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Washington, D.C. 20549


OMB Number:3235-0006
Expires:Oct 31, 2018
Estimated average burden
hours per response:23.8

3M CompanyCOM88579Y1014,88927,869SH SOLE 27,86900
ABB Ltd. Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR00037520442712,800SH SOLE 12,80000
Abbott LaboratoriesCOM00282410012,193103,214SH SOLE 103,21400
AbbVie, Inc.COM00287Y1099,54188,449SH SOLE 88,44900
Accenture Plc Class ASHS CLASS AG1151C1011,4484,525SH SOLE 4,52500
Adobe Inc.COM00724F10114,14024,561SH SOLE 24,56100
Aflac IncorporatedCOM0010551023,18761,135SH SOLE 61,13500
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.COM00915810619,96677,959SH SOLE 77,95900
Alcon, Inc.ORD SHSH013011282,62632,634SH SOLE 32,63400
Align Technology, Inc.COM0162551017071,062SH SOLE 1,06200
Allegion PLCORD SHSG0176J1096254,728SH SOLE 4,72800
Alphabet Inc. Class ACAP STK CL A02079K3056,7482,524SH SOLE 2,52400
Alphabet Inc. Class CCAP STK CL C02079K10725,0149,385SH SOLE 9,38500
Altria Group IncCOM02209S10386318,960SH SOLE 18,96000, Inc.COM02313510640,41312,302SH SOLE 12,30200
American Express CompanyCOM0258161091,77810,613SH SOLE 10,61300
American Tower CorporationCOM03027X10029,584111,467SH SOLE 111,46700
American Water Works Co IncCOM3042010315703,372SH SOLE 3,37200
Amgen Inc.COM0311621001,9749,284SH SOLE 9,28400
Analog Devices, Inc.COM0326541052,21713,235SH SOLE 13,23500
ANSYS, Inc.COM03662Q10533,92299,638SH SOLE 99,63800
Antero Midstream Corp.COM03676B10215615,000SH SOLE 15,00000
Apple Inc.COM03783310064,230453,926SH SOLE 453,92600
Applied Materials, Inc.COM0382221056054,700SH SOLE 4,70000
Aptargroup, Inc.COM03833610317,071143,036SH SOLE 143,03600
AT&T Inc.COM00206R10270025,907SH SOLE 25,90700
Athersys Inc New ComCOM04744L1063224,000SH SOLE 24,00000
Automatic Data Processing, Inc.COM05301510318,17090,888SH SOLE 90,88800
Avery Dennison CorporationCOM0536111097073,410SH SOLE 3,41000
Bank of New York Mellon CorporationCOM06405810077014,845SH SOLE 14,84500
Baxter International Inc.COM7181310976738,368SH SOLE 8,36800
Becton, Dickinson and CompanyCOM0758871096,29725,617SH SOLE 25,61700
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class ACL A0846701081,2343SH SOLE 300
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class BCL B NEW08467070218,56268,006SH SOLE 68,00600
Blackstone Group Inc. Class ACOM CL A09260D1074824,146SH SOLE 4,14600
Boston Scientific CorporationCOM10113710747110,844SH SOLE 10,84400
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyCOM1101221081,63627,652SH SOLE 27,65200
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.COM NEW12541W2097298,378SH SOLE 8,37800
California Water Service GroupCOM1307881022283,865SH SOLE 3,86500
CDK Global, Inc.COM12508E1012245,262SH SOLE 5,26200
Chevron CorporationCOM1667641006,06259,758SH SOLE 59,75800
Church & Dwight Co., Inc.COM1713401026377,709SH SOLE 7,70900
Cisco Systems, Inc.COM17275R1022,86252,584SH SOLE 52,58400
Clorox CompanyCOM1890541093,59821,725SH SOLE 21,72500
Coca-Cola CompanyCOM1912161002,44346,565SH SOLE 46,56500
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation Class ACL A1924461022323,120SH SOLE 3,12000
Coherent, Inc.COM1924791033011,202SH SOLE 1,20200
