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1934 Act Registration No. 1-14700









Washington, D.C. 20549












For the month of February 2022

(Commission File Number: 001-14700)



Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

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No. 8, Li-Hsin Rd. 6,
Hsinchu Science Park,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.


February 15, 2022


/s/ Wendell Huang





Wendell Huang





Vice President & Chief Financial Officer






TSMC Board of Directors Meeting Resolutions


HSINCHU, Taiwan, R.O.C., Feb. 15, 2022 – TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today held a meeting of the Board of Directors, which passed the following resolutions:


1. Approved the 2021 Business Report and Financial Statements. Consolidated revenue totaled NT$1,587.42 billion and net income was NT$596.54 billion, with diluted earnings per share of NT$23.01.


2. Approved the distribution of a NT$2.75 per share cash dividend for the fourth quarter of 2021, and set June 22, 2022 as the record date for common stock shareholders entitled to participate in this cash dividend distribution, and the ex-dividend date for the common shares shall be June 16, 2022. As required by Article 165 of Taiwan’s Company Law, the shareholders’ register shall be closed for five days prior to the record date (June 18 through June 22, 2022) for registration transfer, and the dividend will be paid on July 14, 2022. In addition, the ex-dividend date for TSMC American Depositary Shares (ADSs) will be June 16, 2022. The record date for TSMC ADSs entitled to participate in this cash dividend distribution will be June 17, 2022.


3. Approved distribution of employees’ business performance bonus and profit sharing totaling approximately NT$71,202.90 million for 2021. This includes business performance bonus of NT$35,601.45 million distributed following each quarter of 2021 and profit sharing of NT$35,601.45 million to be distributed in July 2022.



4.Approved capital appropriations of approximately US$20,944.17 million (approximately NT$555,017.75 million) for purposes including: 1) Installation and upgrade of advanced technology capacity; 2) Installation of mature and specialty technology capacity; 3) Installation of advanced packaging capacity; 4) Fab construction, and installation of fab facility systems; 5) Second quarter through fourth quarter 2022 R&D capital investments and sustaining capital expenditures.


5. Approved the issuance of unsecured corporate bonds in the domestic market for an amount not to exceed NT$60 billion (approximately US$2.26 billion), and the issuance of US dollar-denominated unsecured corporate bonds in Taiwan’s International Bond Market for an amount not to exceed US$1 billion, to finance TSMC’s capacity expansion and/or pollution prevention related expenditures.


6.To attract and retain corporate executives and critical talents and to link their compensation with shareholders’ interests and ESG achievements, the board approved the issuance of 1,387,000 shares of 2021 employee restricted stock awards (RSAs). In order to offset dilution from the increase of outstanding shares due to the above-mentioned issuance, the board approved a share buyback program for TSMC to buy back its common shares on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In addition, the board approved the issuance of no more than 2,960,000 common shares of RSAs for the year 2022, which will be submitted to the 2022 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for approval.


7.Approved the convening of the 2022 AGM for 9:00 a.m. on June 8, 2022 at Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu (10F, No. 188, Section 2, Zhonghua Road, Hsinchu).



About TSMC

TSMC pioneered the pure-play foundry business model when it was founded in 1987, and has been the world’s leading dedicated semiconductor foundry ever since. The Company supports a thriving ecosystem of global customers and partners with the industry’s leading process technologies and portfolio of design enablement solutions to unleash innovation for the global semiconductor industry. With global operations spanning Asia, Europe, and North America, TSMC serves as a committed corporate citizen around the world.


TSMC deployed 291 distinct process technologies, and manufactured 12,302 products for 535 customers in 2021 by providing broadest range of advanced, specialty and advanced packaging technology services. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 5-nanometer production capabilities, the most advanced semiconductor process technology available in the world. The Company is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. For more information please visit https://www.tsmc.com.

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Wendell Huang
Vice President and CFO
Tel: 886-3-505-5901


Nina Kao

Head of Public Relations

Tel: 886-3-5636688 ext.7125036

Mobile: 886-988-239-163

E-Mail: nina_kao@tsmc.com


Baker Li

Public Relations

Tel: 886-3-5636688 ext.7125037

Mobile: 886-988-932-757

E-Mail: baker_li@tsmc.com



Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited



This is to report the major financials for the year ended December 31, 2021 approved in TSMC Board of Directors meeting. All figures were prepared in accordance with TIFRS on a consolidated basis.







(Audited; in NT$ thousands, except for EPS)







Comprehensive Income Statements Items

(for the year ended December 31, 2021)



Net sales




Gross profit




Income from operations




Income before tax




Net income




Net income attributable to shareholders of the parent




Basic EPS (NT$)








Balance Sheets Items

(as of December 31, 2021)



Total assets




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Equity attributable to shareholders of the parent