anthem Health Plans of Maine, Inc.    Maine
Anthem Health Plans of New Hampshire, Inc.    New Hampshire
Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc.    Virginia
Anthem Health Plans, Inc.    Connecticut
Anthem Holding Corp.    Indiana
Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.    Indiana
Anthem Life & Disability Insurance Company    New York
Anthem Life Insurance Company    Indiana
Anthem Southeast, Inc.    Indiana
Anthem UM Services, Inc.    Indiana
Anthem Workers’ Compensation, LLC    Indiana
Arcus Enterprises, Inc.    Delaware
ARCUS Financial Services, Inc.    Indiana
ARCUS HealthyLiving Services, Inc.    Indiana
Associated Group, Inc.    Indiana
ATH Holding Company, LLC    Indiana
Behavioral Health Network, Inc.    New Hampshire
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia, Inc.    Georgia
Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia, Inc.    Georgia

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin    Wisconsin
Blue Cross of California    California
Blue Cross of California Partnership Plan, Inc.    California
Cerulean Companies, Inc.    Georgia
Claim Management Services, Inc.    Wisconsin
Community Insurance Company    Ohio
CommunityConnect Health Plan of Pennsylvania, Inc.    Pennsylvania
Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation    Wisconsin
Crossroads Acquisition Corp.    Delaware
DeCare Analytics, LLC    Minnesota
DeCare Dental Health International, LLC    Minnesota
DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland, Ltd.    Ireland
DeCare Dental Networks, LLC    Minnesota
DeCare Dental, LLC    Minnesota
DeCare Operations Ireland, Limited    Ireland
DeCare Systems Ireland, Limited    Ireland
Dental Claims Administrative Services, Inc.    Minnesota
Designated Agent Company, Inc.    Kentucky
EHC Benefits Agency, Inc.    New York
Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc.    New York - DOI
Empire HealthChoice HMO, Inc.    New York
Etico, LLC    Wisconsin
Forty-Four Forty-Four Forest Park Redevelopment Corporation    Missouri
Golden West Health Plan, Inc.    California
Government Health Services, L.L.C.    Wisconsin
Greater Georgia Life Insurance Company    Georgia
Health Core, Inc.    Delaware
Health Management Corporation    Virginia
Health Ventures Partner, L.L.C.    Illinois
HealthKeepers, Inc.    Virginia
HealthLink HMO, Inc.    Missouri
HealthLink, Inc.    Illinois
HealthReach Services, Inc.    Connecticut
Healthy Alliance Life Insurance Company    Missouri
HMO Colorado, Inc.    Colorado

HMO Missouri, Inc.    Missouri
Imaging Management Holdings, L.L.C.    Delaware
Imaging Providers of Texas    Texas
IMASIS, L.L.C.    Delaware
Landmark Solutions, LLC    New Hampshire
Lease Partners, Inc.    Delaware
Matthew Thornton Health Plan, Inc.    New Hampshire
Meridian Resource Company, LLC    Wisconsin
National Capital Preferred Provider Organization, Inc.    Maryland
National Government Services, Inc.    Indiana
OneNation Insurance Company    Indiana
Park Square Holdings, Inc.    California
Park Square I, Inc.    California
Park Square II, Inc.    California
R & P Realty, Inc.    Missouri
Radiant Company, LLC    Indiana
Resolution Health, Inc.    Delaware
RightCHOICE Insurance Company    Illinois - DOI
RightCHOICE Managed Care, Inc.    Delaware
Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Service, Inc.    Colorado
SellCore, Inc.    Delaware
Southeast Services, Inc.    Virginia
Summit Administrative Services, L.L.C.    Missouri
The WellPoint Companies, Inc.    Indiana
TrustSolutions, LLC    Wisconsin
UNICARE Health Insurance Company of Texas    Texas
UNICARE Health Insurance Company of the Midwest    Illinois - DOI
UNICARE Health Plan of Kansas, Inc.    Kansas
UNICARE Health Plan of West Virginia, Inc.    West Virginia
UNICARE Health Plans of Texas, Inc.    Texas
UNICARE Health Plans of the Midwest, Inc.    Illinois
UNICARE Illinois Services, Inc.    Illinois
UniCare Life & Health Insurance Company    Indiana
UNICARE National Services, Inc.    Delaware
UNICARE of Texas Health Plans, Inc.    Texas

UNICARE Specialty Services, Inc.    Delaware
United Government Services, LLC    Wisconsin
UtiliMED IPA, Inc.    New York
WellPoint Acquisition, LLC    Indiana
WellPoint Behavioral Health, Inc.    Delaware
WellPoint California Services, Inc.    Delaware
WellPoint Dental Services, Inc.    Delaware
WellPoint Holding Corp.    Delaware
WellPoint Insurance Services, Inc.    Hawaii
WellPoint Partnership Plan, LLC    Illinois
WellPoint, Inc.    Indiana
WPMI (Shanghai) Enterprise Consulting and Service Co., Ltd.    China
WPMI, LLC    Delaware