EX-21 2 g12003exv21.htm EX-21 LIST OF SUBSIDIARIES EX-21 List of subsidiaries

Exhibit 21
Community Health Systems, Inc.
(*) Majority position held in an entity with physicians, non-profit entities or both
(#) Minority position held in a non-consolidating entity
5300 Grand Limited Partnership    
A Woman’s Place, LLC    
Abilene Hospital, LLC    
Abilene Merger, LLC    
Affinity Health Systems, LLC*    
Affinity Hospital, LLC*   d/b/a Trinity Medical Center
Affinity Physician Services, LLC*    
Alaska Physician Services, LLC    
Alice Hospital, LLC    
Alice Surgeons, LLC    
Ambulance Services of Dyersburg, Inc.    
Ambulance Services of Forrest City, LLC    
Ambulance Services of Lexington, Inc.    
Ambulance Services of McKenzie, Inc.    
Ambulance Services of McNairy, Inc.    
American Health Facilities Development, LLC    
Anesthesiology Group of Hattiesburg, LLC    
Anna Clinic Corp.    
Anna Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Union County Hospital
APS Medical, LLC    
Arizona ASC Management, Inc.    
Arizona DH, LLC    
Arizona Medco, LLC    
Arkansas Healthcare System Limited Partnership#    
ARMC, LP   d/b/a Abilene Regional Medical Center
Arusha LLC*    
Augusta Health System, LLC*    
Augusta Hospital, LLC*   d/b/a Trinity Hospital of Augusta
Augusta Physician Services, LLC    
Barberton Health System, LLC    
Barberton Physician Services, LLC    



Barstow Healthcare Management, Inc.    
Beauco, LLC    
Beaumont Medical Center, L.P.    
Beaumont Regional, LLC    
Berwick Clinic Company, LLC    
Berwick Clinic Corp.    
Berwick Home Health Private Care, Inc.    
Berwick Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Berwick Hospital Center
Berwick Hospital Company, LLC    
Berwick Medical Professionals, P.C.    
BH Trans Company, LLC    
BH Trans Corporation    
Big Bend Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Big Bend Regional Medical Center
Big Spring Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Scenic Mountain Medical Center
Birmingham Holdings, LLC    
Bluffton Health System, LLC   d/b/a Bluffton Regional Medical Center
Bluffton Physician Services, LLC    
Brandywine Hospital Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Brazos Medco, LLC    
Brazos Valley of Texas, L.P.    
Brazos Valley Surgical Center, LLC    
Broken Arrow Medical Group, LLC    
Brownsville Clinic Corp.    
Brownsville Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Haywood Park Community Hospital
Brownwood Hospital, L.P.    d/b/a Brownwood Regional Medical Center
Brownwood Medical Center, LLC    
Bullhead City Clinic Corp.    
Bullhead City Hospital Corporation*   d/b/a Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
Bullhead City Hospital Investment Corporation*    
Bullhead City Imaging Corporation    
Byrd Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Carlsbad Medical Center, LLC   d/b/a Carlsbad Medical Center
Carolina Surgery Center, LLC*    
Carolinas Medical Alliance, Inc.    



Carolinas OB/GYN Medical Group, LLC    
Cedar Park Health System, L.P.*   d/b/a Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
Center for Adult Healthcare, LLC    
Central Alabama Physician Services, Inc.    
Central Arkansas Anesthesia Services, LLC    
Central Arkansas Pharmacy, LLC    
Central Arkansas Physician Services, LLC    
Central Arkansas Real Property, LLC    
Centre Clinic Corp.    
Centre Home Care Corporation    
Centre Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Cherokee Medical Center
Centre RHC Corp.    
Chesterfield Clinic Corp.    
Chesterfield/Marlboro, L.P.    d/b/a Marlboro Park Hospital; Chesterfield General Hospital
Chestnut Hill Clinic Company, LLC*    
Chestnut Hill Health System, LLC*    
CHHS ALF Company, LLC*    
CHHS Development Company, LLC*    
CHHS Holdings, LLC    
CHHS Hospital Company, LLC*   d/b/a Chestnut Hill Hospital
CHHS Rehab Company, LLC*    
CHS Kentucky Holdings, LLC    
CHS Pennsylvania Holdings, LLC    
CHS Realty Holdings I, Inc.    
CHS Realty Holdings II, Inc.    
CHS Realty Holdings Joint Venture    
CHS Virginia Holdings, LLC    
CHS/Community Health Systems, Inc.    
Claremore Anesthesia, LLC    
Claremore Diagnostic Center, LLC    
Claremore Internal Medicine, LLC    
Claremore Physicians, LLC    
Claremore Regional Hospital, LLC   d/b/a Claremore Regional Hospital
Clarksville Health System, G.P.*   d/b/a Gateway Health System
Clarksville Holdings, LLC    



