EX-10.3 4 dex103.htm BOARD OF DIRECTORS COMPENSATION SCHEDULE. Board of Directors Compensation Schedule.


Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

Independent Director Compensation Schedule

The following table sets forth the compensation received by independent directors of Domino’s Pizza, Inc., effective July 1, 2006:


Compensation Type


Annual Retainer

   $ 40,000 per year

Board of Directors Meeting Fee

   $ 2,000 per meeting

Committee Meeting Fee

   $ 1,500 per meeting

Audit Chairperson Retainer

   $ 15,000 per year

Compensation Committee Chairperson Retainer

   $ 10,000 per year

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Chairperson Retainer

   $ 10,000 per year

Annual Stock Option Grant

     7,500 shares per year