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Exhibit 21.1


List of Subsidiaries of Remedent, Inc.


We have the following wholly owned subsidiaries:


  (1) Remedent N.V., a Belgium corporation (“Remedent NV”);
  (2) Remedent Professional Holdings, Inc., a California corporation;
  (3) Remedent Professional, Inc., a California corporation (a subsidiary of Remedent Professional Holdings, Inc.),
  (4) Glamtech-USA, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Glamtech”), and
  (5) Condor North America, Inc., a Nevada corporation;


Further, we have ownership interests in the following entities:


  (i) GlamSmile Asia Ltd., a private Hong Kong company –Remedent, N.V. has 21.51% ownership interest in GlamSmile Asia Ltd., which has the following subsidiaries: GlamSmile Studio in Hong Kong, GlamSmile Studio’s in Mainland China (Beijing,Shanghai, Whenzhou, Guangzhou and Wuhan) and the GlamSmile Production Lab, also located in China (Beijing)
  (ii) GlamSmile Deutschland GmbH, a German private company- Remedent N.V. has a 51% ownership interest in GlamSmile Deutschland GmbH.  Effective March 31, 2014 this subsidiary is inactive.
  (iii) GlamSmile Rome SRL, an Italian private company-Remedent N.V. has 80% ownership interest in GlamSmile Rome SRL.  Effective March 31, 2014 this subsidiary is inactive.
  (iv) Condor Technologies N.V. (formerly known as MFI N.V.), a Belgium corporation - Remedent N.V. has 3.03% ownership interest in Condor Technologies N.V.
  (v) GlamSmile Dental Technology Ltd., a Cayman Island company, -Remedent, N.V. owns 21.51% of Glamsmile Dental Technology Ltd. (“Glamsmile Dental”), which owns on its return 100.00% of GlamSmile Asia Ltd (i)
  (vi) Beijing Glamsmile Technology Development Ltd.- Glamsmile Dental owns 100% of Beijing Glamsmile Technology Development Ltd. (“Beijing Glamsmile”)
  (vii) Beijing Glamsmile Trading Co. Ltd- Beijing Glamsmile owns 80% of Beijing Glamsmile Trading Co. Ltd., which has an 98% ownership interest in (A) Beijing Glamsmile Dental Clinic Co., Ltd., (B) a 100% ownership interest in Shanghai Glamsmile Dental Clinic Co., Ltd., (C) a 100 % ownership interest in Guangzhou Glamsmile Dental Clinic Co., Ltd.., (D) a 100 % ownership interest in Wuhan Glamsmile Dental Clinic Co., Ltd.and (E) a 50 % ownership interest in Wenzhou Glamsmile Dental Clinic Co., Ltd.
  (viii) Biotech Dental Benelux N.V., a Belgium corporation – Remedent N.V. has 50% ownership interest in Biotech Dental Benelux N.V.
  (ix) Metrics in Balance N.V., a Belgium corporation – Remedent N.V. has 26.09% ownership interest in Metrics in Balance N.V.