Clarksville Imaging Center, LLC#    
Clarksville Physician Services, G.P.*    
Cleveland Clinic Corp.    
Cleveland Hospital Corporation    
Cleveland Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Cleveland PHO, Inc.    
Cleveland Regional Medical Center, L.P.    d/b/a Cleveland Regional Medical Center
Clinico, LLC    
Clinton County Health System, LLC    
Clinton Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Lock Haven Hospital
Coatesville Clinic Company, LLC    
Coatesville Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Brandywine Hospital
C-OK, LLC    
College Station Hospital, L.P.    d/b/a College Station Medical Center
College Station Medical Center, LLC    
College Station Merger, LLC    
Colonial Heights Imaging, LLC    
Community GP Corp.    
Community Health Care Partners, Inc.    
Community Health Investment Company, LLC    
Community Health Network, Inc.    
Community Health Systems Foundation    
Community Health Systems Professional Services Corporation    
Community Health Systems, Inc.    
Community Information Network, Inc.#    
Community Insurance Group, LTD.    
Community LP Corp.    
Consolidated Hospital Laundry Services, Inc.#    
Coronado Hospital, LLC    
Coronado Medical, LLC    
Cottage Home Options, L.L.C.    
Cottage Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, L.L.C.#    
Coventry Clinic Company, LLC    
CP Hospital GP, LLC    



Crestview Hospital Corporation*   d/b/a North Okaloosa Medical Center
Crestview Professional Condominiums    
Association, Inc.*    
Crestview Surgery Center, L.P.    
Crestwood Healthcare, L.P.*   d/b/a Crestwood Medical Center
Crestwood Hospital LP, LLC    
Crestwood Hospital, LLC    
Crestwood Surgery Center, LLC*    
Crossroads Community Hospital Malpractice    
Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Crossroads Healthcare Management, LLC#    
Crossroads Physician Corp.    
CSRA Holdings, LLC    
Cullman County Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Cullman Hospital Corporation    
Cullman Surgery Venture Corp.    
Dallas Phy Service, LLC    
Dallas Physician Practice, L.P.    
Day Surgery, Inc.    
Deaconess Health System, LLC*   d/b/a Deaconess Hospital
Deaconess Holdings, LLC    
Deaconess Hospital Holdings, LLC    
Deaconess Metropolitan Physicians, LLC    
Deaconess Physician Services, LLC    
Deming Clinic Corporation    
Deming Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Mimbres Memorial Hospital
Denton ASC-GP, LLC    
Denton Surgery Center, L.P.*    
DeQueen Regional I, LLC    
Desert Hospital Holdings, LLC    
Detar Hospital, LLC    
DFW Physerv, LLC    



DHSC, LLC*   d/b/a Affinity Medical Center -- Doctors Campus; Affinity Medical Center -- Massillon
Diagnostic Imaging Management of Brandywine Valley, LLC    
Diagnostic Imaging of Brandywine Valley, LP    
Doctors Hospital Physician Services, LLC*    
Doctors Medical Center, LLC    
Doctors of Laredo, LLC    
Douglas Medical Center, LLC    
Dukes Health System, LLC   d/b/a Dukes Memorial Hospital
Dukes Physician Services, LLC    
Dupont Hospital, LLC*   d/b/a Dupont Hospital
Dyersburg Clinic Corp.    
Dyersburg Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Dyersburg Regional Medical Center
E.D. Clinics, LLC    
East Tennessee Clinic Corp.    
East Tennessee Health Systems, Inc.    
Easton Hospital Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Edge Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC*    
El Dorado Surgery Center, L.P.*    
EL Med, LLC    
Emporia Clinic Corp.    
Emporia Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center
Eufaula Clinic Corp.    
Eufaula Hospital Corporation    
Evanston Clinic Corp.    
Evanston Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Evanston Regional Hospital
Eye Institute of Southern Arizona, LLC    
Fairmont Health System, LLC    
Fallbrook Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Fallbrook Hospital
Family Home Care, Inc.    
Fannin Regional Hospital, Inc.    d/b/a Fannin Regional Hospital
Fannin Regional Orthopaedic Center, Inc.    
Farmington Clinic Company, LLC    
Farmington Hospital Corporation    



