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Exhibit 21


The following table sets forth the name and state or other jurisdiction of incorporation of the Company’s subsidiaries. Except as otherwise indicated, each subsidiary is wholly owned, directly or indirectly, by the Company and does business under its corporate name.


Aconcagua Distribuciones SRL    Argentina
ATE Costa Rica S.A.    Costa Rico
Auto-C, LLC    Delaware
Beleggingsmaatschappij ‘t Hagelkruus B.V.    Netherlands
Biosphere Industries, LLC**    Delaware
Blue Dot Packaging Pty Ltd.    Australia
Chemical Methods (Europe) Ltd.    United Kingdom
Ciras C.V.    Netherlands
Ciras C.V.—Luxembourg Branch    Luxembourg
CJSC Sealed Air Kaustik    Russia
Cleanwise, Inc.    Delaware
Cryovac Australia Pty Limited    Australia
Cryovac Brasil Ltda.    Brazil
Cryovac Chile Holdings, LLC    Delaware
Cryovac Holdings II, LLC    Delaware†
Cryovac, Inc. †    Delaware
Cryovac International Holdings Inc.    Delaware
Cryovac Leasing Corporation    Delaware
Cryovac (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.    Malaysia
Cryovac Packaging Portugal Embalagens, Ltda.    Portugal
Cryovac-Sealed Air Costa Rica S.R.L.    Costa Rica
Diversey Acting Off-shore Capital Management Limited Liability Company (officially abbrev: Diversey Hungary Ltd.)    Hungary
Diversey Asia Holdings Limited    Hong Kong
Diversey Austria Services GmbH    Austria
Diversey Austria Trading GmbH    Austria
Diversey Australia Pty. Ltd.    Australia
Diversey Belgium BVBA    Belgium
Diversey Belgium Services BVBA    Belgium
Diversey Brasil Indústria Quimica Ltda.    Brazil
Diversey B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Canada, Inc.    Canada
Diversey Centroamerica S.A.    Guatemala



Diversey Centro America S.A.    Costa Rica
Diversey Česká republika s.r.o., clen koncernu Diversey (name change)    Czech Republic
Diversey Colombia Limitada    Colombia
Diversey G.K.    Japan
Diversey Czech Services s.r.o., clen koncernu Diversey    Czech Republic
Diversey Danmark ApS    Denmark
Diversey Danmark Services ApS    Denmark
Diversey de Argentina S.A.    Argentina
Diversey de Paraguay S.R.L.    Paraguay
Diversey de Uruguay S.R.L.    Uruguay
Diversey Deutschland GmbH & Co., OHG    Germany
Diversey Deutschland Management GmbH    Germany
Diversey Dominicana, S.A.    Dominican Republic
Diversey d.o.o.    Slovenia
Diversey Eastern and Central Africa Limited    Kenya
Diversey Egypt Limited    Egypt
Diversey Egypt One, Limited    Egypt
Diversey Egypt Trading Company, S.A.E.    Egypt
Diversey Egypt Two, Limited    Egypt
Diversey España Production, S.L.    Spain
Diversey España Services, S.L.    Spain
Diversey España , S.L.    Spain
Diversey Europe B.V. Utrecht, Zweigniederlassung Muchwilen (Swiss Branch)    Switzerland
Diversey Europe B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Europe Holdings B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Europe Holdings C.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Europe Investments B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey (Europe) Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Europe Operations B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey France Production S.A.S.    France
Diversey (France) S.A.S.    France
Diversey Germany Production OHG    Germany
Diversey Germany Services OHG    Germany
Diversey Global Holdings C.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Gulf FZE    United Arab Emirates



Diversey Hellas Societe Anonyme Cleaning and Trading Systems (officially abbreviated Diversey Hellas S.A.)    Greece
Diversey Hellas Single Partner Limited Liability Company Technical Support Services for Cleaning and Hygiene Systems (officially abbreviated Diversey Hellas Single Partner Limited Liability Company)    Greece
Diversey Holdings II B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Holdings Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Holdings, LLC    Delaware
Diversey Hong Kong Limited    Hong Kong
Diversey Hong Kong RE Holdings Limited    Hong Kong
Diversey Hungary Manufacture and Trade Limited Liability Company (official abbreviated name Diversey Ltd.)    Hungary
Diversey Hungary Services Kft.    Hungary
Diversey Hygiene (Guangdong) Ltd.    China
Diversey Hygiene Sales Limited    Ireland
Diversey Hygiene (Taiwan) Ltd.    Taiwan
Diversey Hygiene (Thailand) Co., Ltd.    Thailand
Diversey, Inc.    Delaware
Diversey India Private Limited    India
Diversey Industrial Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Industrial y Comercial de Chile Limitada    Chile
Diversey International Holdings LLC    Delaware
Diversey IP International B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Israel Ltd.    Israel
Diversey Italy Production s.r.l.    Italy
Diversey Italy Services s.r.l.    Italy
Diversey Jamaica Limited    Jamaica
Diversey J Trustee Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.    Turkey
Diversey Korea Co., Ltd.    Korea
Diversey LLC    Russia
DiverseyLever Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.    Malaysia
Diversey Maroc S.A.    Morocco
Diversey Mexico, S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Diversey Netherlands Services B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Netherlands Production B.V.    Netherlands



