EX-10.3.2 6 agen-exhibit1032q114.htm AMENDMENT 4 TO SUBLEASE AGEN-Exhibit 10.3.2 Q1 14

Addendum No. 4 to the Lease Agreement from 01/28/2011 between

4-Antibody AG, Hochbergerstr. 60C, 4057 Basel


Technologie Park Basel AG, Hochbergerstr. 60C, 4057 Basel
(Principal Lessee)

The parties mentioned above agree as follows with regard to the maintenance of air-conditioners in the rooms rented by 4-Antibody AG and concerning the provision of the autoclave and ice machine to other tenants of Technologie Park Basel:

The autoclave and the ice machine can be installed in Room C3_67 and used in agreement with 4-Antibody AG by all tenants of the Technologie Park (as of May 2013) within regular scope. 4-Antibody AG may charge them for the operating costs.

The responsibility for the autoclave and the ice machine lies with 4-Antibody AG. For example, the costs of maintenance and repairs of these devices shall be covered by 4-Antibody AG. However, if one of these devices breaks and cannot be repaired anymore, 4-Antibody AG is not obliged to purchase a new device.

The air-conditioners in Rooms C3_23, C3_25, C3_31 belong to 4-Antibody AG. The costs of repair, replacement, or the costs resulting from the breakdown of these devices shall be borne by 4-Antibody AG.

In return for 4-Antibody AG providing the autoclave and ice machines at the disposal of the other lab tenants, TPB AG shall assume the costs of regular maintenance of the air-conditioners in these rooms. (As of May 2013, this is performed by Johnson Controls)

4-Antibody AG

Technologie Park Basel AG
Basel, on [hw:] 06/06/2013

Basel, on [hw:] 06/24/2013
Dr. Robert Burns
Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Hess
Melanie Princip
Group Head of HR
Nina Ryser