Farmington Missouri Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Mineral Area Regional Medical Center
Florence ASC Management, LLC    
Foley Clinic Corp.    
Foley Home Health Corporation    
Foley Hospital Corporation   d/b/a South Baldwin Regional Medical Center
Forrest City Arkansas Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Forrest City Medical Center
Forrest City Clinic Company, LLC    
Forrest City Hospital Corporation    
Fort Payne Clinic Corp.    
Fort Payne Home Care Corporation    
Fort Payne Hospital Corporation   d/b/a DeKalb Regional Medical Center
Fort Payne RHC Corp.    
Fort Wayne Cardiac Center, LLC#    
Fort Wayne Surgery Center, LLC*    
Frankfort Health Partner, Inc.    
Franklin Clinic Corp.    
Franklin Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Southampton Memorial Hospital
Gadsden Regional Medical Center, LLC   d/b/a Gadsden Regional Medical Center
Gadsden Regional Primary Care, LLC    
Galesburg Home Care Corporation    
Galesburg Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Galesburg Cottage Hospital
Galesburg In-Home Assistance, Inc.    
Garland Managed Care Organization, Inc.    
Gateway Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Gateway Medical Services, Inc.    
GH Texas, LLC    
GHC Hospital, LLC    
Good Hope Health System, LLC    
Granbury Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Lake Granbury Medical Center
Granbury Texas Hospital Investment Corporation    
Granite City Clinic Corp.    
Granite City Hospital Corporation    
Granite City Illinois Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Gateway Regional Medical Center
Granite City Orthopedic Physicians Company, LLC    



Granite City Physicians Corp.    
GRB Real Estate, LLC    
Greenbrier Valley Anesthesia, LLC    
Greenbrier Valley Emergency Physicians, LLC    
Greenbrier VMC, LLC   d/b/a Greenbrier Valley Medical Center
Greenville Clinic Corp.    
Greenville Hospital Corporation   d/b/a L. V. Stabler Memorial Hospital
GRMC Holdings, LLC    
Gulf Coast Hospital, L.P.    
Gulf Coast Medical Center, LLC    
Hallmark Healthcare Company, LLC    
Harris Managed Services, Inc.    
Harris Medical Clinics, Inc.    
Hartselle Physicians, Inc.    
Hattiesburg ASC-GP, LLC    
Haven Clinton Medical Associates, LLC    
HDP DeQueen, LLC    
HDP Woodland Heights, L.P.    
HDP Woodland Property, LLC    
Healdsburg of California, LLC    
Healthcare of Forsyth County, Inc.    
Healthsouth/Woodlands Surgery Center of Cullman, LLC#    
HealthTrust Purchasing Group, L.P.#    
Healthwest Holdings, Inc.    
Heartland Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Heartland Regional Health System, LLC    
Heartland Rural Healthcare, LLC    
Heck, Mourning, Smith & Barnes Partnership#    
Hefner Pointe Medical Associates, LLC#    
HEH Corporation    
Hidden Valley Medical Center, Inc.    
Highland Health Systems, Inc.    
HIH, LLC    