Diversey New Zealand Limited    New Zealand
Diversey Perú S.A.C.    Peru
Diversey Philippines, Inc.    Philippines
Diversey Poland Services Sp. z o.o.    Poland
Diversey Polska Sp. z.o.o.    Poland
Diversey Portugal—Sistemas de Higiene e Limpeza, Unipessoal, Lda.    Portugal
Diversey Portugal II—Services, Lda.    Portugal
Diversey (Private) Limited    Pakistan
Diversey Professional B.V.    Netherlands
Diversey Professional (Hong Kong) Limited    Hong Kong
Diversey Puerto Rico, Inc.    Delaware
Diversey Puerto Rico, Inc. (Branch)    Delaware
Diversey Romania S.R.L.    Romania
Diversey Sweden Services AB    Sweden
Diversey Switzerland Production GmbH    Switzerland
Diversey Switzerland Services GmbH    Switzerland
Diversey Shareholdings, Inc.    Delaware
Diversey Singapore Pty. Ltd.    Singapore
Diversey Slovakia, s.r.o.    Slovakia
Diversey South Africa (Pty.) Ltd.    South Africa
Diversey s.r.l.    Italy
Diversey Suomi Oy    Finland
Diversey Suomi Services Oy    Finland
Diversey Sverige AB    Sweden
Diversey Sverige Holdings AB    Sweden
Diversey Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.    China
Diversey Trustee Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey UK Production Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey UK Services Limited    United Kingdom
Diversey Venezuela, S.A.    Venezuela
Diversey West Africa Limited    Nigeria
Dolphin Packaging (Cheltenham) Limited    United Kingdom
Dolphin Packaging (Holdings) Limited    United Kingdom
Drypac Pty. Ltd.    Australia
Entapack Pty. Ltd.    Australia
GEIE VES***    France



Getpacking.com, GmbH    Switzerland
Invertol S.de R.L. de C.V.    Mexico
JDER Limited    Ireland
JDI CEE Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
JDI Holdings, Inc.    Nevada
JD Polymer, LLC    Wisconsin
Diversey (Barbados) Holdings Ltd.    Barbados
Diversey Jamaica II Limited    Jamaica
JWP Investments, Inc.    Nevada
JWP Investments Offshore, Inc.    Cayman Islands
JWPR Corporation    Nevada
MultiBagger Holdings    New Zealand
NanoPore Insulation, LLC    Delaware
NanoPore Insulation Ltd.    United Kingdom
Nelipak B.V.    Netherlands
Nelipak Holding B.V.    Netherlands
Nelipak Holdings Ireland Limited    Ireland
Nelipak Thermoforming Ireland Limited    Ireland
Noja Inmobiliaria S.A. de C.V.    Mexico
Pack-Tiger GmbH    Switzerland
ProAseptic Technologies S.L.**    Spain
Producembal—Producao de Embalagens, LTDA    Portugal
Professional Holdings S.A.S.    France
Professional Shareholdings, Inc.    Delaware
PT Diversey Indonesia    Indonesia
Saddle Brook Insurance Company    Vermont
Sealed Air Africa (Pty) Limited    South Africa
Sealed Air Americas Manufacturing S. de R. L. de C. V.    Mexico
Sealed Air Americas Services S. de R. L. de C. V.    Mexico
Sealed Air Argentina S.A.    Argentina
Sealed Air Australia (Holdings) Pty. Limited    Australia
Sealed Air Australia Pty Ltd.    Australia
Sealed Air (Barbados) S.R.L.    Barbados
Sealed Air B.V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Belgium N.V.    Belgium
Sealed Air Botswana (Pty.) Ltd.    Botswana, Africa



