EX-10.3.4 8 agen-exhibit1034q114.htm AMENDMENT 6 TO SUBLEASE AGEN-Exhibit 10.3.4 Q1 14

Addendum No. 6 to the Lease Agreement from 01/28/2011 between

4-Antibody AG, Hochbergerstr. 60C, 4057 Basel


Technologie Park Basel AG, Hochbergerstr. 60C, 4057 Basel
(Principal Lessee)

The two parties named above declare that the following spaces are removed from the leased spaces in Technologie Park Basel (Hochbergerstrasse 60C, 4057 Basel) as of 07/31/2013:

- Office: C4_33, 4th Floor, approx. 12 m2, rent costs:

per month
per year
CHF 300.00
CHF 3,600.00
Incidental costs
CHF 68.75
CHF 825.00
VAT (8%)
CHF 29.50
CHF 354.00
CHF 398.25
CHF 4,779.00

4-Antibody AG

Technologie Park Basel AG
Basel, on [hw:] __________

Basel, on [hw:] 06/24/2013
Dr. Robert Burns
Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Hess
Melanie Princip
Group Head of HR
Nina Ryser