Colgate-Palmolive CompanyCOM1941621032,38731,586SH SOLE 31,58600
Comcast Corporation Class ACL A20030N1014,41979,017SH SOLE 79,01700
ConocophillipsCOM20825C1046038,899SH SOLE 8,89900
Constellation Brands, Inc. Class ACL A21036P1085152,446SH SOLE 2,44600
Copart, Inc.COM2172041062151,548SH SOLE 1,54800
Corning IncCOM2193501051,47240,342SH SOLE 40,34200
Costco Wholesale CorporationCOM22160K1053,8268,515SH SOLE 8,51500
Cree, Inc.COM2254471011,46418,135SH SOLE 18,13500
Crispr Therapeutics AGNAMEN AKTH171821081,0699,550SH SOLE 9,55000
CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. Class ACL A22788C1053401,383SH SOLE 1,38300
CVS Health CorporationCOM12665010012,783150,642SH SOLE 150,64200
Danaher CorporationCOM23585110213,75945,193SH SOLE 45,19300
Deere & CompanyCOM2441991053941,175SH SOLE 1,17500
Dentsply Sirona, Inc.COM24906P1091,30522,484SH SOLE 22,48400
Diageo PLC Sponsored ADRSPON ADR NEW25243Q2052,25711,696SH SOLE 11,69600
Dollar Tree, Inc.COM2567461087,96683,220SH SOLE 83,22000
Dominion Energy IncCOM25746U1091,69123,158SH SOLE 23,15800
Dover CorporationCOM2600031084883,141SH SOLE 3,14100
Dow, Inc.COM2605571032704,696SH SOLE 4,69600
DuPont de Nemours, Inc.COM26614N1023084,524SH SOLE 4,52400
Eaton Corp. PLCSHSG291831032321,557SH SOLE 1,55700
Ecolab Inc.COM27886510022,715108,882SH SOLE 108,88200
Eli Lilly and CompanyCOM5324571082,1439,276SH SOLE 9,27600
Emerson Electric Co.COM2910111049409,984SH SOLE 9,98400
Envista Holdings Corp.COM29415F1043568,514SH SOLE 8,51400
EOG Resources, Inc.COM26875P1012,92336,420SH SOLE 36,42000
Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Class ACL A5184391045101,701SH SOLE 1,70100
Eversource EnergyCOM30040W1084785,847SH SOLE 5,84700
Exxon Mobil CorporationCOM30231G1022,16436,784SH SOLE 36,78400
Facebook, Inc. Class ACL A30303M1021,4834,371SH SOLE 4,37100
Fastenal CompanyCOM3119001043596,950SH SOLE 6,95000
FedEx CorporationCOM31428X1062,44811,163SH SOLE 11,16300
Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.COM31620M1067656,285SH SOLE 6,28500
First Republic BankCOM33616C10029,130151,027SH SOLE 151,02700
First Solar, Inc.COM3364331072852,982SH SOLE 2,98200
Fiserv, Inc.COM3377381085585,139SH SOLE 5,13900
Flextronics Int'l LTDORDY2573F10228716,217SH SOLE 16,21700
Fortive Corp.COM34959J1085978,460SH SOLE 8,46000
GATX CorporationCOM3614481033684,104SH SOLE 4,10400
Generac Holdings Inc.COM368736104309755SH SOLE 75500
General Electric CompanyCOM NEW3696043012562,486SH SOLE 2,48600
General Mills, Inc.COM3703341045,64794,400SH SOLE 94,40000
Gilead Sciences, Inc.COM3755581031,81025,910SH SOLE 25,91000
GlaxoSmithKline plc Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR37733W1052025,281SH SOLE 5,28100
Global Payments Inc.COM37940X1022981,890SH SOLE 1,89000
Globalstar, Inc.COM3789734081710,000SH SOLE 10,00000
Guidewire Software, Inc.COM40171V1002291,927SH SOLE 1,92700
H&R Block, Inc.COM9367110502259,000SH SOLE 9,00000
Health Catalyst, Inc.COM42225T1073206,391SH SOLE 6,39100
Hologic, Inc.COM4364401011,66622,573SH SOLE 22,57300
Home Depot, Inc.COM4370761027,46822,750SH SOLE 22,75000
Honeywell International Inc.COM4385161061,3546,378SH SOLE 6,37800
Hubbell Incorporated Class BCOM4435106072,25912,506SH SOLE 12,50600