Hill Regional Clinic Corp.    
Hill Regional Medical Group    
Hobbs Medco, LLC    
Hobbs Physician Practice, LLC    
Hood Medical Group    
Hood Medical Services, Inc.    
Hospital of Barstow, Inc.    d/b/a Barstow Community Hospital
Hospital of Beaumont, LLC    
Hospital of Fulton, Inc.    d/b/a Parkway Regional Hospital
Hospital of Louisa, Inc.    d/b/a Three Rivers Medical Center
Hospital of Morristown, Inc.    d/b/a Lakeway Regional Hospital
Hot Springs National Park Hospital Holdings, LLC*   d/b/a National Park Medical Center
Hot Springs Outpatient Surgery Center, G.P.#    
HTI Tucson Rehabilitation, Inc.    
Humble Texas Home Care Corporation    
Huntington Associates    
Huntington Beach Amdeco, LLC    
Imaging Diagnostic Center Partnership#    
INACTCO, Inc.    
In-Home Assistance, L.L.C.    
In-Home Medical Equipment Supplies and Services, Inc.    
Innovative Recoveries, LLC    
IOM Health System, L.P.    d/b/a Lutheran Hospital of Indiana
Jackson Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Kentucky River Medical Center
Jackson Hospital Corporation    
Jackson Physician Corp.    
Jackson, Tennessee Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Regional Hospital of Jackson
Jacksonville Medical Professional Services, LLC    
Jennersville Regional Hospital Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Jonesboro Real Property, LLC    
Jourdanton Hospital Corporation   d/b/a South Texas Regional Medical Center
Kay County Clinic Company, LLC    
Kay County Hospital Corporation    



Kay County Oklahoma Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Ponca City Medical Center
Kensingcare, LLC    
Kentucky River Physician Corporation    
King’s Daughters Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Kirksville Academic Medicine, LLC    
Kirksville Clinic Corp.    
Kirksville Hospital Company, LLC    
Kirksville Missouri Hospital Company, LLC*   d/b/a Northeast Regional Medical Center
Knox Clinic Corp.    
Lake Area Physician Services, LLC    
Lake Area Surgicare, A Partnership in Commendam*    
Lake Wales Clinic Corp.    
Lake Wales Hospital Corporation*   d/b/a Lake Wales Medical Center
Lake Wales Hospital Investment Corporation*    
Lakeway Hospital Corporation    
Lancaster Clinic Corp.    
Lancaster Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Springs Memorial Hospital
Lancaster Imaging Center, LLC*    
Laredo Hospital, L.P.    
Laredo Texas Home Care Services Company, L.P.    
Laredo Texas Hospital Company, L.P.*   d/b/a Laredo Medical Center
Las Cruces ASC-GP, LLC    
Las Cruces Medical Center, LLC   d/b/a Mountain View Regional Medical Center
Las Cruces Physician Services, LLC    
Las Cruces Surgery Center, L.P.*    
Lea Regional Hospital, LLC   d/b/a Lea Regional Medical Center
Leesville Diagnostic Center, L.P.*    
Leesville Surgery Center, LLC*    
Lexington Clinic Corp.    
Lexington Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Henderson County Community Hospital
Lindenhurst Illinois Hospital Company, LLC    
Lithotripsy Providers of Alabama, LLC#    
Lock Haven Clinic Company, LLC    
Lock Haven Medical Professionals, P.C.    
Logan Hospital Corporation    



Logan, West Virginia Hospital Company, LLC    
Longview Medical Center, L.P.*   d/b/a Longview Regional Medical Center
Longview Merger, LLC    
LRH, LLC    
LS Psychiatric, LLC    
Lutheran Health Network CBO, LLC    
Lutheran Health Network of Indiana, LLC    
Lutheran Heart Alliance, LLC#    
Lutheran Medical Office Park, Phase II#    
Lutheran Musculoskeletal Center, LLC    
Lutheran/TRMA Network, LLC#    
Macon Healthcare, LLC#    
Madison Clinic Corp.    
Madison Hospital, LLC    
Malulani Health and Medical Center, LLC    
Marion Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Heartland Regional Medical Center
Marlboro Clinic Corp.    
Martin Clinic Corp.    
Martin Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Volunteer Community Hospital
Mary Black Health System LLC*   d/b/a Mary Black Memorial Hospital
Mary Black Medical Office Building Limited Partnership*    
Mary Black MOB II, L.P.*    
Mary Black Physician Services, LLC    
Mary Black Physicians Group, LLC    
Massillon Community Health System, LLC*    
Massillon Health System, LLC    
Mat-Su Regional ASC GP, LLC    
Mat-Su Regional Surgery Center, L.P.    
Mat-Su Valley II, LLC*    
Mat-Su Valley III, LLC*    
Mat-Su Valley Medical Center, LLC*   d/b/a Mat-Su Regional Medical Center
MCI Panhandle Surgical, L.P.    
McKenzie Clinic Corp.    
McKenzie Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a McKenzie Regional Hospital



