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Prospectus Supplement   October 5, 2016 

Putnam Global Industrials Fund   
Prospectus dated December 30, 2015   


The sub-section Your fund’s management in the section Fund summaries – Putnam Global Industrials Fund is supplemented to reflect that the fund’s portfolio manager is now Daniel Schiff, who joined the fund in October 2016 and is an Analyst.

The following replaces similar disclosure under the sub-section The funds’ investment manager – Portfolio Managers – Global Industrials Fund in the section Who oversees and manages the funds?

Portfolio manager  Joined fund  Employer  Positions over past five years 

  Putnam Management   
Daniel Schiff  2016  2016–Present  Analyst 

    Northern Pines Capital  Portfolio Manager and 
    2010–2016  Managing Partner 


The SAI provides information about Mr. Schiff’s compensation, other accounts managed by Mr. Schiff and Mr. Schiff’s ownership of securities in the fund.


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