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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

1st Source CorporationCOM336901103150SH SOLE 5000
ACE LimitedCOMH0023R1052,19220,900SH SOLE 14,20006,700
AFLAC Inc.COM0010551021572,700SH SOLE 2,70000
Activision Blizzard, Inc.COM00507V1095,499264,500SH SOLE 90,7000173,800
Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.COM00548A1062100SH SOLE 10000
Adams Resources & EnergyCOM006351308486SH SOLE 8600
Agco CorporationCOM0010841023,06467,400SH SOLE 20,000047,400
Alexanders Inc.COM01475210937SH SOLE 700
Alliant Energy Corp.COM0188021081,43525,900SH SOLE 4,600021,300
Amdocs LimitedCOMG0260210337800SH SOLE 80000
AmercoCOM0235861007,09727,100SH SOLE 9,100018,000
American Axle & ManufacturingCOM0240611033162SH SOLE 16200
American Financial GroupCOM0259321044,45276,900SH SOLE 19,900057,000
American Intl Group, Inc.COM0268747842,60448,200SH SOLE 32,800015,400
American Water WorksCOM0304201031,19124,700SH SOLE 3,800020,900
Amkor Technology IncCOM0316521002204SH SOLE 20400
Annaly Capital Mgmt.COM0357104093,953370,100SH SOLE 98,8000271,300
Arch Capital Group Ltd.COMG0450A1056,096111,400SH SOLE 34,600076,800
Arlington Asset Investmnt CorpCOM0413562055200SH SOLE 20000
Arrow Electronics IncCOM0427351006,719121,400SH SOLE 42,100079,300
Assurant Inc.COM04621X1084,39268,300SH SOLE 18,400049,900
Atlas Air WorldwideCOM049164205125SH SOLE 2500
Atwood Oceanics IncCOM0500951081,87442,900SH SOLE 11,800031,100
AutoNation Inc.COM05329W1023,46168,800SH SOLE 19,500049,300
Autobytel Inc.COM05275N2052200SH SOLE 20000
Avnet IncCOM0538071038,786211,700SH SOLE 75,9000135,800
Aware Inc.COM05453N1002651SH SOLE 65100
Axis Capital Holdings LtdCOMG0692U1093,28069,300SH SOLE 16,600052,700
BOK Financial Corp.COM05561Q2012,55938,500SH SOLE 11,400027,100
Baldwin & Lyons cl BCOM0577552092100SH SOLE 10000
BancFirst Corp OKCOM05945F103353SH SOLE 5300
Bassett Furniture IndustriesCOM0702031042145SH SOLE 14500
Beasley Broadcast Group Inc.COM0740141011100SH SOLE 10000
Becton Dickinson & Co.COM0758871091,20610,600SH SOLE 7,40003,200
Booz Allen Hamilton cl ACOM0995021063,236138,300SH SOLE 35,7000102,600
Bridgepoint Education, Inc.COM10807M1051121SH SOLE 12100
Brooks Automation IncCOM1143401023239SH SOLE 23900
Brunswick CorporationCOM11704310981819,400SH SOLE 9,70009,700
CA, Inc.COM12673P10511,397407,900SH SOLE 146,9000261,000
CAI International, Inc.COM12477X1066301SH SOLE 30100
CBRE Group Inc.COM12504L1091,72858,100SH SOLE 12,700045,400
CIGNA CorporationCOM1255091093,99044,000SH SOLE 18,500025,500
CNA Financial CorporationCOM1261171006,256164,500SH SOLE 57,5000107,000
CVR Energy, Inc.COM12662P1086,289140,600SH SOLE 40,2000100,400
Cabot CorporationCOM1270551011,01019,900SH SOLE 3,900016,000
Cal-Maine Foods Inc.COM12803020218SH SOLE 800
Campbell Soup CompanyCOM1344291093,05571,500SH SOLE 20,900050,600
Carnival CorpCOM1436583001854,600SH SOLE 4,60000
Celanese Corp.COM1508701033,40658,200SH SOLE 23,900034,300
Central Pacific Financial CorpCOM1547601022117SH SOLE 11700
Century Bancorp cl ACOM1564321063100SH SOLE 10000
Chevron CorpCOM1667641004,41537,000SH SOLE 25,200011,800
Citizens & Northern CorpCOM1729221064200SH SOLE 20000
Columbia Sportswear Co.COM198516106370SH SOLE 7000
Commercial Vehicle GroupCOM2026081051100SH SOLE 10000
Consumer Portfolio ServicesCOM2105021004600SH SOLE 60000
Corrections Corp of AmericaCOM22025Y4071273,700SH SOLE 3,70000
