EX-21 2 afg-20211231xex21.htm EX-21 Document

Exhibit 21

The following is a list of subsidiaries of AFG at December 31, 2021. All corporations are subsidiaries of AFG and, if indented, subsidiaries of the company under which they are listed. The names of certain subsidiaries are omitted, as such subsidiaries in the aggregate would not constitute a significant subsidiary.
Name of Company Incorporated Percentage of Ownership
AFG Real Estate Holding Company, LLCOhio100
American Money Management Corporation Ohio 100
American Real Estate Capital Company, LLCOhio100
APU Holding Company Ohio 100
American Premier Underwriters, Inc. Pennsylvania 100
Great American Financial Resources, Inc. Delaware 100
Great American Holding, Inc. Ohio 100
ABA Insurance Services, Inc.Ohio100
Great American Contemporary Insurance CompanyOhio100
Bridgefield Employers Insurance Company Florida 100
Bridgefield Casualty Insurance CompanyFlorida100
Republic Indemnity Company of America California 100
Republic Indemnity Company of California California 100
Great American Holding (Europe) Limited United Kingdom100
Great American Europe LimitedUnited Kingdom100
Great American International Insurance (EU) Designated Activity Company Ireland100
Great American International Insurance (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom100
Mid-Continent Casualty Company Ohio 100
Mid-Continent Assurance Company Ohio 100
Mid-Continent Excess and Surplus Insurance CompanyOhio100
Oklahoma Surety Company Ohio 100
National Interstate Corporation Ohio 100
Hudson Indemnity, Ltd. Cayman Islands 100
National Interstate Insurance Company Ohio 100
National Interstate Insurance Company of Hawaii, Inc. Ohio 100
Triumphe Casualty Company Ohio 100
Vanliner Insurance Company Ohio 100
Summit Consulting, LLC Florida 100
Great American Insurance Company Ohio 100
American Empire Insurance Company Ohio 100
American Empire Surplus Lines Insurance Company Ohio 100
El Aguila, Compañia de Seguros, S.A. de C.V.Mexico100
GAI Warranty Company Ohio 100
GAI Warranty Company of Florida Florida 100
Great American Alliance Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Assurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Casualty Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American E&S Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Fidelity Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Insurance Company of New York New York 100
Great American Protection Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Security Insurance Company Ohio 100
Great American Spirit Insurance Company Ohio 100
Professional Risk Brokers, Inc. Illinois 100
Verikai, Inc.Delaware100