McKenzie Physician Services, LLC    
McKenzie Tennessee Hospital Company, LLC    
McKenzie-Willamette Regional Medical Center    
Associates, LLC*   d/b/a McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center
McNairy Clinic Corp.    
McNairy Hospital Corporation   d/b/a McNairy Regional Hospital
MCSA, LLC#    
Medical Center at Terrell, LLC    
Medical Center of Brownwood, LLC    
Medical Center of Sherman, LLC    
Medical Diagnostic Center Associates, LP#    
Medical Holdings, Inc.    
Medical Park Hospital, LLC    
Medical Park MSO, LLC    
Memorial Hospital of Salem Malpractice    
Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Memorial Hospital, LLC    
Memorial Management, Inc.    
Mesa View Physical Rehabilitation, LLC#    
Mesa View PT, LLC    
MHS Ambulatory Surgery Center, Inc.    
Mid-America Health Partners, Inc.#    
Mid-Plains, LLC    
Mineral Area Pharmacy and Durable Medical    
Equipment, LLC    
Minot Health Services, Inc.    
Mission Bay Memorial Hospital, LLC    
Missouri Healthserv, LLC    
MMC of Nevada, LLC   d/b/a Mesa View Regional Hospital
Moberly Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Moberly Regional Medical Center
Moberly Hospital Company, LLC    
Moberly Medical Clinics, Inc.    
Moberly Physicians Corp.    
Mohave Imaging Center, LLC    



Morristown Clinic Corp.    
Morristown Professional Centers, Inc.    
Morristown Surgery Center, LLC    
MWMC Holdings, LLC*    
National Healthcare of Cleveland, Inc.    d/b/a SkyRidge Medical Center
National Healthcare of Cullman, Inc.    d/b/a Woodland Medical Center
National Healthcare of Decatur, Inc.    d/b/a Parkway Medical Center
National Healthcare of England Arkansas, Inc.    
National Healthcare of Hartselle, Inc.    d/b/a Hartselle Medical Center
National Healthcare of Holmes County, Inc.    
National Healthcare of Leesville, Inc.    d/b/a Byrd Regional Hospital
National Healthcare of Mt. Vernon, Inc.    d/b/a Crossroads Community Hospital
National Healthcare of Newport, Inc.    d/b/a Harris Hospital
National Park Physician Services, LLC    
National Park Real Property, LLC*    
Navarro Hospital, L.P.    d/b/a Navarro Regional Hospital
Navarro Regional, LLC    
NC-CSH, Inc.    
NC-DSH, Inc.    
NeuroSpine-Pain Surgery Center, LLC#    
NHCI of Hillsboro, Inc.    d/b/a Hill Regional Hospital
North Anaheim Surgicare, LLC    
North Okaloosa Clinic Corp.    
North Okaloosa Home Health Corp.    
North Okaloosa Medical Corp.*    
North Okaloosa Surgery Venture Corp.    
Northampton Clinic Company, LLC    
Northampton Home Care, LLC    
Northampton Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Easton Hospital
Northampton Hospital Company, LLC    
Northampton Physician Services Corp.    
Northeast Medical Center, L.P.    
Northwest Allied Physicians, LLC    
Northwest Arkansas Employees, LLC    



Northwest Arkansas Hospitals, LLC*   d/b/a Northwest Medical Center -- Bentonville; Northwest Medical Center -- Springdale; Willow Creek Women’s Hospital
Northwest Benton County Physician Services, LLC    
Northwest Hospital, LLC   d/b/a Northwest Medical Center
Northwest Indiana Health System, LLC*    
Northwest Marana Hospital, LLC    
Northwest Medical Center CT/MRI at Marana, LLC#    
Northwest Physicians, LLC    
Northwest Rancho Vistoso Imaging Services, LLC    
Northwest Tucson ASC-GP, LLC    
Northwest Tucson Surgery Center, L.P.*    
NOV Holdings, LLC    
Novasys Health Network, L.L.C.#    
NPMC, Home Health, LLC    
NRH, LLC    
Oak Hill Clinic Corp.    
Oak Hill Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Plateau Medical Center
Odessa, LLC    
Ohio Sleep Disorders Centers, LLC#    
Oklahoma City ASC-GP, LLC    
Oklahoma City Surgery Center, L.P.    
Olive Branch Clinic Corp.    
Olive Branch Hospital, Inc.    
Oregon Healthcorp, LLC    
Oro Valley Hospital, LLC   d/b/a Northwest Medical Center
Pacific East Division Office, L.P.    
Pacific Group ASC Division, Inc.    
Pacific Physicians Services, LLC    
Pacific West Division Office, LLC    
Pain Management Join Venture, L.L.P.#    
Palm Drive Hospital, L.P.    
Palm Drive Medical Center, LLC    
Palmer-Wasilla Health System, LLC    