Crawford & Co cl ACOM2246332065700SH SOLE 70000
Credit Acceptance CorpCOM225310101214SH SOLE 1400
Crown Media Holdings Inc.COM2284111041400SH SOLE 40000
DST Systems Inc.COM2333261073,41640,700SH SOLE 11,100029,600
DTE Energy CompanyCOM23333110785211,200SH SOLE 700010,500
Delta Air Lines, Inc.COM2473617023,962109,600SH SOLE 60,400049,200
Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.COM25271C1023,831111,800SH SOLE 24,900086,900
Dillards Inc cl ACOM2540671012,99727,500SH SOLE 6,700020,800
Discover Financial ServicesCOM2547091082,13833,200SH SOLE 22,400010,800
Domtar Corp.COM2575592031,26536,000SH SOLE 7,000029,000
Donegal Group Inc. cl ACOM2577012012135SH SOLE 13500
Dover CorporationCOM26000310864800SH SOLE 80000
EMC Insurance GroupCOM2686641093100SH SOLE 10000
EZCORP Inc.COM3023011061123SH SOLE 12300
Electro Rent CorpCOM2852181032123SH SOLE 12300
Emmis Communications IncCOM2915251031600SH SOLE 60000
Empire District Electric Co.COM291641108126SH SOLE 2600
Ennis IncCOM293389102030SH SOLE 3000
Entercom CommunicationsCOM2936391004464SH SOLE 46400
Entergy CorpCOM29364G10312,411160,500SH SOLE 55,8000104,700
Enterprise Financial ServicesCOM2937121053200SH SOLE 20000
Everest Re Group LtdCOMG3223R1084,40727,200SH SOLE 9,700017,500
Exelis Inc.COM30162A1081,857112,300SH SOLE 25,900086,400
Exxon Mobil CorporationCOM30231G1026,33067,300SH SOLE 45,700021,600
FBL Financial Group cl ACOM30239F106116SH SOLE 1600
Fifth Third BancorpCOM3167731007,365367,900SH SOLE 132,4000235,500
Financial Institutions Inc.COM3175854042100SH SOLE 10000
First Citizens Bancshares cl ACOM31946M10327SH SOLE 700
First Financial Corp (IN)COM3202181003100SH SOLE 10000
First Interstate BancSystem ACOM32055Y2013111SH SOLE 11100
First Republic BankCOM33616C10065713,300SH SOLE 900012,400
Five Star Quality CareCOM33832D1063841SH SOLE 84100
Ford Motor CompanyCOM3453708602,381161,000SH SOLE 107,100053,900
Fortegra Financial Corp.COM34954W1044362SH SOLE 36200
Franklin Resources, Inc.COM354613101551,000SH SOLE 1,00000
Fresh Del Monte ProduceCOMG36738105265SH SOLE 6500
GAMCO Investors, Inc.COM361438104338SH SOLE 3800
Gannett Co. Inc.COM3647301013,127105,400SH SOLE 34,500070,900
General Electric CoCOM36960410345617,800SH SOLE 12,00005,800
Global Sources Ltd.COMG393001013425SH SOLE 42500
Great Southern BancorpCOM3909051075149SH SOLE 14900
HCA Holdings Inc.COM40412C1014,11858,400SH SOLE 20,900037,500
Hallador Energy CompanyCOM4060923044331SH SOLE 33100
Handy & Harman Ltd.COM4103151057263SH SOLE 26300
Harris CorporationCOM41387510575711,400SH SOLE 3,20008,200
Hawaiian Telcom Holdco, Inc.COM4200311065188SH SOLE 18800
Heartland Financial USACOM42234Q1024149SH SOLE 14900
HollyFrontier CorporationCOM43610610831700SH SOLE 70000
Homestreet IncCOM43785V1024231SH SOLE 23100
Horace Mann EducatorsCOM440327104285SH SOLE 8500
Hormel Foods CorpCOM44045210080715,700SH SOLE 15,70000
Humana Inc.COM4448591023,96130,400SH SOLE 11,800018,600
Huntington Bancshares, Inc.COM446150104899,100SH SOLE 9,10000
Hyster-Yale Materials HandlingCOM449172105231SH SOLE 3100
IBM CorpCOM4592001012,77214,600SH SOLE 9,90004,700
ITT Educational Services IncCOM45068B1091200SH SOLE 20000
Illinois Tool Works Inc.COM4523081092703,200SH SOLE 2,9000300
Independence Holding Co.COM4534403072160SH SOLE 16000
Ingles Markets cl ACOM457030104145SH SOLE 4500
Ingram Micro Inc.COM4571531041,79669,600SH SOLE 13,800055,800
