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The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete.

Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3-D SYS CORP DEL CS 88554D2052,20079,785SH  SOLE 18,986060,799
ABB LTD ADR 00037520498229,429SH  SOLE 14,650014,779
ABBOTT LABS CS 00282410017,712149,940SH  SOLE 72,407077,533
ABBVIE INC CS 00287Y1095515,109SH  SOLE 3,39101,718
ACCENTURE PLC IRELAND SHS CLASCS G1151C10125,03178,242SH  SOLE 26,721051,521
ADOBE SYS INC CS 00724F1018,44814,674SH  SOLE 11,61603,058
AGCO CORP CS 00108410214,832121,046SH  SOLE 45,345075,701
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC CS 00846U10132,658207,316SH  SOLE 64,9820142,334
ALBEMARLE CORP CS 01265310130,130137,600SH  SOLE 62,266075,334
ALIGN TECHNOLOGY INC CS 01625510115,30923,006SH  SOLE 8,741014,265
ALLY FINL INC CS 02005N10034,252670,951SH  SOLE 328,9160342,035
ALNYLAM PHARMACEUTICALS INC CS 02043Q1071,7429,228SH  SOLE 2,27906,949
ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL A CS 02079K305393147SH  SOLE 123024
ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL C CS 02079K1071,735651SH  SOLE 1500501
AMAZON COM INC CS 023135106496151SH  SOLE 58093
ANTERO MIDSTREAM CORP COM CS 03676B10214914,275SH  SOLE 4,191010,084
APPHARVEST INC COM CS 03783T1037211,000SH  SOLE 0011,000
APPLE INC COM CS 0378331003,33823,591SH  SOLE 8,980014,611
APPLIED MATLS INC CS 0382221058,98769,813SH  SOLE 55,273014,540
APTIV PLC CS G6095L10931,787213,379SH  SOLE 87,9190125,460
ARISTA NETWORKS INC CS 0404131065,34815,562SH  SOLE 2,817012,745
ASML HOLDING N V N Y REGISTRY ADR N070592106,0678,143SH  SOLE 1,94906,194
ASSURANT INC CS 04621X1088,06551,123SH  SOLE 9,029042,094
ASTRAZENECA PLC ADR 0463531082173,610SH  SOLE 2,55501,055
ATLASSIAN CORP PLC CS G0624210427,92571,344SH  SOLE 32,584038,760
AVANTOR INC COM CS 05352A10027,251666,272SH  SOLE 316,7400349,532
BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION CS 0605051041,01123,812SH  SOLE 6,467017,345
BLACKROCK INC CS 09247X101825983SH  SOLE 4290554
BLACKSTONE INC COM CS 09260D1073252,790SH  SOLE 13002,660
BLOCK H AND R INC CS 09367110526910,771SH  SOLE 3,19507,576
BROADCOM INC COM CS 11135F1014931,017SH  SOLE 6680349
BRUKER BIOSCIENCES CORP CS 1167941081,37217,568SH  SOLE 4,880012,688
BRUNSWICK CORP CS 1170431098,80692,429SH  SOLE 17,189075,240
BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE INC CS 12008R10712,769246,792SH  SOLE 123,6640123,128
CAMDEN PPTY TR CS 1331311029,37763,587SH  SOLE 24,907038,680
CAPITAL ONE FINL CORP CS 14040H1055,90636,466SH  SOLE 7,381029,085
CBRE GROUP INC CS 12504L10915,148155,590SH  SOLE 27,4880128,102
CELANESE CORP DEL CS 15087010316,593110,151SH  SOLE 52,618057,533
CHUBB LIMITED COM CS H1467J1041,89110,902SH  SOLE 2,99807,904
CINTAS CORP CS 172908105227596SH  SOLE 190577
COMCAST CORP CS 20030N10147,941857,154SH  SOLE 330,9840526,170
COMMVAULT SYSTEMS INC CS 2041661022923,881SH  SOLE 1,13402,747
CORNING INC CS 2193501052145,851SH  SOLE 4,26201,589
COSTCO WHSL CORP CS 22160K1051,0702,381SH  SOLE 43701,944
CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG CS H171821081,68515,053SH  SOLE 3,904011,149
CROWDSTRIKE HLDGS INC CL A CS 22788C10512,12849,344SH  SOLE 18,225031,119
CROWN CASTLE INTL CORP NEW CS 22822V10116,20793,510SH  SOLE 45,799047,711
DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC CS 2371941053,66424,190SH  SOLE 6,130018,060
DAVITA INC CS 23918K10815,644134,558SH  SOLE 65,088069,470
DECKERS OUTDOOR CORP CS 2435371075021,394SH  SOLE 4250969
DEERE AND CO CS 2441991058142,429SH  SOLE 34802,081