Palmetto Women’s Care, LLC    
Pampa Hospital, L.P.    
Pampa Medical Center, LLC    
Panhandle Medical Center, LLC    
Panhandle Property, LLC    
Panhandle Surgical Hospital, L.P.    
Panhandle, LLC    
Parkway Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Parkway Regional Medical Clinic, Inc.    
Payson Healthcare Management, Inc.    
Payson Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Payson Regional Medical Center
Pecos Valley of New Mexico, LLC    
Peerless Healthcare, LLC    
Pennsylvania Hospital Company, LLC    
Pennsylvania Medical Professionals, P.C.    
Petersburg Clinic Company, LLC    
Petersburg Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Southside Regional Medical Center
Phillips & Coker OB-GYN, LLC    
Phillips Clinic Corp.    
Phillips Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Helena Regional Medical Center
Phoenix Amdeco, LLC    
Phoenix Surgical, LLC    
Phoenixville Clinic Company, LLC    
Phoenixville Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Phoenixville Hospital
Phoenixville Hospital Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
Physician Practice Support, Inc.    
Physicians and Surgeons Hospital of Alice, L.P.    
Physicians’ Surgery Center of Florence, LLC    
Phys-Med, LLC    
Piney Woods Healthcare System, L.P.*   d/b/a Woodland Heights Medical Center
Plymouth Hospital Corporation    
Polk Medical Services, Inc.    
Ponca City Home Care Services, Inc.    



Porter Health Services, LLC    
Porter Hospital, LLC*   d/b/a Porter Hospital
Porter Physician Services, LLC    
Pottstown Clinic Company, LLC    
Pottstown Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Pottstown Memorial Medical Center
Pottstown Hospital Corporation    
Pottstown Imaging Company, LLC    
Pottstown Memorial Malpractice Assistance Fund, Inc.    
PremierCare of Arkansas, LLC#    
PremierCare Super PHO, LLC    
Premiere Care Hospital, LLC    
Primary Medical, LLC    
Procure Solutions, LLC    
Professional Account Services Inc.    
Psychiatric Services of Paradise Valley, LLC    
QHG Georgia Holdings, Inc.    
QHG Georgia, L.P.    
QHG of Barberton, Inc.    
QHG of Bluffton Company, LLC    
QHG of Clinton County, Inc.    
QHG of Enterprise, Inc.    d/b/a Medical Center Enterprise
QHG of Forrest County, Inc.    
QHG of Fort Wayne Company, LLC    
QHG of Hattiesburg, Inc.    
QHG of Jacksonville, Inc.    d/b/a Jacksonville Medical Center
QHG of Kenmare, Inc.    
QHG of Lake City, Inc.    
QHG of Massillon, Inc.    
QHG of Minot, Inc.    
QHG of Ohio, Inc.    
QHG of South Carolina, Inc.    d/b/a Carolinas Hospital System
QHG of Spartanburg, Inc.    
QHG of Springdale, Inc.    
QHG of Texas, Inc.    