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.COM45168D10412,77220,537SH SOLE 20,53700
Illinois Tool Works Inc.COM4523081092,48212,012SH SOLE 12,01200
Illumina, Inc.COM4523271091,8894,656SH SOLE 4,65600
Ingersoll Rand Inc.COM45687V10660311,954SH SOLE 11,95400
Intel CorporationCOM4581401003,81771,637SH SOLE 71,63700
International Business Machines CorporationCOM4592001019526,851SH SOLE 6,85100
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.COM4595061013,41925,568SH SOLE 25,56800
Intuit Inc.COM4612021031,0812,004SH SOLE 2,00400
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.COM NEW46120E602326328SH SOLE 32800
Invesco QQQ ETFUNIT SER 146090E10310,85030,311SH SOLE 30,31100
Invesco Variable Rate Preferred ETFVAR RATE PFD46138G8708,873338,402SH SOLE 338,40200
Iqvia Holdings IncCOM46266C10530,586127,686SH SOLE 127,68600
iShares 1-5 Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETFISHS 1-5YR INVS46428864664711,839SH SOLE 11,83900
iShares Core MSCI EAFE ETFCORE MSCI EAFE46432F8425056,805SH SOLE 6,80500
iShares Core S&P 500 ETFCORE S&P500 ETF4642872003,0167,001SH SOLE 7,00100
iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETFCORE S&P MCP ETF4642875073,59413,660SH SOLE 13,66000
iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETFCORE S&P SCP ETF46428780413,336122,139SH SOLE 122,13900
iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETFCORE S&P TTL STK4642871502212,250SH SOLE 2,25000
iShares Expanded Tech Sector ETFEXPND TEC SC ETF4642875498072,000SH SOLE 2,00000
iShares Floating Rate Bond ETFFLTG RATE NT ETF46429B6558,424165,694SH SOLE 165,69400
iShares Gold TrustISHARES NEW46428520477823,275SH SOLE 23,27500
iShares Micro-Cap ETFMICRO-CAP ETF4642888693502,423SH SOLE 2,42300
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETFMSCI EMG MKT ETF4642872344,08181,007SH SOLE 81,00700
iShares Russell 1000 ETFRUS 1000 ETF464287622211875SH SOLE 87500
iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETFRUS 1000 GRW ETF4642876143491,272SH SOLE 1,27200
iShares Russell 2000 ETFRUSSELL 2000 ETF4642876551,8248,337SH SOLE 8,33700
iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETFRUS 2000 GRW ETF4642876481,3304,530SH SOLE 4,53000
iShares Russell Midcap ETFRUS MID CAP ETF4642874991,62120,728SH SOLE 20,72800
iShares S&P 500 Growth ETFS&P 500 GRWT ETF4642873091,45819,728SH SOLE 19,72800
iShares S&P 500 Value ETFS&P 500 VAL ETF4642874087905,435SH SOLE 5,43500
iShares U.S. Technology ETFU.S. TECH ETF4642877211,13411,200SH SOLE 11,20000
Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.COM4698141075344,029SH SOLE 4,02900
Janus Henderson Group PLCORD SHSG4474Y2142075,000SH SOLE 5,00000
Johnson & JohnsonCOM47816010416,03199,263SH SOLE 99,26300
Johnson Controls International PLCCOMG515021053404,999SH SOLE 4,99900
JPMorgan Chase & Co.COM46625H10010,37263,362SH SOLE 63,36200
JPMorgan Ultra-Short Municipal Income ETFULTRA SHT MUNCPL46641Q6543,88175,979SH SOLE 75,97900
Kansas City SouthernCOM NEW485170302243898SH SOLE 89800
Kellogg CompanyCOM4878361081,20018,779SH SOLE 18,77900
Kimberly-Clark CorporationCOM4943681031,2129,154SH SOLE 9,15400
Kinder Morgan Inc Class PCOM49456B1011,03962,077SH SOLE 62,07700
L3Harris Technologies Inc.COM5024311096502,950SH SOLE 2,95000