DELTA AIR LINES INC DEL CS 2473617022,77665,151SH  SOLE 16,164048,987
DIAGEO P L C SPON ADR NEW ADR 25243Q2051,96810,199SH  SOLE 2,72507,474
DICKS SPORTING GOODS INC CS 25339310234,796290,522SH  SOLE 84,0810206,441
DOCUSIGN INC COM CS 2561631065292,054SH  SOLE 10401,950
DYNATRACE INC COM CS 2681501093,37447,546SH  SOLE 11,864035,682
EATON CORP PLC CS G291831036354,255SH  SOLE 23404,021
EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP CS 28176E1086,71559,316SH  SOLE 11,974047,342
EMCOR GROUP INC CS 29084Q1007296,316SH  SOLE 2,98403,332
EVERCORE INC CS 29977A1057,91959,245SH  SOLE 11,374047,871
FIFTH THIRD BANCORP CS 31677310027,486647,642SH  SOLE 300,8700346,772
FIRST REP BK SAN FRAN CALI N CS 33616C10019,550101,357SH  SOLE 51,079050,278
FORTINET INC CS 34959E1094,25814,580SH  SOLE 3,652010,928
FREEPORT-MCMORAN COPPER AND GOCS 35671D85754,1541,664,748SH  SOLE 636,65401,028,094
GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP CS 3695501082401,222SH  SOLE 8610361
GENIUS SPORTS LIMITED CS G3934V1091,44177,236SH  SOLE 18,878058,358
GLOBAL X FDS FTSENORD30 ETF ETF 37950E10166021,344SH  SOLE 133021,211
GLOBAL X FDS US INFR DEV ETF 37954Y67347318,622SH  SOLE 116018,506
GLOBUS MED INC CS 3795772082833,693SH  SOLE 1,08502,608
HENDERSON GROUP PLC ORD CS G4474Y2142175,262SH  SOLE 3,70501,557
HERSHEY FOODS CORP CS 42786610818,168107,344SH  SOLE 52,828054,516
HILTON GRAND VACATIONS INC CS 43283X1051,36128,603SH  SOLE 7,687020,916
HOME DEPOT INC CS 4370761024281,303SH  SOLE 9650338
HONEYWELL INTL INC CS 4385161069474,459SH  SOLE 1,11203,347
HUBBELL INC CS 4435106072661,474SH  SOLE 1,0370437
ILLINOIS TOOL WKS INC CS 4523081093811,844SH  SOLE 1,0580786
INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD ADR 45678810835,7071,604,802SH  SOLE 798,2610806,541
INMODE LTD CS M5425M1032,13813,410SH  SOLE 3,62909,781
INTERPUBLIC GROUP COS INC CS 4606901007,115194,041SH  SOLE 33,0170161,024
INTL PAPER CO CS 46014610310,096180,538SH  SOLE 31,9430148,595
INTUITIVE SURGICAL INC CS 46120E6029,9399,997SH  SOLE 1,57308,424
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J47828711,065SH  SOLE 1,028010,037
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J52828911,125SH  SOLE 1,035010,090
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J8257,042317,281SH  SOLE 116,3530200,928
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J55157822,768SH  SOLE 2,122020,646
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J86614,108651,033SH  SOLE 238,7970412,236
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J88214,090654,435SH  SOLE 239,5680414,867
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J5777,005331,905SH  SOLE 121,6000210,305
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J84114,100637,730SH  SOLE 233,9120403,818
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J7837,033322,011SH  SOLE 118,0650203,946
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J53657922,460SH  SOLE 2,089020,371
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J49428811,189SH  SOLE 1,040010,149
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J7917,036328,345SH  SOLE 120,3970207,948
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J51028911,162SH  SOLE 1,038010,124
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J54458022,627SH  SOLE 2,105020,522
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD BUETF 46138J48628811,027SH  SOLE 1,025010,002
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD INETF 46138J44528711,311SH  SOLE 1,051010,260
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD INETF 46138J6437,024306,343SH  SOLE 112,2780194,065