QHG of Warsaw Company, LLC    
QHR International, LLC    
Quorum ELF, Inc.    
Quorum Health Resources, LLC    
Quorum Health Services, Inc.    
Red Bud Clinic Corp.    
Red Bud Hospital Corporation    
Red Bud Illinois Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Red Bud Regional Hospital
Redimed DeKalb, LLC#    
Regional Cancer Treatment Center, LP#    
Regional Hospital of Longview, LLC    
Rehab Hospital of Fort Wayne General    
River Region Medical Corporation    
River to River Heart Group, LLC    
River West Home Care, LLC    
Riverside MSO, LLC#    
Roswell Clinic Corp.    
Roswell Community Hospital Investment Corporation    
Roswell Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Eastern New Mexico Medical Center
Russell County Clinic Corp.    
Russell County Medical Center, Inc.    
Russellville Holdings, LLC   d/b/a St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center
Ruston Clinic Company, LLC    
Ruston Hospital Corporation    
Ruston Louisiana Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Northern Louisiana Medical Center
Salem Clinic Corp.    
Salem Hospital Corporation   d/b/a The Memorial Hospital of Salem County
Salem Medical Professionals, P.C.    
Samaritan Surgicenters of Arizona II, LLC    
San Angelo Ambulatory Surgery Center, Ltd.#    
San Angelo Community Medical Center, LLC    
San Angelo Hospital, L.P.    d/b/a San Angelo Community Medical Center
San Angelo Medical, LLC    



San Diego Hospital, L.P.    
San Leandro, LLC    
San Leandro Hospital, L.P.    
San Leandro Medical Center, LLC    
San Leandro Surgery Center, Ltd.#    
San Miguel Clinic Corp.    
San Miguel Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Alta Vista Regional Hospital
Scenic Managed Services, Inc.    
Schuylkill Internal Medicine Associates, LLC    
SDH, LLC    
Searcy Holdings, LLC    
Sebastopol, LLC    
Senior Circle Association (not-for-profit)    
Shelbyville Clinic Corp.    
Shelbyville Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Bedford County Medical Center
Sherman Hospital, L.P.    
Sherman Medical Center, LLC    
Silsbee Doctors Hospital, L.P.    
Silsbee Medical Center, LLC    
Silsbee Texas, LLC    
Silver Creek MRI, LLC*    
SkyRidge Clinical Associates, LLC    
SLH, LLC    
SMMC Medical Group    
Software Sales Corp.    
South Alabama Managed Care Contracting, Inc.    
South Alabama Medical Management Services, Inc.    
South Alabama Physician Services, Inc.    
South Arkansas Clinic, LLC    
South Arkansas Physician Services, LLC#    
South Tulsa Medical Group, LLC    
SouthCrest Anesthesia Group, LLC    
SouthCrest Medical Group, LLC    
SouthCrest Surgery Center, L.P.*    
SouthCrest, L.L.C.    d/b/a SouthCrest Hospital



Southeast Alabama Maternity Center, LLC#    
Southern Chester County Medical Building I#    
Southern Chester County Medical Building II#    
Southern Illinois Medical Care Associates, LLC    
Southern Texas Medical Center, LLC    
Sparta Hospital Corporation   d/b/a White County Community Hospital
Spokane Valley Washington Hospital Company, LLC    
Spokane Washington Hospital Company, LLC    
Springdale/Bentonville ASC-GP, LLC    
Springdale/Bentonville Surgery Center, L.P.*    
Sprocket Medical Management, LLC    
St. Joseph Health System, LLC   d/b/a St. Joseph Health System
St. Joseph Medical Group, Inc.    
St. Mary’s Physician Services, LLC    
St. Mary’s Real Property, LLC    
Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, LLC#    
Summit Surgical Suites, LLC#    
Sunbury Clinic Company, LLC    
Sunbury Hospital Company, LLC*   d/b/a Sunbury Community Hospital
Surgical Center of Amarillo, LLC    
Surgical Center of Carlsbad, LLC    
Surgicare of Independence, Inc.    
Surgicare of San Leandro, Inc.    
Surgicare of Sherman, Inc.    
Surgicare of Southeast Texas I, LLC    
Surgicare of Victoria, Inc.    
Surgicare of Victoria, Ltd.    
Surgicare Outpatient Center of Lake Charles, Inc.    
Surgicenter of Johnson County, Inc.    
Surgicenters of America, Inc.    
TAC-SPC, Ltd.    
Tennyson Holdings, LLC    
Terrell Hospital, L.P.    
Terrell Medical Center, LLC    
The Intensive Resource Group, LLC    



