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·..·.. . ....·: ULTh.A..ICS CORPORATION : ·' •• * * • ..._........... * .. I'· ·-...... · ­ ...... :--·. \.::, ·' CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION j • 0 l.LJ '-.._, - cJ. J u.. ·' a ... < 11) w..J >-. ;-t ( ,.. < :::l L.U ' •·' c..:> L.U o:; \ I '·\. • * • * • * • • • • • • * • • • • Organized unde r t ht! lawb or the STATS OF D LAWARE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • * • • .,.-..: ...;. - ·:· .;,. .,.., .J t \ }'·l;c;;'.<{:r,<=. :.:.:.;; .::::·;; .. ..... ·, ,,.;;_r;·:.t.·.i :';·} 7-':.: . <:.J kt:t iiJ:) 19-30120-1 C2.1 P13


,\,... -· • i CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION :. ; . . ' ·' OF ULTRA AM.ICr.C.OR.PORATION .. II II FIRST.The name or the corporation is ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION I' SECOND. Its principal orr1ce 1n the State or Delaware is located at No. 100 West Tenth Street, in the City or Wilmington, County or New Castle. The name and address of its resident agent is The Corporation Trust Company, No. 100 West Tenth Street, Wilmington 99, Delaware. THIRD.The n&ture of the business, or·objects or purposes to btransacted, promoted or carried on are: TO manufacture, assemble, fabricate, produce, purchase, import, receive, lease as lessee, or otherwise acquire, own, hold, store, use, repair, service, maintain, mortgage, pledge, or otherwise encumber, sell, assign, lease as lessor, distribute, expor·t and otherwise dispose il of, and generally to trade and deal in and with, ao principal ll agent or otherwise, cleaning products and eqUipment, ultra violet ray equipment, water pur1fyirequipment and electric mechanical and chemi al equipment of all kinds, and any and all machinery, tools, equipment, appliances, devices, s p­ pl1es and materials used or useful in connection with or tnctdentel to a_ny of the foregoing. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P14


To pursue, prosecute.and engage 1n nueleaz• researcancl technical 1n·4est1gat1.onand to employ and maintain a_statf ot research tP.chn1c1ans, consultants and e orts tor the purpose ot earryi.ng on such nucler re-·I r : search.To build, construct, establish maintain and operat.-·. laboratories and such buildings as may be useful, or necescary to tbe pursuit ot neclear research. To manul'acture, purchase or otherwise acquire, invest in, own,nortgage, pledge, sell, assign and transfer or otherwise dispose ot.trade.deal in and deal with goods, wares and merchandise and personal property or every class and desc!"iption. To acquire, and pay tor 1n cash, stock or bonds of this corporatin or otherwise, the good will, rights, assets and property, and to undertake or assume tt:e whole or any part or·the obligations or liabilities ot any per-s n, firm, association or corporation. To acquire, holdU»e, sell, as 1gn, lease, grant licenses in ree:>ect ot, mortgage or otherwise cUspose oi' letters patent or the Uni.ted Stateor any foreign country, patent rights, licenses and privileges, inventions, improve­ . h,. ,j 'I l! :j I II r,I I' I ments and p cesses, copyrights, trade-marks and trade namea, relating to or useful in connection with any bu31ness of this corporation. To acq 1re by purchase, subscription or otherwise, I and to e eive, hold, own, 3uarantee, sell, assign, exchange, I transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of or deal in and wth any of the shares of the capital stock, or any voting trust certificates in respect or the shares of il II I I capital stock, crip, warrants, rights, bond3, debentures, notes, trust receipts, and other secur1es, obllgations, 19-30120-1 C2.1 P15


