EX-10.1 4 exhibit101q12013.htm RETENTION AWARD LETTER, DATED MARCH 4, 2013 Exhibit 10.1 Q1 2013

Exhibit 10.1

Sprint - Finance
Mailstop: KSOPHF0410-4A427
6200 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251

March 4, 2013

Ryan Siurek
6480 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251

Dear Ryan:

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to receive a special cash retention award.

This retention award consists of two payments totaling $132,500. You will vest in your award 50% the earlier of 1) the Sprint-SoftBank transaction closing, or 2) October 31, 2013. The second 50% will vest one year after the date the first payment vests. Payments will be made as soon as administratively practicable following vesting.

Additional terms of award payment -
Involuntary termination without cause:
In addition to your severance package, if your employment is involuntarily terminated without cause, you will receive the entire award payment as soon as administratively practicable after termination.
Termination for any other reason:
If you have a termination of employment for any other reason (including voluntary termination, acceptance of a voluntary separation package, termination for cause, or unsatisfactory performance), you will forfeit any unpaid retention award payments in their entirety.

I look forward to your ongoing contributions.

Best Regards,

Joseph J. Euteneuer
Chief Financial Officer