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Energy Company of Paraná
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80420-170 Curitiba, Paraná
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IR COPEL 12/09 - 10/27/2009

Copel's captive power market grew
by 2.2% until September of 2009

     The following analysis refers to Copel's power market performance consolidated until the September compared to the same period of 2008.

Copel Distribuição - Captive Market

The captive market consumed 14,970 GWh, 2.2% up, mainly due to the following factors:

     - Increase in the number of customers across all segments;

     - Growth of 2.3% and 3.7% in the average residential and commercial consumption, respectively;

     - Higher temperature variations in comparison to the previous year; and

     - Service sector growth.

     The residential segment consumed 4,220 GWh, 5.3% up, due to the reduction in the interest rates, resulting in cheaper credit for the acquisition of consumer durables and electronics goods, as well as the reduction in IPI (federal VAT) on white goods, which fueled purchases of these products. This segment represented 28.2% of Copel's captive market. In September 2009, Copel supplied power to 2,833,600 residential customers.

     The industrial segment consumed 4,915 GWh, 3.2% down, due to the decline in production for exports and the higher comparison base in 2008. This segment represented 32.8% of Copel's captive market. In September 2009, Copel supplied power to 66,078 captive industrial customers.

     The commercial segment consumed 3,097 GWh, 5.5% up, due, as in the residential segment, to the fall in the interest rates and the measures to combat the crisis and maintain domestic consumption, which resulted in demand picking up. The commercial segment represented 20.7% of Copel's captive market. In September 2009, Copel supplied power to 297,769 commercial customers.

     The rural segment consumed 1,259 GWh, 4.8% up, representing 8.4% of Copel's captive market. In September 2009, Copel supplied power to 347,516 rural customers.

     Other segments (public agencies, public lighting, public services, and own consumption) consumed 1,479 GWh, 4.1% up in the period. These segments represented 9.9% of Copel's captive market. In September 2009, Copel supplied Power to 47,938 customers in these segments.

     The following table shows the captive market for each consumption segment:

    Number of customers    Energy Sold (GWh)
    Sep/09     Sep/08    %    9M09    9M08    % 
Residential    2,833,600    2,754,584    2.9    4,220    4,008    5.3 
Industrial    66,078    61,903    6.7    4,915    5,077    (3.2)
Commercial    297,769    292,791    1.7    3,097    2,937    5.5 
Rural    347,516    336,311    3.3    1,259    1,202    4.8 
Other    47,938    46,341    3.4    1,479    1,421    4.1 
Captive Market    3,592,901    3,491,930    2.9    14,970    14,645    2.2 

Copel Distribution's Grid Market - TUSD

     Copel Distribuição's grid market, comprising the captive market, concessionaries and licensees (other utilities within the State of Paraná) and all free customers within the Company's concession area, declined 0.1% due to the decrease in power demand from free customers, as the following table shows:

    Number of customers/Agreements    Energy distributed (GWh)
    Sep/09     Sep/08    %    9M09    9M08    % 
Captive Market    3,592,901    3,491,930    2.9    14,970    14,645    2.2 
Concessionaires and licensees        33.3    390    373    4.5 
Free customers (*)   22    24    (8.3)   2,200    2,555    (13.9)
Grid Market    3,592,927    3,491,957    2.9    17,560    17,573    (0.1)
* All free customers served by COPEL GET and other suppliers at the COPEL DIS concession area 

Copel's consolidated Market

     The following table shows Copel's total energy sales through Copel Distribuição and Copel Geração e Transmissão:

    Number of customers/Agreements    Energy sold (GWh)
    Sep/09     Sep/08    %    9M09    9M08    % 
Copel DIS                         
Captive Market    3,592,901    3,491,930    2.9    14,970    14,645    2.2 
Concessionaires and licensees        33.3    390    373    4.5 
CCEE          199     
Total Copel DIS    3,592,905    3,491,933    2.9    15,559    15,018    3.6 
Copel GET                         
CCEAR (1)   36    36      10,783    9,239    16.7 
Ajustment Auction (ACR)         236    105    125.5 
Free customers    12    14    (14.3)   803    896    (10.4)
Bilateral Agreements          778    2,595    (70.0)
CCEE          260    83    212.1 
Total Copel GET    51    53    (3.8)   12,860    12,918    (0.5)
Total Copel Consolidated    3,592,956    3,491,986    2.9    28,419    27,936    1.7 
(1) From the total energy sold in 9M09 and 9M08, 1,089 GWh and 914 GWh, respectively, w ere traded by Copel Distribuição 
Note. Not considering the energy from MRE (Energy Realocation Mechanism)
         CCEE: Electric Pow er Trade Chamber 
         CCEAR: Energy Purchase Agreements in the Regultade Market 

Curitiba, October 27, 2009

Paulo Roberto Trompczynski
CFO and Investor Relations Officer

For additional information, please contact Copel's Investor Relations team:
ri@copel.com or (55-41) 3222-2027

Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized.

Date: October 28, 2009

/S/  Rubens Ghilardi

Rubens Ghilardi



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