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United-Guardian Reports Year-End Earnings and Appointment of New Director

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- United-Guardian, Inc., (NASDAQ:UG) reported today that net sales for FY-2015 were up 4.1% over last year, increasing from $13,449,679 in 2014 to $14,006,244 in 2015. Net income was also up, increasing from $4,050,416 ($0.88 per share) in 2014 to $4,606,929 ($1.00 per share) in 2015. 

“The increase in sales and earnings for 2015 was primarily due to very strong sales of one of our Lubrajel® products in China during the first nine months of 2015,” said Ken Globus, President of United-Guardian. “Due to a number of factors, including some customers in China overestimating their inventory requirements during the first nine months of 2015, we did not see any significant sales of this product into China in either the fourth quarter of 2015 or the first quarter of this year. This negatively affected our fourth quarter 2015 sales, and is also expected to impact our sales for the first half of 2016. We are hoping to see a resumption of sales of this product into China in the second half of this year.” 

“On a much more positive note, we have received FDA approval to market our new single-dose form of Renacidin®, our proprietary urological product, and expect sales of this product to begin around April 1st. We are hopeful that those sales, along with the potential for additional revenue later this year from our new line of Lubrajel 'Natural' products, as well as the expected resumption of sales into China in the second half of the year, will at least partially offset the expected reduction in sales in China for the first half of 2016.” 

Mr. Globus also announced that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Mr. S. Ari Papoulias to fill the vacancy that resulted from the resignation of one of the Board members due to a job conflict. Mr. Papoulias holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, an MBA in Finance, and has extensive business and financial experience. Mr. Papoulias will also serve on the company’s Audit Committee. 

“We are very excited to welcome Ari to our Board,” said Mr. Globus. “We believe that his business and financial experience will be extremely valuable to the company as we continue our efforts to grow the business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.” 

United-Guardian is a manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, personal and health care products, pharmaceuticals, and specialty industrial products.

DECEMBER 31, 2015 AND DECEMBER 31, 2014 
  Years ended December 31,  
  2015  2014  
Net sales $  14,006,244 $  13,449,679  
Costs and expenses:        
Cost of sales  5,202,158  5,317,707  
Operating expenses  1,862,290  1,910,585  
Research and development 648,211  730,412  
Total costs and expenses 7,712,659  7,958,704  
Income from operations   6,293,585  5,490,975  
Other income:       
Investment income  332,705  239,592  
Loss from sale of asset (879) ---  
Income from damage settlement ---  24,403  
Total other income 331,826  263,995  
Income from operations before income taxes 6,625,411  5,754,970  
Provision for income taxes  2,018,482  1,704,554  
Net income$  4,606,929 $  4,050,416  
Earnings per common share (basic and diluted) $  1.00 $.88  
Weighted average shares (basic and diluted)  4,594,319  4,596,439  
  December 31,  
  2015  2014  
Current assets$  14,517,960 $  14,663,071  
Net property, plant, and equipment 1,096,113  1,207,903  
Other asset 74,118  68,042  
Total assets$  15,688,191 $  15,939,016  
Current liabilities $  988,367 $  974,970  
Deferred income taxes  118,010  227,108  
Total Liabilities$  1,106,377 $  1,202,078  
Stockholders’ equity $  14,581,814 $  14,736,938  
Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity$  15,688,191 $  15,939,016  

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