INVESCO EXCH TRD SLF IDX FD INETF 46138J4607,002359,095SH  SOLE 131,6060227,489
INVESCO EXCHANGE TRADED FD T SETF 46137V2585637,426SH  SOLE 2,69404,732
INVESCO EXCHNG TRADED FD TR IIETF 46138E3621,63838,687SH  SOLE 14,811023,876
INVESCO QQQ TR UNIT SER 1 ETF 46090E1036571,835SH  SOLE 1,83500
ISHARES INC MSCI CDA INDEX ETF 4642865092536,972SH  SOLE 17606,796
ISHARES MSCI EAFE SMALL CAP INETF 4642882733074,130SH  SOLE 2504,105
ISHARES TR DJ BROKER-DEAL ETF 4642887944244,063SH  SOLE 2504,038
ISHARES TR DJ HEALTH CARE ETF 4642888282861,117SH  SOLE 701,110
ISHARES TR DJ MED DEVICES ETF 4642888103735,944SH  SOLE 3705,907
ISHARES TR DJ REGIONAL BK ETF 4642887783696,086SH  SOLE 3806,048
ISHARES TR GLMN SCHS SOFT ETF 4642875156871,720SH  SOLE 1101,709
ISHARES TR ISHARES BIOTECH ETF 4642875563041,882SH  SOLE 001,882
ISHARES TR ISHARES SEMICDTR ETF 4642875239762,189SH  SOLE 1302,176
ISHARES TR MSCI GRW IDX ETF 4642888856045,674SH  SOLE 3505,639
ISHARES TR SANDP EURO PLUS ETF 4642878613576,845SH  SOLE 4306,802
ISHARES TR SNG GL MATERIA ETF 4642886954345,092SH  SOLE 3205,060
ISHARES TR SNP GL INDUSTR ETF 4642887293703,149SH  SOLE 2003,129
J P MORGAN CHASE AND CO CS 46625H1002661,623SH  SOLE 1,1310492
JABIL INC CS 4663131039,039154,863SH  SOLE 28,1490126,714
JD COM INC ADR 47215P1062523,485SH  SOLE 5503,430
JOHNSON AND JOHNSON CS 4781601043562,203SH  SOLE 1,4370766
JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLC SHS CS G5150210585412,549SH  SOLE 2,509010,040
JONES LANG LASALLE INC CS 48020Q1073071,237SH  SOLE 3440893
KBR INC CS 48242W1066,347161,084SH  SOLE 22,1830138,901
KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES INC CS 49338L1037,47745,513SH  SOLE 36,07209,441
KLA-TENCOR CORP CS 4824801009142,733SH  SOLE 1,09201,641
LABORATORY CORP AMER HLDGS CS 50540R4091,3394,757SH  SOLE 1,67703,080
LINDE PLC COM CS G5494J1038482,889SH  SOLE 47202,417
LOWES COS INC CS 5486611078,08939,874SH  SOLE 7,584032,290
LPL FINL HLDGS INC CS 50212V10022,962146,477SH  SOLE 75,161071,316
LUCID GROUP INC CS 5494981031,38654,622SH  SOLE 13,612041,010
MANULIFE FINL CORP CS 56501R10628014,558SH  SOLE 10,25604,302
MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD CCS 57387410462610,375SH  SOLE 1,50108,874
MATADOR RES CO CS 5764852053,77599,240SH  SOLE 26,708072,532
MDU RES GROUP INC CS 5526901092679,006SH  SOLE 6,35002,656
METLIFE INC CS 59156R10817,558284,440SH  SOLE 135,1910149,249
MICROSOFT CORP CS 59491810462,395221,320SH  SOLE 51,9720169,348
MID-AMER APT CMNTYS INC CS 59522J1033862,065SH  SOLE 60901,456
MODERNA INC CS 60770K1071,9174,982SH  SOLE 1,34503,637
MONDELEZ INTL INC CS 6092071052574,424SH  SOLE 3,13401,290
MONOLITHIC PWR SYS INC CS 6098391058181,687SH  SOLE 8090878
MORGAN STANLEY CS 61744644867,581694,490SH  SOLE 257,0160437,474
MOTOROLA INC CS 6200763075,64224,285SH  SOLE 18,83905,446
MP MATERIALS CORP COM CL A CS 5533681012,20268,318SH  SOLE 16,775051,543
MPLX LP CS 55336V1002288,000SH  SOLE 008,000
NATIONAL VISION HLDGS INC CS 63845R1072504,406SH  SOLE 1,27603,130
NETAPP INC CS 64110D1049,248103,027SH  SOLE 16,133086,894
NETFLIX COM INC CS 64110L106262429SH  SOLE 190410
NEXTERA ENERGY INC CS 65339F1012373,022SH  SOLE 2,1400882
NIKE INC CS 65410610312,03182,841SH  SOLE 29,939052,902
NVENT ELECTRIC PLC CS G6700G1072618,086SH  SOLE 2,36805,718
NVIDIA CORP CS 67066G10429,607142,918SH  SOLE 24,5670118,351
O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC NEW CS 67103H1076891,127SH  SOLE 2090918
ON SEMICONDUCTOR CORP CS 68218910517,837389,714SH  SOLE 244,0580145,656