·f · 'l.t-., · I . .. • ' choses in ac_tion and evidences or indebtedness or 1nt rest issued or created by any corporations, Joint stock companies syndicates, associations, firms, truE:ts or persons, public or private, or b,y the government of the United Stateo of America, or by any foreign government, or by any state, ,: territory, province, municipality or other politicalbub-1 division or by any governmental agency, and as ownethereot to possess and exercise all the rights, powers and privilege of ownership, including the right to execute consents and vote thereon, and to do any and all acts and things neees-sary or advisable tor the preservatlon, ?rotection, improve-i: l Il [j !,,! ;; i! l! ii ment and enhancement in value thereof. To enter into, make and perform contracts of eve description with any person, firm, association, kind and corporation, municipality, county, state, body politic or government or colony or dependency thereof• To borrow or raise JDOneys tor any of the purposes .! ii '!I, 'I of the corporat1or. and, from time to time w thout limit as to amount, to draw, make, accept, endorse, execute and issue !I promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, warrat.ts, bonds, ll li :j debentures anu other negotiable or non-negotiable instru-ments snd evidences ot indebtedness, and to secure the pay-ment of any thereof and of the interest thereon by mortgage upon or pleci3e, conveyane or assignment in trust of the whole or any part of the property of the corporation, whethe at the tlme owned or thereafter acqu1rej, and to sell, pledge or otherwise iispose or such bonds or other obliga­ t ions of the corporation for 1ts corporate purposes. I I ,, ,1 To loan to any person, firm or corporation a·of I its surplus funds, eithew1th or w1thot security. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P16


To purchase, hold, sell and transfer the shares or its own capital stock; provided it shall not use its funds or property tor the purchase of its own shares of capital atock when such use wo ld cause any impairment of I· !I its capital except as otherwise permitted by law, and pro-shares of its own capital stock belonging voted upon directly or indirectly. I! q !j vided further that shall not be il 'II. to it l:li To have one or more offices, to carry on nll or any of itc operations and businesand without rest ict1on or limit as to amount to purchase or otherwise acqt.1ire, hold, own, mortgage, sell, convey or other·w1se dlspose of, real and personal property of every class and d scr1ption in any of the states, districts, territories or colonies of ;; .. !' ;. ! ·! i i: the United States, and subject to the la-.rs of colony or country. In general, in any and all tor.eign countries, such state, district, territory, i· 1,1 !! \i!l .i' to carry on any other business in to have at:d exercise all connection with the foregoing, and the powers conferred by the laws of Delaware lpon corpo ra-I unde:-the General Corporation La,. o f the StateI H ,·:_, il 11 , tions formed of Delaware, set forth to could do. and the to do any or all of the thing.; hereinbefore .j I I same extdnt as na tt:ral persons migh t o r The objects and purposes specified in the f o r-11 il I going clau>eJ shall, except where o therwise expre!lSed, be in nowise limited or restricted by referenc e to, o infer-en c e from, the terms of any other clause in th iE: N.'r tif icate ot' 1.ncorpo r·a t io n, but the o bjects and purposes spec. fied in ea c:i"l o f' the fo!'cgo ing clauses of this ar t icle , hal l be re ­ g rd ed as independent objects and purposes . 1. !I i,.l 'i ll I' II ..•. . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P17


-• .;.· I j . I I The total number of shares ot stock whicq POUR'.tH. the corporation shall have authority to issue is two million I .I (2,000,000) and the par value of each of such shares is Ten Cer.ts (10¢) amounting in the aggregate to 'nfo Hundred 'lbousand Dollars ($200,000.00) No stockholder of this corporation shall by reason of his hol<11ng shares ot any claas hav£: any pre-emptive or preferer t1al right to purchase or subscr1be to any shares of any class of this corporation, now or hereafter to be authorized, or any notes, debentures, bonds, or other securi-ties convertible into or careying options or warrants ::.o purcilase shares of any claas, now or hereafter to be author-ized, whether or not the issuance of any such shares, or J j 1: JI il I il lj q j: r! such notes, debentures, bonds or other securities, would !I adversely affect the dividend or voting rights or such I i stockholder, other than such rights, if any, as the board iof directors, 1:1 1ts discretion from time to time may grant and at such price as the board of directors in its d1scret1or II may fix; and the board of directors may issue shares of an..v ! I clase of this corporation, or any notes, debentures, bonds, or other securities convertible into or carrying options or warrants to purchase shares of any class, without offering any such shares of any class, either in whole or in part, to the eXisting sto Kholders of any class. IJ I i I, The minimum amount of capital with which 'j·• FIFl'H. the corporation will commence usiness is One Thousand frllars ($1,000.00). SIXTH. The n&neand places of residence or the incorvorators are as follows 1 ... • . ·. .· ··' . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P18


