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Exhibit 21.1

Subsidiaries of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. as of December 31, 2013




Direct Parent(s)


Jurisdiction of Incorporation

BioMarin GALNs Ltd.

   BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.    100%   Ireland

BMRN 701 Limited

   BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.    100%   Ireland

BioMarin Brasil Farmaceutica Ltda.

   BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.    100%   Brazil

BioMarin Holdings (LUX) S.A.R.L.

   BioMarin GALNS Ltd.    100%   Luxembourg

BioMarin Europe Ltd.

   BioMarin Holdings (LUX) S.A.R.L.    100%   Ireland

BioMarin Manufacturing Ireland Ltd.

   BioMarin GALNS Ltd.    100%   Ireland

BioMarin Parp Limited

   BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.    100%   Ireland