EX-22.1 6 bg-12312021x10kex221.htm SUBSIDIARY ISSUERS OF GUARANTEED SECURITIES Document
Exhibit 22.1
Subsidiary Issuers of Guaranteed Securities

As of February 24, 2022, Bunge Limited (“Parent Guarantor”) was the unconditional and irrevocable guarantor of the following unsecured registered notes issued by indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Parent Guarantor:

Name of Subsidiary IssuerState of Formation of IssuerDescription of Registered Notes
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware3.00% Senior Notes due 2022
Bunge Finance Europe B.V.The Netherlands
1.85% Senior Notes due 2023 - Euro
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware4.35% Senior Notes due 2024
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware1.63% Senior Notes due 2025
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware3.25% Senior Notes due 2026
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware3.75% Senior Notes due 2027
Bunge Limited Finance Corp.Delaware2.75% Senior Notes Due 2031