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Exhibit 21.1

List of Subsidiaries

The following is a list of subsidiaries of salesforce.com, inc., omitting certain subsidiaries which, considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary as of January 31, 2022.
Name of EntityJurisdiction
Salesforce Argentina S.R.L.Argentina
Vlocity AR SRLArgentina
ClickSoftware Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Datorama Australia Pty LtdAustralia
ExactTarget Pty. Ltd.Australia
SFDC Australia Pty. Ltd.Australia
Slack Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Tableau Australia Pty. Ltd.Australia
SFDC Austria GmbHAustria
SFDC Netherlands B.V. Belgium BranchBelgium
ClickSoftware Brazil Solucoes em Gestao de Forcas de Trabalho Ltda.Brazil
Salesforce Tecnologia, Ltda.Brazil
Vlocity Aplicativos em Nuvem Brasil Ltda.Brazil
Acumen Solutions Consulting Canada, Inc.Canada
LevelJump Software Corp.Canada
Mobify Research and Development Inc.Canada
salesforce.com Canada CorporationCanada
Tableau Canada Co.Canada
Compass Acquisition II Corp.Cayman Islands
salesforce.com Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.China
salesforce.com Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing BranchChina
Tableau (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou BranchChina
Tableau (China) Co., Ltd.China
Tableau (China) Co., Ltd. Beijing BranchChina
SFDC Columbia S.A.SColumbia
Salesforce.com Danmark, filial af SFDC Sweden ABDenmark
SFDC Sweden AB, Suomen sivuliikeFinland
ExactTarget S.A.S.France
salesforce.com France S.A.S.France
SFDC France Data Centre SárlFrance
ClickSoftware Central Europe GmbHGermany
Datorama GmbHGermany
ExactTarget GmbH in liquidationGermany
MuleSoft Germany GmbH in liquidationGermany
salesforce.com Germany GmbHGermany
Salesforce.org Germany GmbHGermany
SFDC Germany Data Centre GmbHGermany
Vlocity Germany GmbHGermany
Demandware Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
MuleSoft Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong

Name of EntityJurisdiction
salesforce.com Hong Kong LimitedHong Kong
Tableau Hong Kong Company LimitedHong Kong
ClickSoftware India Private LimitedIndia
Geocloudio Technologies Private LimitedIndia
salesforce.com India Private LimitedIndia
Salesforce.com India Private Limited Gurgaon BranchIndia
salesforce.com India Private Limited Bengaluru BranchIndia
salesforce.com India Private Limited Hyderabad BranchIndia
salesforce.com India Private Limited Mumbai BranchIndia
Slack Technologies India LLPIndia
Tableau Software India Pvt. Ltd.India
Tomax India Software Private LimitedIndia
Vlocity Cloud Applications India Private LimitedIndia
SFDC Ireland LimitedIreland
Slack Technologies LimitedIreland
Tableau International, Unlimited CompanyIreland
Salesforce Worldwide Holdings LimitedIsle of Man
Bonobot Technologies Ltd.Israel
ClickSoftware Professional Services Ltd.Israel
ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd.Israel
Datorama Technologies Ltd.Israel
Implisit Insights Ltd.Israel
Kerensen Consulting Israel Ltd.Israel
salesforce.com Israel Ltd.Israel
Vlocity Cloud Computing Israel Ltd.
salesforce.com Italy S.r.l.Italy
Datorama Japan Inc.Japan
Kabushiki Kaisha salesforce.comJapan
Salesforce.com Korea LimitedKorea, Republic of
Slack Technologies Korea, LLCKorea, Republic of
Optimizer HoldCo S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
Optimizer TopCo S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
SFDC Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico
Vlocity Cloud Applications Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.
Salesforce Technologies MoroccoMorocco
SFDC International Holdings B.V.Netherlands
SFDC Netherlands B.V.Netherlands
Slack Netherlands B.V.
SFDC Australia Pty. Ltd. New Zealand BranchNew Zealand
SFDC Norway ASNorway
SFDC Portugal, Unipessoal LDA
ClickSoftware Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Datorama Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
ExactTarget Pte. Ltd. (in liquidation)Singapore

Name of EntityJurisdiction
salesforce.com Singapore Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Tableau Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Vlocity Singapore Pte. Ltd. (in liquidation)
ClickSoftware Technologies (Pty) LtdSouth Africa
SFDC South Africa (Pty) LimitedSouth Africa
salesforce Systems Spain, S.L.Spain
Vlocity Cloud Applications Spain SLU
ExactTarget ABSweden
SFDC Sweden ABSweden
Slack Sweden ABSweden
Lintao SA
Salesforce GFO SarlSwitzerland
salesforce.com sarlSwitzerland
salesforce.com Taiwan LimitedTaiwan
Salesforce.com (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Acumen Solutions UK Ltd.United Kingdom
ClickSoftware Europe LimitedUnited Kingdom
Datorama UK Ltd.United Kingdom
Salesforce UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Salesforce.org EMEA LimitedUnited Kingdom
SFDC EMEA Data Centre LimitedUnited Kingdom
Slack UK LimitedUnited Kingdom
Tableau Software UK Ltd.United Kingdom
Vlocity, UK Limited
United Kingdom
450 Mission LLCUnited States of America
Acumen Solutions, Inc.United States of America
AKTA US LLCUnited States of America
BeyondCore, LLCUnited States of America
Bonobot Technologies (US), Inc.United States of America
Buddy Media, LLCUnited States of America
C Level Club LLC dba The CMO Club
United States of America
ClickSoftware, Inc.United States of America
Clipboard, LLCUnited States of America
CloudCraze Software LLCUnited States of America
Computable Insights LLCUnited States of America
Credential Master Inc.United States of America
Demandware, LLCUnited States of America
Demandware Securities, LLCUnited States of America
Diffeo, Inc.United States of America
DimDim Inc.United States of America
Evergage, LLC
United States of America
ExactTarget Brazil Holding Company, LLCUnited States of America
ExactTarget, LLCUnited States of America

Name of EntityJurisdiction
Griddable Inc.United States of America
Heroku, Inc.United States of America
Heywire, Inc.United States of America
Implisit, Inc.United States of America
Krux Digital, LLCUnited States of America
Little Ohana LLCUnited States of America
MapAnything, LLCUnited States of America
Metamind, Inc.United States of America
Mobify (USA) Inc.
United States of America
MuleSoft International, LLCUnited States of America
MuleSoft, LLCUnited States of America
My Salesforce LLCUnited States of America
Narrative Science LLCUnited States of America
Quip, LLCUnited States of America
RebelMail, Inc.United States of America
RelateIQ LLCUnited States of America
Rimeto, Inc.United States of America
roundCorner, LLCUnited States of America
Salesforce Communications, LLCUnited States of America
Salesforce Development LLCUnited States of America
Salesforce Holdings LLCUnited States of America
Salesforce Ventures LLCUnited States of America
salesforce.com, LLCUnited States of America
salesforce.org, LLCUnited States of America
SFDC 50 Fremont LLCUnited States of America
SFDC Holding Co.United States of America
SFDC Worldwide Holdings, Inc.United States of America
Slack Fund LLCUnited States of America
Slack Technologies, LLCUnited States of America
Tableau Federal, Inc.United States of America
Tableau International LLCUnited States of America
Tableau Software, LLCUnited States of America
Tomax, LLCUnited States of America
Twin Prime, Inc.United States of America
Vlocity, LLC
United States of America