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Exhibit 21.1
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (DE)
(Incorporated on December 12, 1990 in Delaware; EIN: 16-1387862)
Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures and Affiliates
CompanyRegistered Alternate name
100% Quest Diagnostics Holdings Incorporated (DE)
100% Quest Diagnostics International Holdings Limited (UK)
100% Quest Diagnostics Holdings Ltd. (UK)
100% ExamOne Canada, Inc. (New Brunswick)
99.9% Quest Diagnostics HTAS India Private Limited (India) (0.1% Quest Diagnostics International Holdings Limited (UK)
100% Quest Diagnostics of Puerto Rico, Inc. (PR)
100% Quest Diagnostics Ireland Limited (Ireland)
100% Quest Diagnostics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (China)
100% Quest Diagnostics Clinical Laboratories, Inc. (DE)
Advanced Toxicology Network
Quest Diagnostics
Solstas Lab Partners Group
Solstas Lab Partners
Smithkline Beecham Clinical
100% Quest Consumer Inc. (DE)
100% LabOne, LLC (MO)
Quest Diagnostics
LabOne, LLC of Kansas
100% ExamOne World Wide, Inc. (PA)
100% ExamOne LLC (DE)
100% ExamOne World Wide of NJ, Inc. (NJ)
100% PACK Health, LLC (AL)PACK Health Enterprise LLC
100% Quest HealthConnect, LLC (CA)
100% Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness, LLC (DE)
100% LabOne of Ohio, Inc. (DE)
Quest Diagnostics
51% Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma LLC (OK)
49% Sonora Quest Laboratories LLC (AZ)
100% Quest Diagnostics do Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)
100% Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (MD)
100% Quest Diagnostics India Private Limited (India)

100% Quest Diagnostics International LLC (DE)
100% Quest Diagnostics Investments LLC (DE)
100% Quest Diagnostics LLC (IL)
Quest Diagnostics LLC

100% Quest Diagnostics LLC (MA)
Quest Diagnostics LLC
Quest Diagnostics of Connecticut LLC

81.1% Quest Diagnostics Massachusetts LLC (MA)

100% Quest Diagnostics LLC (CT)
99.9% Quest Diagnostics Mexico, S de RL de CV (Mexico) (0.1% Quest Diagnostics Holdings Incorporated (DE))
100% Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute (CA)Nichols Institute
Quest Diagnostics Nichols
   Institute (CA) Inc.
Quest Diagnostics Nichols
   Institute Inc.
100% Quest Diagnostics of Pennsylvania Inc. (DE)
51% Quest Diagnostics Venture LLC (PA)
53.5% Associated Clinical Laboratories of Pennsylvania, L.L.C. (PA)
1% Associated Clinical Laboratories, L.P. (PA)
52.97% Associated Clinical Laboratories, L.P. (PA)
100% Quest Diagnostics Receivables Inc. (DE)
100% Quest Diagnostics TB, LLC (DE)
100% American Medical Laboratories, Incorporated (DE)
100% Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute, Inc. (VA)
Nichols Institute
Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute,
   Institute, Inc. of Virginia
100% Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NV)
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated of Nevada
Quest Diagnostics
100% Blueprint Genetics Inc. (DE)Athena Diagnostics
100% Blueprint Genetics Oy (Finland)
100% Blueprint Genetics FZ-LLC (UAE)
100% Cleveland HeartLab, Inc. (DE)Cleveland Heartlab Services, Inc.
100% Haystack Oncology, Inc. (DE)
100% Haystactack Oncology GmbH (Germany)
100% Isabella Street Urban Renewal, LLC (NJ)
100% Med Fusion, LLC (TX)
med fusion
med fusion clin-trials
med fusion clin-labs

100% Reprosource Fertility Diagnostics, Inc. (MA)

100% Unilab Corporation (DE)Quest Diagnostics
100% AmeriPath, Inc. (DE)
100% AmeriPath Cincinnati, Inc. (OH)
Richfield Laboratory of Dermatopathology

100% AmeriPath Cleveland, Inc. (OH)
AmeriPath GI Institute
Dermpath Diagnostics
100% AmeriPath Consolidated Labs, Inc. (FL)
100% AmeriPath Florida, LLC (DE)
AmeriPath Central Florida
AmeriPath Northeast Florida
AmeriPath Southwest Florida
Bay Area Dermatopathology
Dermpath Diagnostics
Dermpath Diagnostics Bay Area Dermpath Diagnostics
   South Florida
Institute for Immunofluorescence
Institute for Podiatric Pathology
100% AmeriPath Hospital Services Florida, LLC (DE)
100% AmeriPath Kentucky, Inc. (KY)
100% AmeriPath Lubbock 5.01(A) Corporation (TX)
Arlington Pathology Associates
Dermpath Diagnostics Texas
North Arlington Pathology
Pathology Associates of Texas
100% AmeriPath New York, LLC (DE)
AmeriPath East
AmeriPath Gastrointestinal Diagnostics
AmeriPath Northeast
Dermpath Diagnostics
Dermpath Diagnostics
Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology
Dermpath Diagnostics New York

100% AmeriPath Texas Inc. (DE)
100% AmeriPath Tucson, Inc. (AZ)AmeriPath Arizona
100% Consolidated DermPath, Inc. (DE)
100% DFW 5.01(a) Corporation (TX)
AmeriPath North Texas
AmeriPath Dallas
AmeriPath DFW 5.01(a)
100% Diagnostic Pathology Services, Inc. (OK)AmeriPath Oklahoma
100% Kailash B. Sharma, M.D., Inc. (GA)
100% Nuclear Medicine and Pathology Associates (GA)
100% Institute for Dermatopathology, Inc. (PA)
AmeriPath Mid Atlantic
Dermpath Diagnostics
The Dermatopathology
100% Ocmulgee Medical Pathology Association, Inc. (GA)
AmeriPath Georgia Gastrointestinal Diagnostics
Dermpath Diagnostics

100% Specialty Laboratories, Inc. (CA)
Quest Diagnostics Nichols
   Institute of Valencia, Inc.
Additional Entities Consolidated for Accounting Purposes
AmeriPath Indianapolis, PC (IN)    
AmeriPath Indianapolis, PSC
AmeriPath Indianapolis Medical
Dermpath Diagnostics
Colorado Pathology Consultants, P.C. (CO)
AmeriPath Colorado
Dermpath Diagnostics
Dermatopathology of Wisconsin, S.C. (WI)AmeriPath Great Lakes
Hoffman, M.D., Associated Pathologists, Chartered (NV)
Associated Pathologists,
APC at Liberation Drive
Kilpatrick Pathology, P.A. (NC)
PhenoPath Laboratories, PLLC (WA)