.1,• .. NAMES CES WilllingtonDelaware V1la1ngton, Delaware WilmingtonDelaware S. R. LlftNY L. A. Schoon.aker s. s. Clala-I I 'Ibe corporation is to have perpetual SEVEN'l'S. 11 ,I ii il il I' ;j !I existence. The private property of the stockholders EIGHTH. shall not be subJect to the payment or corporate debts to any exter.t whatever. n fUrtherance and not in limitation of Nltll'H. II '!Ii II !I !I '1 ji 11. the powers conferred by statute, the board of directors is exJ'ressly authorized: To make, alter or repeal the by-laws of the corporation. To authorize and cause to be exe uted mor·tgages J and liens upon the real and personal property of the I corporation. To set apart out of any of the funds of the corpo. ration available for dividends 3 reserve or reserves for any proper purpose and to abolish any such reserve in the manner in which it was created. B.y resolution passed by a majority of the whole board, to designate one or more comMittees, each committee to consist of two or more of the directors of the corpcratio which, to the extent provided in the resolution or in the by-laws of the corporation, shall have and may exercise the powers or the board of directors in the management of the bus1nesand affaire of the corporation, and may authorize I I I• ·......: .. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P19


·..:...:.·;·.· ..:.. -: . .. · ·'\;. ·...·. . the seal or the corporation to be attixed to all pap(lrs may reqUire it.Such co ttee or committees shall have sue name or names as may be stated in the by-laws or the corpn­ ration or as msy be determined f1m time to time by resolu-I ,, b,y the board ot directors. tion adopted When and as authorized by the affirmative vote or the holders of a majority ot the stock issued and outstand-1ng having votins power given at a stockholders'meeting il !I duly called ror that purpose, or when autr.or1zed by the j: ,I 'H written consent ot the holders or a majority or the \'Oting stock issued and outstanding, to sell, lease or exchange all 1 .! or the property and assets of the corporation, including its good will and its corporate franchises, upon such terms and conditions and for such consideration, which may be in whole or in part shares of stock in, and/or other securities of, a :y other corporation or corporations, as its board of di-z;ctors shall deem expedient and for the best intere ts of the corporation. 1 I' d !I i! i· I; il l r II !,.i !'' ll :o 'j,I TENTH. Meetings of stockholders may be held !I II :I II outside the State or Delaware, if the by-laws JO provide. The books of the corporation may be kept (subject to any provision contained 1n the statutes)outside tht State of Delaware at such place or places as may be designated from time to time by the board of directors or 1n the by-laws of the corporation.Elections of directors need not be by ballot unless the by-laws of the corporation shall so provid I The corporation reserves the right to ELEVENTH. II I I amer.d, alter, change or repeal any provision contained in this c2rtificate of incorporation, in he manner now o II I. t · . - . ;,_. . . ;: ·.. -:,· . ·:.,. :..:._: · :;,...-'._:--:··; . .:-- \' ' .. ; • 19-30120-1 C2.1 P20


• .· -:. ··· ... i• ·' •• < ' , hereat'ter prescribed by statute, and all rights conferred upon stockholders herein are granted subject to this reservation. i: ·'· WE1 THE UNDERSIGNED, being each of the 1ncorpora­ j tors hereinbefore named,!'or the purpose of forming a cor-11 poration pursuant to the General Corporation Law of the li State of Delaware, do make this certificate, hereby deelar-it ;i ing and certifying that the facts herein stated are tJ". Ue, ti !; and accordingly have hereunto set our hands and seals this !i j! 15th day of Mey A.D.1961 . :i ; 11 : ·i :; STATE OF DELAWARE :! COUN'l\Y OF NEW CASTLE a ., !, BE IT REMEMEEJtED that on this 15tt..iay ofMay A.D. 1961, person:illy came before me, a Notary Public fort the State of Delaware, S. H. Livesay. L. A. : : Schoonmaker and s. s. Galaaka, all of the parties to the ,i i,:' foregoing certificate of incorporation, known to me per-sonally to be 3Uch, and severally acknowledged the said cer-II !i I tificate to be the act and deed of the signers respectively I and that the facts therein stated are truly set forth. i ' !I GIVEN under. my hand and seal of 1! ii !! li year afur"::::.wid. !,;! l I 19-30120-1 C2.1 P21


