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The following table sets forth the significant subsidiaries of Watsco, Inc. as of December 31, 2018, and their respective incorporation jurisdictions. The names of various other wholly owned subsidiaries have been omitted. None of the foregoing omitted subsidiaries, considered either alone or in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, constitutes a significant subsidiary.


Name of Subsidiary

   State or Other Jurisdiction
of Incorporation
   Percent of Ownership  

Alert Labs Inc.

   Ontario, Canada      100

Baker Distributing Company LLC

   Delaware      100

Boreal International Corporation

   Florida      100

Carrier Enterprise Canada, L.P.

   Ontario, Canada      60

Carrier Enterprise Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.

   Mexico      80

Carrier Enterprise, LLC

   Delaware      80

Carrier Enterprise Northeast, LLC

   Delaware      80

Carrier InterAmerica Corporation

   United States Virgin Islands      80

Carrier (Puerto Rico), Inc.

   Delaware      80

East Coast Metal Distributors LLC

   Delaware      100

Gemaire Distributors LLC

   Delaware      100

Heating & Cooling Supply LLC

   California      100

Tradewinds Distributing Company, LLC

   Delaware      100