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The following subsidiaries of NRG Energy, Inc. were guarantors of the Company's outstanding $5.9 billion of Senior Notes and Convertible Senior Notes due 2026 to 2048 and outstanding $2.5 billion of Senior Secured First Lien Notes due from 2024 to 2029:

Astoria Gas Turbine Power LLCDelaware
Huntley Power LLCDelaware
Dunkirk Power LLCDelaware
Oswego Harbor Power LLCDelaware
Connecticut Jet Power LLCDelaware
Devon Power LLCDelaware
Norwalk Power LLCDelaware
Montville Power LLCDelaware
Somerset Power LLCDelaware
Arthur Kill Power LLCDelaware
Middletown Power LLCDelaware
Indian River Power LLCDelaware
Vienna Power LLCDelaware
NRG Rockford Acquisition LLCDelaware
NRG Ilion LP LLCDelaware
NRG Ilion Limited PartnershipDelaware
El Segundo Power II LLCDelaware
NRG West Coast LLCDelaware
WCP (Generation) Holdings LLCDelaware
Saguaro Power LLCDelaware
Eastern Sierra Energy Company LLCCalifornia
West Coast Power LLCDelaware
Cabrillo Power I LLCDelaware
Cabrillo Power II LLCDelaware
El Segundo Power, LLCDelaware
Meriden Gas Turbines LLCDelaware
NRG Mextrans Inc.Delaware
NRG Energy Services LLCDelaware
NEO CorporationMinnesota
NRG Generation Holdings Inc.Delaware
NRG Texas Holding Inc.Delaware
NRG Texas LLCDelaware
GCP Funding Company, LLCDelaware
Texas Genco Holdings, Inc.Texas
New Genco GP, LLCDelaware

Texas Genco GP, LLCTexas
Texas Genco LP, LLCDelaware
NRG Texas Power LLCDelaware
Texas Genco Services, LPTexas
NRG Texas Gregory LLCDelaware
Gregory Power Partners LLCDelaware
NRG South Texas LPTexas
NRG Maintenance Services LLCDelaware
NRG Homer City Services LLCDelaware
Energy Alternatives Wholesale, LLCDelaware
NRG Reliability Solutions LLCDelaware
XOOM Energy Global Holdings, LLCDelaware
XOOM Solar, LLCDelaware
XOOM Energy, LLCDelaware
XOOM Energy California, LLCCalifornia
XOOM Energy Connecticut, LLCConnecticut
XOOM Energy Georgia, LLCGeorgia
XOOM Energy Indiana, LLCIndiana
XOOM Energy Illinois LLCIllinois
XOOM Energy Kentucky, LLCKentucky
XOOM Energy Pennsylvania, LLCPennsylvania
XOOM Energy Maine, LLCMaine
XOOM Energy Maryland, LLCMaryland
XOOM Energy Michigan, LLCMichigan
XOOM Energy New Jersey, LLCNew Jersey
XOOM Energy New York, LLCNew York
XOOM Energy Texas, LLCTexas
XOOM Energy Ohio, LLCOhio
XOOM Energy Massachusetts, LLCMassachusetts
XOOM Energy Delaware, LLCDelaware
XOOM Energy Rhode Island, LLCRhode Island
XOOM Energy New Hampshire, LLCNew Hampshire
XOOM Energy Virginia, LLCVirginia
XOOM Energy Washington D.C., LLCDistrict of Columbia
XOOM Alberta Holdings, LLCDelaware
XOOM Ontario Holdings, LLCDelaware
XOOM British Columbia Holdings, LLCDelaware
NRG Retail LLCDelaware
RERH Holdings, LLCDelaware
Reliant Energy Retail Holdings, LLCDelaware
Reliant Energy Power Supply, LLCDelaware
Reliant Energy Retail Services, LLCDelaware
Reliant Energy Northeast LLCDelaware

SGE Energy Sourcing, LLCDelaware
Stream Ohio Gas & Electric, LLCOhio
SGE Texas Holdco, LLCTexas
Stream SPE GP, LLCTexas
Stream SPE, Ltd.Texas
Stream Energy Maryland, LLCDelaware
Stream Energy New Jersey, LLCDelaware
Stream Energy New York, LLCDelaware
Stream Energy Columbia, LLCDelaware
Stream Georgia Gas SPE, LLCGeorgia
Stream Energy Pennsylvania, LLCDelaware
Stream Energy Illinois, LLCDelaware
Stream Energy Delaware, LLCDelaware
NRG Distributed Energy Resources Holdings LLCDelaware
NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc.New York
Ace Energy, Inc.New York
BidURenergy, Inc.New York
NRG Advisory Services LLCDelaware
Energy Choice Solutions LLCTexas
Everything Energy LLCDelaware
US Retailers LLCDelaware
Cirro Group, Inc.Texas
Cirro Energy Services, Inc.Texas
NRG Security LLCDelaware
NRG Renter's Protection LLCDelaware
NRG Home Solutions Product LLCDelaware
NRG Warranty Services LLCDelaware
NRG Dispatch Services LLCDelaware
NRG Portable Power LLCDelaware
NRG Identity Protect LLCDelaware
NRG Home & Business Solutions LLCDelaware
Allied Warranty LLCTexas
NRG Home Services LLCTexas
Allied Home Warranty GP LLCDelaware
NRG Home Solutions LLCDelaware
NRG Connected Home LLCDelaware
Forward Home Security, LLCTexas
Green Mountain Energy CompanyDelaware
Energy Plus Holdings LLCDelaware
Independence Energy Group LLCDelaware
Energy Plus Natural Gas LLCDelaware
Independence Energy Alliance LLCDelaware
Independence Energy Natural Gas LLCDelaware

NRG ECOKAP Holdings LLCDelaware
NRG Development Company Inc.Delaware
NRG Power Marketing LLCDelaware
Energy Protection Insurance CompanyVermont
NRG Construction LLCDelaware
NRG Energy Services Group LLCDelaware
NRG Energy Labor Services LLCDelaware
NRG Cedar Bayou Development Company, LLCDelaware
NRG Business Services LLCDelaware
NRG SimplySmart Solutions LLCDelaware
NRG Distributed Generation PR LLCDelaware
NRG Operating Services, Inc.Delaware
NRG Arthur Kill Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Astoria Gas Turbine Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Dunkirk Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Huntley Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Oswego Harbor Power Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Devon Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Middletown Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Montville Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Norwalk Harbor Operations Inc.Delaware
Somerset Operations Inc.Delaware
Indian River Operations Inc.Delaware
Vienna Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Saguaro Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG El Segundo Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Cabrillo Power Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG California Peaker Operations LLCDelaware
NRG South Central Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG North Central Operations Inc.Delaware
NRG Services CorporationDelaware
NRG Affiliate Services Inc.Delaware
NRG Western Affiliate Services Inc.Delaware
NRG Greenco LLCDelaware
NRG International LLCDelaware
Carbon Management Solutions LLCDelaware
Gregory Partners, LLCDelaware
NRG Retail Northeast LLCDelaware