Ingredion IncorporatedCOM4571871022,85737,700SH SOLE 7,100030,600
Insight Enterprises, Inc.COM45765U1033120SH SOLE 12000
Integrys Energy GroupCOM45822P1055,93891,600SH SOLE 21,400070,200
Intelsat S.A.COML5140P10162436,400SH SOLE 10,400026,000
International BancsharesCOM4590441033116SH SOLE 11600
International ShipholdingCOM4603212012136SH SOLE 13600
JPMorgan Chase & CoCOM46625H1004,03066,900SH SOLE 45,200021,700
Jabil Circuit Inc.COM4663131031,80789,600SH SOLE 22,900066,700
Johnson Outdoors Inc.COM4791671085192SH SOLE 19200
Jones Lang LaSalle IncCOM48020Q1077,83362,000SH SOLE 20,100041,900
Kansas City Life InsuranceCOM484836101367SH SOLE 6700
Kelly Services cl ACOM4881522082104SH SOLE 10400
Kemper CorpCOM488401100127SH SOLE 2700
Kohl's CorporationCOM5002551043545,800SH SOLE 1,70004,100
Kraft Foods Group IncCOM50076Q1061,00417,800SH SOLE 11,50006,300
Kronos Worldwide Inc.COM50105F105161SH SOLE 6100
L-3 CommunicationsCOM5024241048,06367,800SH SOLE 19,300048,500
Lear CorporationCOM5218652043,84544,500SH SOLE 11,300033,200
Mainsource Financial GrpCOM56062Y1023200SH SOLE 20000
Manpower Inc.COM56418H1001,19917,100SH SOLE 2,800014,300
Marcus CorporationCOM566330106152SH SOLE 5200
McClatchy Co. cl ACOM5794891052700SH SOLE 70000
Mercantile Bank CorpCOM5873761043180SH SOLE 18000
Mueller Industries, Inc.COM624756102146SH SOLE 4600
NACCO Industries Inc ACOM6295791035108SH SOLE 10800
NASB Financial, Inc.COM6289681092100SH SOLE 10000
National Beverage CorpCOM635017106162SH SOLE 6200
National Healthcare CorpCOM635906100232SH SOLE 3200
National Western Life InsurancCOM63852210216SH SOLE 600
Nature's Sunshine ProductsCOM6390271012142SH SOLE 14200
Navient CorporationCOM63938C1082,825159,500SH SOLE 45,9000113,600
Navigators Group IncCOM638904102238SH SOLE 3800
Nelnet IncCOM64031N108370SH SOLE 7000
New Media Investment GroupCOM64704V1062100SH SOLE 10000
Norfolk Southern CorpCOM65584410878700SH SOLE 70000
Northrop Grumman CorpCOM6668071023,20224,300SH SOLE 16,50007,800
Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.COM67018T1052395,300SH SOLE 30005,000
Nutraceutical Int'l CorpCOM67060Y1013129SH SOLE 12900
OceanFirst FinancialCOM6752341082126SH SOLE 12600
One Liberty Properties Inc.COM682406103150SH SOLE 5000
Onebeacon Insurance GrpCOMG677421093187SH SOLE 18700
PBF Energy Inc cl ACOM69318G1065,969248,700SH SOLE 78,5000170,200
PC Connection, Inc.COM69318J1006262SH SOLE 26200
PDL BioPharma, Inc.COM69329Y1046,223833,030SH SOLE 272,2300560,800
PPL CorpCOM69351T1062437,400SH SOLE 7,40000
Park National Corp OHCOM700658107340SH SOLE 4000
PartnerRe Ltd.COMG6852T1058,84680,500SH SOLE 33,400047,100
Patrick Industries Inc.COM703343103361SH SOLE 6100
Pilgrims Pride CorpCOM7214671084,819157,700SH SOLE 56,8000100,900
Popular Inc.COM7331747003,735126,900SH SOLE 56,300070,600
Preformed Line ProductsCOM740444104353SH SOLE 5300
Principal Financial GroupCOM74251V1024,49785,700SH SOLE 21,500064,200
Public Service Enterprise GrpCOM7445731061,51940,800SH SOLE 12,000028,800
QCR Holdings, Inc.COM74727A1042100SH SOLE 10000
Quad/Graphics, Inc. cl ACOM7473011091,14059,200SH SOLE 14,700044,500
RCS Capital CorporationCOM74937W10289439,700SH SOLE 9,000030,700
RPC Inc.COM749660106703,200SH SOLE 3,20000
Rayonier Inc.COM7549071031,30842,000SH SOLE 8,100033,900
Raytheon CompanyCOM7551115077627,500SH SOLE 4,80002,700
Reinsurance Group of AmericaCOM75935160410,441130,300SH SOLE 43,900086,400
