EX-21 5 d265930dex21.htm SUBSIDIARIES OF CORPORATION Subsidiaries of Corporation

Exhibit 21



Following is a listing of the significant subsidiaries of the Corporation, at December 31, 2011:


Eagle Creek, Inc.    California
H. D. Lee Apparel Ltd    China
Imagewear Apparel Corp.    Delaware
JanSport Apparel Corp.    Delaware
Jeanswear Ventures, LLC    Delaware
John Varvatos Apparel Corp.    Delaware (80% owned)
John Varvatos Enterprises, Inc.    Delaware (80% owned)
Kipling Apparel Corp.    Delaware
Lee Bell, Inc.    Delaware
lucy apparel, LLC    Delaware
Mo Industries, LLC    Delaware
Nautica Apparel, Inc.    Delaware
Nautica Retail USA, Inc.    Delaware
Ring Company    Delaware
Seven For All Mankind, LLC    Delaware
Smartwool Consumer Direct LLC    Colorado
Smartwool LLC    Colorado
South Cone, Inc.    California
TBL Licensing LLC    Delaware
The H. D. Lee Company, Inc.    Delaware
The North Face Apparel Corp.    Delaware
The North Face Italy S.r.l.    Italy
Timberland (Gibraltar) Holding Ltd.    Gibraltar
Timberland Espana SL    Spain
Timberland Europe B.V.    Netherlands
Timberland Europe Services Ltd.    United Kingdom
Timberland HK Ltd.    Hong Kong
Timberland HK Trading Ltd.    Hong Kong
Timberland Investments Holding    Switzerland
Timberland Italy, S.r.l.    Italy
Timberland Japan Inc    Japan
Timberland LLC    Delaware
Timberland Management Services GmbH    Switzerland
Timberland Recreational Footware Company    Cayman Islands
Timberland Retail LLC    Delaware
Timberland SAS    France
Timberland Switzerland GmbH    Switzerland
Timberland Taiwan Ltd    Taiwan
Timberland Trading (Shanghai) Ltd    China

Timberland UK Ltd    United Kingdom
Timberland World Trading GmbH    Germany
Vans Madeira, S.L.    Portugal
Vans, Inc.    Delaware
VF (J) France, S.A.    France
VF Apparel (Shenzhen) Co., LTD    China
VF Asia Ltd.    Hong Kong
VF Brands India Private Limited    India
VF Canada, Inc.    Canada
VF Comercializadora Ltda.    Chile
VF Contemporary Brands Canada Corp    Canada
VF Contemporary Brands, Inc.    Delaware
VF de Argentina S.A.    Argentina
VF do Brasil Ltda.    Brazil
VF Ege Soke Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.    Turkey
VF Enterprises S.a.R.L.    Luxembourg
VF Europe B.V.B.A.    Belgium
VF Germany Textil-Handels GmbH    Germany
VF Global Investments S.a.R.L.    Luxembourg
VF Imagewear (Canada), Inc.    Canada
VF Imagewear, Inc.    Delaware
VF International S.a.g.l.    Switzerland
VF Investments Italy S.à.R.l.    Italy
VF Investments S.à.R.l.    Luxembourg
VF Italia, S.r.l.    Italy
VF Italy Services S.r.l.    Italy
VF Jeanswear Argentina    Argentina
VF Jeanswear de Mexico S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
VF Jeanswear Espana S.L.    Spain
VF Jeanswear Limited Partnership    Delaware
VF Luxembourg S.à.R.l.    Luxembourg
VF Mauritius Ltd.    Mauritius
VF Northern Europe Ltd.    United Kingdom
VF Northern Europe Services Ltd.    United Kingdom
VF Outdoor (Canada), Inc.    Canada
VF Outdoor Mexico S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
VF Outdoor, Inc.    Delaware
VF Outlet, Inc.    Delaware
VF Receivables Services LLC    Delaware
VF Receivables, LP    Delaware
VF Scandinavia A/S    Denmark
VF Services, Inc.    Delaware
VF Sourcing (Thailand) Ltd    Thailand

VF Sourcing Asia S.a.R.L.    Luxembourg
VF Sourcing Latin America S.a.R.L.    Luxembourg
VF Sportswear, Inc.    Delaware
VF Treasury Services LLC    Delaware
VFJ Ventures, LLC    Delaware
Wrangler Apparel Corp.    Delaware

Excludes subsidiaries that, if considered as a single subsidiary or after taking into account the elimination of intercompany accounts, would not constitute a significant subsidiary. All listed subsidiaries are 100% owned, except as noted.