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28th Addendum to the BioCentiv – 4-Antibody Lease Agreement from 07/02/2013

BioCentiv [logo]

28th Addendum
to Lease Agreement No. 01/2003
from 12/01/2002

BioCentiv GmbH        (Lessor)
and             4-Antibody AG        (Lessee)

amend the above-mentioned Lease Agreement on the basis of the approval of the State Administration Office of Thuringia per e-mail from 06/07/2013 (copy in Annex 1 to this Addendum) as follows:

Section 3 Term of lease, termination

The lease term is extended until 06/30/2016.

The Lessee is granted the option of extending the lease for another two years on the same conditions. The Lessee must decide about exercising this option at least nine months before the expiry of the lease (09/30/2015).

All other provisions of the Lease Agreement remain in effect.

Jena, 07/02/2013

BioCentiv GmbH
4-Antibody AG
Germany Branch

Dr. Klaus Ullrich
Dr. Robert Burns
Dr. Luis Martin-Parras
Authorized Agent

[handwritten:] Enclosure

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Klaus Ullrich

From:        TLVwA Korn, Daniel [Daniel.Korn@tlvwa.thueringen.de]
Sent:        06/07/2013 07:21 AM
To:        Klaus Ullrich
Cc:        TLVwA Sindermann, Bärbel
Subject:    4-Antibody AG Lease

Granting investment grants from the funding of the joint task “Improvement of Regional Economic Structure” (GRW [Joint Task Regional Economic Structure])

Project:        Construction of Bioinstrumentezentrum, 1st BA
Project number:    28163461

Dear Dr. Ullrich,

In a letter from 05/30/2013 you informed us that 4-Antibody AG expressed the wish to extend the lease till 06/30/2016.

The extension is approved if the company is still a KMU [small or medium-sized company] at the time of extension, continues to pay a competitive rent, and there are no other small and medium-sized companies that need to use the spaces.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Daniel Korn


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Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Ms. Sindermann
Weimarplatz 4

99423 Weimar

4-Antibody AG Lease at BioInstrumentezentrum
Your letter from 10/05/2010

Dear Ms. Sindermann:

4-Antibody AG has exercised its option right from the approved lease and, at the same time, expressed the wish to extend no only till 02/28/2016, but at once till 06/30/2016.

Since the underlying conditions for extension did not change at all in 2010, from my perspective, I support the application of 4-Antibody AG to extend the lease till 06/30/2016 on the same conditions that you informed us of in your letter from 05/10/2010.
We sent you the respective lease agreement on 12/30/2010.

If you have any objections to this action, I kindly ask you to inform us of this by 06/07/2013. Otherwise, I will proceed as described above.

Kind regards,

BioCentiv GmbH

Dr. Klaus Ullrich

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