Lennar Corporation Class ACL A5260571043633,878SH SOLE 3,87800
Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.COM5339001065,48242,567SH SOLE 42,56700
Lincoln National CorporationCOM53418710969710,138SH SOLE 10,13800
LKQ CorporationCOM5018892086,629131,730SH SOLE 131,73000
Lowe's Companies, Inc.COM5486611076,38431,470SH SOLE 31,47000
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.COM57174810222,337147,505SH SOLE 147,50500
Mastercard Incorporated Class ACL A57636Q1045301,523SH SOLE 1,52300
McCormick & Company, Inc.COM NON VTG57978020612,111149,460SH SOLE 149,46000
McDonald's CorporationCOM5801351019,21738,226SH SOLE 38,22600
Medtronic PLCSHSG5960L1031,30410,400SH SOLE 10,40000
Merck & Co., Inc.COM58933Y1054,12054,857SH SOLE 54,85700
Microchip Technology IncorporatedCOM5950171048375,456SH SOLE 5,45600
Microsoft CorporationCOM59491810442,654151,299SH SOLE 151,29900
Middleby CorporationCOM5962781012,89416,974SH SOLE 16,97400
Mondelez International, Inc. Class ACL A6092071052,38040,904SH SOLE 40,90400
Neogen CorporationCOM6404911065,694131,112SH SOLE 131,11200
Nestle S.A. Sponsored ADRCOM64106940613,028108,354SH SOLE 108,35400
New York Times Company Class ACL A6501111072354,775SH SOLE 4,77500
NextEra Energy, Inc.COM65339F10115,871202,122SH SOLE 202,12200
NIKE, Inc. Class BCL B65410610325,795177,613SH SOLE 177,61300
Norfolk Southern CorporationCOM6558441083,29913,789SH SOLE 13,78900
Northern Trust CorporationCOM6658591047256,729SH SOLE 6,72900
Novartis AG Sponsored ADRSPONSORED ADR66987V1091,37516,815SH SOLE 16,81500
Novo Nordisk A/S Sponsored ADR Class BADR6701002053,64637,978SH SOLE 37,97800
NVIDIA CorporationCOM67066G1046493,133SH SOLE 3,13300
Okta Inc CL ACL A6792951052741,155SH SOLE 1,15500
Oracle CorporationCOM68389X1051,98522,785SH SOLE 22,78500
O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.COM67103H107226370SH SOLE 37000
Otis Worldwide CorporationCOM68902V1073404,128SH SOLE 4,12800
Palo Alto Networks, Inc.COM6974351059301,941SH SOLE 1,94100
Parker-Hannifin CorporationCOM7010941044,35315,567SH SOLE 15,56700
Paycom Software, Inc.COM70432V102335675SH SOLE 67500
Paypal Holdings IncCOM70450Y1032,67410,278SH SOLE 10,27800
PepsiCo, Inc.COM7134481089,52863,345SH SOLE 63,34500
Pfizer Inc.COM7170811033,12172,571SH SOLE 72,57100
Philip Morris International Inc.COM7181721091,40114,782SH SOLE 14,78200
PIMCO 1-5 Year US TIPS Index ETF1-5 US TIP IDX72201R2052153,915SH SOLE 3,91500
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.COM6934751057533,850SH SOLE 3,85000
Primis FinancialCOM74167B10931721,900SH SOLE 21,90000
Procter & Gamble CompanyCOM74271810910,92078,113SH SOLE 78,11300
Qualcomm IncCOM7475251032,79821,690SH SOLE 21,69000
Raytheon Technologies CorporationCOM75513E10191910,689SH SOLE 10,68900
Relay Therapeutics, Inc.COM75943R10239112,397SH SOLE 12,39700
Roche Holding Ltd Sponsored ADRCOM77119510448810,657SH SOLE 10,65700
Rockwell Automation, Inc.COM77390310924,16682,187SH SOLE 82,18700
Root, Inc. Class ACOM CL A77664L108727137,961SH SOLE 137,96100
Roper Technologies, Inc.COM77669610617,52639,285SH SOLE 39,28500
Royal Dutch Shell PLC Sponsored ADR Class ASPON ADR B7802592064079,130SH SOLE 9,13000
RPM International Inc.COM7496851032,96538,180SH SOLE 38,18000