The Surgery Center of Salem County, L.L.C.*    
The Vicksburg Clinic, LLC    
Three Rivers Medical Clinics, Inc.    
Timberland Medical Group    
Tooele Clinic Corp.    
Tooele Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Mountain West Medical Center
Triad Corporate Services, Limited Partnership    
Triad CSGP, LLC    
Triad CSLP, LLC    
Triad DeQueen Regional Medical Center, LLC    
Triad Healthcare Corporation    
Triad Healthcare System of Phoenix, L.P.    
Triad Holdings III, LLC    
Triad Holdings IV, LLC    
Triad Holdings V, LLC    
Triad Holdings VI, Inc.    
Triad Indiana Holdings, LLC    
Triad Nevada Holdings, LLC    
Triad of Alabama, LLC   d/b/a Flowers Hospital
Triad of Arizona (L.P.), Inc.    
Triad of Oregon, LLC    
Triad of Phoenix, Inc.    
Triad RC, Inc.    
Triad Texas, LLC    
Triad-Arizona I, Inc.    
Triad-ARMC, LLC    
Triad-Denton Hospital GP, LLC    
Triad-Denton Hospital, L.P.    
Triad-El Dorado, Inc.    
Triad-Medical Center at Terrell Subsidiary, LLC    
Triad-Medical Center of Sherman Subsidiary, LLC    
Triad-Navarro Regional Hospital Subsidiary, LLC    
Triad-South Tulsa Hospital Company, Inc.    
Triad-Willow Creek, LLC    
Tri-Irish, Inc.    



Tri-Shell 37 LLC    
Tri-World, LLC    
Troy Hospital Corporation    
Trufor Pharmacy, LLC    
TTHR Limited Partnership*   d/b/a Presbyterian Hospital of Denton
Tucson Rehabilitation, LLC    
Tuscora Park Medical Specialists, LLC    
Valley Health System, LLC#    
Vanderbilt-Gateway Cancer Center, G.P.#    
VHC Holdings, LLC    
VHC Medical, LLC    
Vicksburg Healthcare, LLC   d/b/a River Region Medical Center
Vicksburg Surgical Center, LLC    
Victoria Functional Assessment & Restoration Ltd.    
Victoria Hospital, LLC    
Victoria of Texas, L.P.    d/b/a DeTar Hospital Navarro; DeTar Hospital North
Village Medical Center Associates, LLC    
Virginia Hospital Company, LLC    
VMF Medical, LLC    
Wagoner Community Hospital, LLC    
Warsaw Health System, LLC*   d/b/a Kosciusko Community Hospital
Washington Clinic Corp.    
Washington Hospital Corporation    
Washington Physician Corp.    
Watsonville Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Watsonville Community Hospital
Waukegan Clinic Corp.    
Waukegan Hospice Corp.    
Waukegan Hospital Corporation    
Waukegan Illinois Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Vista Medical Center East; Vista Medical Center West
Weatherford Hospital Corporation    
Weatherford Texas Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Weatherford Regional Medical Center



Webb Hospital Corporation    
Webb Hospital Holdings, LLC    
Wesley Health System, LLC   d/b/a Wesley Medical Center
Wesley HealthTrust, Inc.    
Wesley Physician Services, LLC    
West Anaheim Hospital, L.P.    
West Anaheim Medical Center, LLC    
West Anaheim, LLC    
West Grove Clinic Company, LLC    
West Grove Home Care, LLC    
West Grove Hospital Company, LLC   d/b/a Jennersville Regional Hospital
West Grove Hospital Company, LLC    
West Virginia MS, LLC    
Western Arizona Regional Home Health and    
Hospice, Inc.    
Western Illinois Kidney Center, L.L.C.#    
Wharton Medco, LLC    
White County Physician Services, Inc.    
Wichita Falls Texas Home Care Corporation    
Wichita Falls Texas Private Duty Corporation    
Willamette Community Medical Group, LLC    
Willamette Valley Clinics, LLC    
Willamette Valley Medical Center, LLC   d/b/a Willamette Valley Medical Center
Williamston Clinic Corp.    
Williamston Hospital Corporation   d/b/a Martin General Hospital
WM Medical, LLC    
Women & Children’s Hospital, LLC   d/b/a Women & Children’s Hospital
Women’s Health Care Associates of    
Phoenixville, LLC    
Woodland Heights Medical Center, LLC    
Woodward Clinic Company, LLC    
Woodward Health System, LLC   d/b/a Woodward Hospital