ONTO INNOVATION INC COM CS 6833441053,41547,268SH  SOLE 12,157035,111
OPTION CARE HEALTH INC COM NEWCS 68404L20128811,862SH  SOLE 3,48508,377
PAYCHEX INC CS 70432610710,05189,381SH  SOLE 15,868073,513
PENTAIR PLC CS G7S00T1041,06514,669SH  SOLE 6,18408,485
PNC FINL SVCS GROUP INC CS 69347510517,15187,665SH  SOLE 15,781071,884
POOL CORPORATION CS 73278L10521,29649,023SH  SOLE 26,444022,579
PPG INDS INC CS 6935061077305,105SH  SOLE 005,105
QUALCOMM INC CS 7475251034233,279SH  SOLE 2,4470832
QUANTA SVCS INC CS 74762E10261,576540,993SH  SOLE 194,3640346,629
RAPID7 INC CS 75342210412,443110,098SH  SOLE 22,733087,365
RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL INC CS 75473010916,470178,479SH  SOLE 30,2550148,224
REPUBLIC SVCS INC CS 7607591006545,446SH  SOLE 1,05104,395
ROBERT HALF INTL INC CS 77032310313,002129,592SH  SOLE 24,7320104,860
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION INC CS 77390310938,532131,045SH  SOLE 52,581078,464
SALESFORCE COM INC CS 79466L302233858SH  SOLE 880770
SCHWAB CHARLES CORP NEW CS 80851310589512,283SH  SOLE 2,232010,051
SEA LTD ADR 81141R1003,1549,895SH  SOLE 2,89507,000
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY HLDNGS PLC CS G7997R10328,501345,387SH  SOLE 167,7590177,628
SEALED AIR CORP NEW CS 81211K1002634,796SH  SOLE 1,35903,437
SERVICENOW INC CS 81762P10210,17816,356SH  SOLE 2,923013,433
SNOWFLAKE INC CL A CS 8334451091,1503,804SH  SOLE 1,03002,774
SONOS INC COM CS 83570H10811,907367,960SH  SOLE 175,6150192,345
SQUARE INC CS 8522341033771,570SH  SOLE 30001,270
STARBUCKS CORP CS 8552441091,25311,355SH  SOLE 3,82307,532
SYNOPSYS INC CS 87160710713,05343,596SH  SOLE 16,889026,707
TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MFG LTD ADR 87403910051,407460,427SH  SOLE 116,5410343,886
TARGET CORP CS 87612E10632,227140,870SH  SOLE 64,010076,860
TE CONNECTIVITY LTD CS H8498910435,769260,668SH  SOLE 125,0700135,598
TELEDYNE TECHNOLOGIES INC CS 8793601052,6866,253SH  SOLE 1,69304,560
TEMPUR PEDIC INTL INC CS 88023U10110,729231,183SH  SOLE 42,2650188,918
TEXTRON INC CS 8832031013,10144,427SH  SOLE 12,410032,017
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC CCS 8835561027801,365SH  SOLE 22601,139
TORONTO DOMINION BK ONT CS 89116050985612,941SH  SOLE 4,39008,551
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO CS 89235610612,31860,799SH  SOLE 10,305050,494
TRIMBLE NAVIGATION LTD CS 8962391001,10013,377SH  SOLE 5,29708,080
UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC COM CS 90353T1003958,824SH  SOLE 008,824
UNITED RENTALS INC CS 91136310916,88548,115SH  SOLE 24,769023,346
UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP DEL CS 91307C1026323,422SH  SOLE 1,61501,807
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC CS 91324P10236,44093,258SH  SOLE 37,032056,226
VALMONT INDS INC CS 9202531013091,315SH  SOLE 3860929
VANECK VECTORS ETF TR MORNINGSETF 92189F6431,46219,961SH  SOLE 7,733012,228
VANGUARD INDEX TR VALUE VIPERSETF 9229087441,2959,564SH  SOLE 4,19805,366
VICI PPTYS INC CS 9256521092749,636SH  SOLE 6,80002,836
VICOR CORP CS 9258151022,66119,833SH  SOLE 5,116014,717
WESCO INTL INC CS 95082P1053072,663SH  SOLE 78501,878
WESTERN ALLIANCE BANCORP CS 9576381098,44077,555SH  SOLE 14,021063,534
WYNN RESORTS LTD CS 9831341072472,911SH  SOLE 31102,600
XILINX INC CS 9839191012,94819,527SH  SOLE 4,839014,688
XYLEM INC CS 98419M10016,595134,176SH  SOLE 51,863082,313
YETI HLDGS INC COM CS 98585X1044,50652,584SH  SOLE 16,795035,789
ZIFF DAVIS INC CS 48123V1023702,711SH  SOLE 75801,953
ZOETIS INC CS 98978V1035923,048SH  SOLE 53202,516