S&P Global, Inc.COM78409V10418,42543,363SH SOLE 43,36300, Inc.COM79466L30217,63065,002SH SOLE 65,00200
Science Applications International Corp.COM8086251072342,735SH SOLE 2,73500
Seagate Technology HoldingsSHSG7997R1031,56819,000SH SOLE 19,00000
ServiceNow, Inc.COM81762P1026,44810,362SH SOLE 10,36200
Sherwin-Williams CompanyCOM8243481067,60427,183SH SOLE 27,18300
Simon Property GroupCOM8288061092501,924SH SOLE 1,92400
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.COM83088M1028124,930SH SOLE 4,93000
Solaredge Technologies, Inc.COM83417M10412,74248,042SH SOLE 48,04200
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Convertible Securities ETFBLMBRG BRC CONVRT78464A3593003,510SH SOLE 3,51000
SPDR Portfolio Short Term Corporate Bond ETFPORTFOLIO SHORT78464A47438712,395SH SOLE 12,39500
SPDR S&P 500 ETF TrustTR UNIT78462F10333,37377,767SH SOLE 77,76700
SPDR S&P Biotech ETFS&P BIOTECH78464A8709,24373,526SH SOLE 73,52600
SPDR S&P Dividend ETFS&P DIVID ETF78464A7635014,262SH SOLE 4,26200
SPDR S&P Midcap 400 ETF TrustUTSER1 S&PDCRP78467Y10714,90730,999SH SOLE 30,99900
Splunk Inc.COM8486371041,3329,206SH SOLE 9,20600
Sprott Physical Gold and Silver TrustTR UNIT85208R10120712,056SH SOLE 12,05600
Square, Inc. Class ACL A8522341031,9998,335SH SOLE 8,33500
SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc.COM78467J1001,14816,546SH SOLE 16,54600
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.COM8545021018845,045SH SOLE 5,04500
Starbucks CorporationCOM8552441097236,550SH SOLE 6,55000
Starwood Property Trust, Inc.COM85571B10591937,633SH SOLE 37,63300
State Street CorporationCOM8574771032312,721SH SOLE 2,72100
Stericycle, Inc.COM8589121083,31148,715SH SOLE 48,71500
Steris PLCSHS USDG8473T1009474,635SH SOLE 4,63500
Stryker CorporationCOM86366710116,62963,056SH SOLE 63,05600
Synopsys, Inc.COM871607107208695SH SOLE 69500
Sysco CorporationCOM8718291074515,750SH SOLE 5,75000
Taiwan Semiconductor MFG.SPONSORED ADS8740391002572,300SH SOLE 2,30000
Target CorporationCOM87612E1063,72916,299SH SOLE 16,29900
TE Connectivity Ltd.REG SHSH8498910414,803107,875SH SOLE 107,87500
Teladoc Health, Inc.COM87918A1057005,520SH SOLE 5,52000
Teradyne, Inc.COM8807701021,30011,912SH SOLE 11,91200
Texas Instruments IncorporatedCOM8825081046513,386SH SOLE 3,38600
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.COM88355610221,50837,645SH SOLE 37,64500
Thor Industries, Inc.COM8851601011,35711,052SH SOLE 11,05200
TJX Companies IncCOM8725401094496,807SH SOLE 6,80700
Trade Desk, Inc. Class ACOM CL A88339J1053014,275SH SOLE 4,27500
Trane Technologies plcSHSG8994E1032,28413,227SH SOLE 13,22700
Travelers Companies, Inc.COM89417E1092891,900SH SOLE 1,90000
Trimble Inc.COM8962391003354,075SH SOLE 4,07500
Twilio Inc.CL A90138F1023391,061SH SOLE 1,06100
Tyler Technologies, Inc.COM9022521052,1304,645SH SOLE 4,64500
U.S. BancorpCOM NEW9029733044357,314SH SOLE 7,31400
UGI CorporationCOM9026811052566,000SH SOLE 6,00000
Unilever PLC Sponsored ADRSPON ADR NEW9047677043496,440SH SOLE 6,44000
Union Pacific CorporationCOM90781810827,329139,425SH SOLE 139,42500
United Parcel Service, Inc. Class BCL B9113121065212,862SH SOLE 2,86200
UnitedHealth Group IncorporatedCOM91324P1021,2583,219SH SOLE 3,21900