Sealed Air (Canada) Co./CIE    Canada
Sealed Air (Canada) Holdings B. V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Central America, S.A.    Guatemala
Sealed Air Chile Industrial Ltda.    Chile
Sealed Air (China) Limited    Delaware
Sealed Air Colombia Ltda.    Colombia
Sealed Air Corporation (US)    Delaware
Sealed Air de Mexico S.de R.L. de C.V.    Mexico
Sealed Air Denmark A/S    Denmark
Sealed Air de Venezuela, S.A.    Venezuela
Sealed Air Embalagens Ltda.    Brazil
Sealed Air Europe Holdings LP    Delaware
Sealed Air Finance Ireland    Ireland
Sealed Air Finance B.V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Finance II, LLC (Sucursal Mexico)    Delaware
Sealed Air Funding Corporation    Delaware
Sealed Air GmbH    Germany
Sealed Air GmbH    Switzerland
Sealed Air Hellas S.A.    Greece
Sealed Air Holding France SNC    France
Sealed Air Holdings (New Zealand) I, LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air Hong Kong Limited    Hong Kong
Sealed Air Hungary Ltd.    Hungary
Sealed Air (India) Limited    Delaware
Sealed Air (India) Private Limited    India
Sealed Air International LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air (Ireland) Limited    Ireland
Sealed Air (Israel) Ltd.    Israel
Sealed Air Italy S.r.l.    Italy
Sealed Air Japan G.K.    Japan
Sealed Air (Korea) Limited    Korea
Sealed Air (Latin America) Holdings II, LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air Limited    United Kingdom
Sealed Air LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air Luxembourg S.a.r.l.    Luxembourg
Sealed Air Luxembourg (I) S.a.r.l.    Luxembourg



Sealed Air Luxembourg (II) S.a.r.l.    Luxembourg
Sealed Air Luxembourg S.C.A.    Luxembourg
Sealed Air Luxembourg S.C.A., Luxembourg (L), Root (Finance Branch)    Switzerland
Sealed Air (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.    Malaysia
Sealed Air Management Holding Verwaltungs GmbH    Germany
Sealed Air Netherlands (Holdings) B.V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Netherlands (Holdings) I B.V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Netherlands (Holdings) II B.V.    Germany
Sealed Air Netherlands (Holdings) II B.V.—Deutsche Zweigniederlassung    Germany
Sealed Air Netherlands Holdings IV Coöperatief U.A.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Netherlands Holdings V B.V.    Netherlands
Sealed Air Nevada Holdings Limited    Neveda
Sealed Air (New Zealand)    New Zealand
Sealed Air Norge AS    Norway
Sealed Air OY    Finland
Sealed Air (China) Co., Ltd.    China
Sealed Air Packaging Limited    United Kingdom
Sealed Air Packaging LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Limited    China
Sealed Air Packaging S.L.U.    Spain
Sealed Air Paketleme Malzemeleri Ve Ekipmanlari Ticaret Limited Sirketi    Turkey
Sealed Air Paketleme Ticaret Limited Sirketi    Turkey
Sealed Air Peru S.R.L.    Peru
Sealed Air (Philippines) Inc.    Philippines
Sealed Air Polska Sp. Zo.o.    Poland
Sealed Air Romania S.R.L.    Romania
Sealed Air S.A.S.    France
Sealed Air SEE Ltd.    Greece
Sealed Air (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.    Singapore
Sealed Air Solutions Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
Sealed Air Spain (Holdings) SL    Spain
Sealed Air Spain (Holdings) II SL    Spain
Sealed Air Spain (Holdings) III, S.L.    Spain
Sealed Air S.r.l.    Italy
Sealed Air s.r.o.    Czech Republic



Sealed Air Svenska AB    Sweden
Sealed Air Taiwan Limited    Taiwan
Sealed Air (Thailand) Ltd.    Thailand
Sealed Air (Ukraine) Limited    Ukraine
Sealed Air Uruguay S.A.    Uruguay
Sealed Air US Holdings, LLC    Delaware
Sealed Air Venezuela Corporation    Delaware
Sealed Air Verpackungen GmbH    Germany
Sealed Air Vitembal S.L.    Spain
Shanklin Corporation    Delaware
Solution Acquisition Corp.    Delaware
Soinpar Industrial Ltda.    Brazil
Steripack Limited    Ireland
TART s.r.o.***    Czech Republic
Teknik Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.*    Turkey
TempTrip LLC**    Delaware
The Butcher Company    Delaware
Wyandotte Chemicals Jamaica Limited    Jamaica


* The Company directly or indirectly owns 50% of the outstanding shares or interests.
** The Company directly or indirectly owns a majority of the outstanding shares or interests.
*** The Company directly or indirectly owns less than 50% of the outstanding shares or interests.
Cryovac does business in certain states under the name “Sealed Air Shrink Packaging Division.”

Certain subsidiaries are omitted from the above table. Such subsidiaries, if considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary as of December 31, 2012.