Remy International Inc.COM7596631076272SH SOLE 27200
Renewable Energy Grp IncCOM75972A3012200SH SOLE 20000
Republic Bancorp KYCOM7602812043138SH SOLE 13800
Reynolds American IncCOM7617131062,50242,400SH SOLE 30,100012,300
Ryder System Inc.COM7835491084,24747,200SH SOLE 12,700034,500
Saul Centers Inc.COM804395101128SH SOLE 2800
Scana CorporationCOM80589M1022,20344,400SH SOLE 21,800022,600
Seadrill LimitedCOMG7945E1055,909220,800SH SOLE 67,6000153,200
Select Medical Holdings CorpCOM81619Q1052207SH SOLE 20700
ServisFirst Bancshares, Inc.COM81768T108266SH SOLE 6600
Ship Finance Intl LtdCOMG81075106173SH SOLE 7300
Sirva IncCOM82967Y104159SH SOLE 5900
Sotherly Hotels Inc.COM83600C1032200SH SOLE 20000
Southern Copper Corp.COM84265V1052,24575,700SH SOLE 50,100025,600
Spok Holdings, Inc.COM84863T1064342SH SOLE 34200
St. Joe CompanyCOM7901481001,43371,900SH SOLE 21,400050,500
Starz Series A Liberty CapitalCOM85571Q1024,505136,200SH SOLE 40,700095,500
Steelcase Inc cl ACOM85815520361437,900SH SOLE 6,500031,400
Stepan CompanyCOM858586100364SH SOLE 6400
Strategic Hotels & ResortsCOM86272T1064,427380,000SH SOLE 101,8000278,200
Symetra Financial CorpCOM87151Q1062105SH SOLE 10500
Synnex CorpCOM87162W100339SH SOLE 3900
Syntel Inc.COM87162H103334SH SOLE 3400
TESSCO Technologies, Inc.COM8723861073100SH SOLE 10000
TRC Companies Inc.COM8726251084542SH SOLE 54200
TRW Automotive Hldgs Corp.COM87264S10612,110119,600SH SOLE 41,200078,400
TeleTech Holdings IncCOM8799391063114SH SOLE 11400
Textainer Group Hldgs Ltd.COMG8766E109269SH SOLE 6900
The Babcock & Wilcox CoCOM05615F1021,29946,900SH SOLE 9,800037,100
Third Point Reinsurance Ltd.COMG8827U1003200SH SOLE 20000
Tilly's, Inc.COM8868851022300SH SOLE 30000
Timken CompanyCOM8873891042,80666,200SH SOLE 17,000049,200
Towne BankCOM89214P1094258SH SOLE 25800
Trans World EntertainmentCOM89336Q1002500SH SOLE 50000
Triple-S Management CorpCOM8967491084200SH SOLE 20000
Tyson Foods IncCOM9024941032,40261,000SH SOLE 14,300046,700
UFP Technologies, Inc.COM902673102166SH SOLE 6600
United States Lime & MineralsCOM911922102113SH SOLE 1300
United Stationers, Inc.COM913004107249SH SOLE 4900
Universal CorporationCOM913456109114SH SOLE 1400
Universal Truckload ServicesCOM91388P105150SH SOLE 5000
VSE CorporationCOM918284100126SH SOLE 2600
Vectrus, Inc.COM92242T1011226,239SH SOLE 1,43904,800
Village Super MarketCOM9271074093122SH SOLE 12200
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.COM9282981081107,700SH SOLE 7,70000
Vonage Holdings Corp.COM92886T2012563SH SOLE 56300
Voya Financial, Inc.COM9290891001,54839,600SH SOLE 2,400037,200
W&T Offshore Inc.COM92922P106187SH SOLE 8700
W.R. Berkley CorpCOM08442310251110,700SH SOLE 700010,000
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.COM9311421033,84650,300SH SOLE 34,200016,100
Washington Trust BancorpCOM9406101083100SH SOLE 10000
Wayside Technology GroupCOM9467601052100SH SOLE 10000
Weis Markets Inc.COM948849104255SH SOLE 5500
West CorporationCOM9523552044122SH SOLE 12200
Western Refining, Inc.COM959319104364SH SOLE 6400
Western UnionCOM9598021092,153134,200SH SOLE 35,200099,000
Westlake Chemical CorpCOM9604131025,57664,400SH SOLE 21,700042,700
Weyco Group Inc.COM962149100263SH SOLE 6300
Xcel Energy IncCOM98389B1001,77858,500SH SOLE 17,500041,000
Xerox CorporationCOM9841211031,659125,400SH SOLE 79,200046,200
ZAIS Financial Corp.COM98886K108150SH SOLE 5000
ePlus Inc.COM294268107468SH SOLE 6800