VanEck Vectors Morningstar International Moat ETFMORNINGSTAR INTL92189F59378123,259SH SOLE 23,25900
VanEck Vectors Morningstar Wide Moat ETFMORNINGSTAR WIDE92189F6431,91826,191SH SOLE 26,19100
Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETFDIV APP ETF9219088446,89744,902SH SOLE 44,90200
Vanguard Extended Market ETFEXTEND MKT ETF9229086527,76542,579SH SOLE 42,57900
Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETFALLWRLD EX US9220427753,48357,128SH SOLE 57,12800
Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETFFTSE DEV MKT ETF9219438583,31165,575SH SOLE 65,57500
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETFFTSE EMR MKT ETF9220428587,731154,593SH SOLE 154,59300
Vanguard High Dividend Yield Index ETFHIGH DIV YLD9219464064994,830SH SOLE 4,83000
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond ETFINTERMED TERM9219378196617,389SH SOLE 7,38900
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond ETFINT-TERM CORP92206C8704544,808SH SOLE 4,80800
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Treasury ETFINTER TERM TREAS92206C7061,87027,676SH SOLE 27,67600
Vanguard Large-Cap ETFLARGE CAP ETF9229086371,8609,259SH SOLE 9,25900
Vanguard Long-Term Bond ETFLONG TERM BOND9219377934134,040SH SOLE 4,04000
Vanguard Mid-Cap ETFMID CAP ETF9229086291,1524,864SH SOLE 4,86400
Vanguard Real Estate ETFREAL ESTATE ETF9229085531,36213,379SH SOLE 13,37900
Vanguard S&P 500 ETFS&P 500 ETF SHS9229083631,3953,536SH SOLE 3,53600
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETFSHORT TRM BOND92193782721,489262,256SH SOLE 262,25600
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFSHRT TRM CORP BD92206C4099,114110,589SH SOLE 110,58900
Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETFSTRM INFPROIDX9220208059,091172,900SH SOLE 172,90000
Vanguard Short-Term Treasury ETFSHORT TERM TREAS92206C1029,934161,763SH SOLE 161,76300
Vanguard Small-Cap ETFSMALL CP ETF9229087514922,250SH SOLE 2,25000
Vanguard Total Bond Market ETFTOTAL BND MRKT9219378354,94657,880SH SOLE 57,88000
Vanguard Total International Stock ETFVG TL INTL STK F9219097682,89945,819SH SOLE 45,81900
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETFTOTAL STK MKT9229087696,74630,378SH SOLE 30,37800
Verizon Communications Inc.COM92343V1047,699142,556SH SOLE 142,55600
Visa Inc. Class ACOM CL A92826C83927,040121,392SH SOLE 121,39200
Walmart Inc.COM9311421038976,434SH SOLE 6,43400
Walt Disney CompanyCOM2546871064,21524,915SH SOLE 24,91500
Waste Management, Inc.COM94106L1093,61724,214SH SOLE 24,21400
Waters CorporationCOM941848103300840SH SOLE 84000
Wec Energy Group IncCOM92939U1064605,213SH SOLE 5,21300
Wells Fargo & CompanyCOM9497461012395,157SH SOLE 5,15700
Welltower, Inc.COM95040Q1041,99224,171SH SOLE 24,17100
Weyerhaeuser CompanyCOM NEW9621661041,82251,215SH SOLE 51,21500
WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend ETFEMG MKTS SMCAP97717W2811,24723,313SH SOLE 23,31300
Xylem Inc.COM98419M1007,62761,664SH SOLE 61,66400
Yum China Holdings, Inc.COM98850P1094297,381SH SOLE 7,38100
Zebra Technologies Corporation Class ACL A98920710538,44574,590SH SOLE 74,59000
Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc.COM98956P1022161,475SH SOLE 1,47500