?; : -· S' ULTRA DYNAMICS COHPOR/ITION * * * * • * * • • * * • • * • • * « • * . 'a.!.".. c::!> ' l. ' OF AMENDMENT OF C ERTIFICATE OF IN CORPOH.TIO N CEHTlPIC ATE '•·. r·-. . 1:.. '.....' <;! ;Sle 0 .--l!.. . . .=-. 3" -P, () \ .o \ ; J :' • ,_...,..... ..... • • • • • • • • * • * • • • • • • * • • Organized uroder thP. '..aws of thE' ST ATE OF DLAW/IRE • • * * • • • • • • * • • • • • • • • • ·.4···· ,. ,,, .. / .·' :_-_:_;·..'.r r.: : . ; . - ·· . ·' .. . : .... .., .·l . ,.,. ; . ..·. ,.,. , ; :i{ ; f?·.·. .:t ;., };;:)·_:;,V":::9,'1( ic ;,. :!" ·:..: W . .ta.: 45 1.... .......--·. ,___ ._.,.,., - ....-. ............ - - ...-.....----....... - 1 ·.:.--,n;:;_ _;c .:o::•••«.<. x ,.!A)a;a;;:e 19-30120-1 C2.1 P22


... -.. f,-------- -·---,·--··--_------·-·------· -.• i: I; CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF C_ERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION ****** ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION, a corporation or3an1zed and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware, DOES HEREBY CERTIFY: FIRST:Tliat at a meeting of the Board of Directors of ULTRA' DYNAtoliCS CORPORATION, resolutions were duly adopted setting forth a proposed amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of said corporation, declaring said amendment to be adviable and­ calling a meeting of the stockholdP-rs of eaid corporr ion for consideration thereof. The resolution setting forth the proposed amendment is as foll0ws: RESOLVED., that· the Certificate of Incorporr:tion of this corporation be amended bchanging the Article amended thereo.f numbered "FOURTH' so that, as said Article shall be and read as follows: . - . - .:-:.· -\:...:·. : . ·-. ..': . '. ' . . --_ •,.·-: ·:' • I • , , ••'' :··•'• -.. ... 19-30120-1 C2.1 P23


,.,.'1.1.. • .. ,. ./ AaTrcu Founa '!'he total ownber oC ahares of stock which thi:i corporatinn ia Rlll 11orizcd to have outatAnd!nr at any one time is Three Million Five Hundred Thou$:md (3,SOC,OC::l) sh::.rcs which shall be divide·J ''follows: ' (a) Three Million (3,000,000) shares of Common Stock havinK " nominal or p;ar value of Ten ta ($.10) per share. (b) Five Hundred Thous:1nd (500,000) sh:-ru of Preferred Stock hnina nomiMI or p;ar \-&lue of Ten Cents ($.10) per ahare. The dcllicuations. votint: powers, prcferet1ces, optional or other special ri&:hts and qu: lifkations, liMita· tions, or restrictions of the abo\'t clas ificat:ons of stor.k shall be as follows: SECTIOK A-Puf'U.I.EZ) Stoex l. Shares of the Preferred Stock nt:\y ht' iuued i!'l one or ntore 1-inds, aubdh·idt.d into classes and ltriu at such time or time• and for such considrr'\tiun or considcratio:15 as the Board of Directors hi&) determi.,e. All &hAres of any one series shall be cf equ:ll rank 1111d identical in all re!ipects. 2. Authority ihcrehy exprc:-s.,Jy granted to ttoe Boord of Directors to fix from timto time, by resolution or resolutionpro ·idint: for the issue of any kind, clau, and series of Preferred Stock, the designation of such kind, class, and lltties and the powers, preferences and rit:htt of the: shares of so. ch kind, clus, :md st'ric:s and the powers, preft'rent.:e5 :md rights of the shares of such kind, class, and series, and the qu:.lific:ations, limitations -lr restrictions thereof, including the following : (a) The distincth·e designation and numhc:r of sharecomprising such kind, c ss. and series, which numhcr 11141)· (except where otherwise pro·,ided b) t!•e fioard of Directors in creating such kind, class, nnd series) be increasffi or decrt;ued (but not below the number of hare& then out· atanding) from time to time.by action of the Boord of Directors; (b) The dh·idend mte on the sh: res of that kind, class, o.nd Sf. ics, whether dividend$ shall be cumut.ttivt' and, :r oo, from which date:-or da te. and the rcl: ti,·e ri.:i.ts c.( priority, if any, of payment of dh·idends on sh:tres of th;t kind. c:lau, and series over shnres o( any l<ind, class. and series: (c) Wht:ther the shares of that l:;nd , class, and serie!l •h: ll he rcd(emable and, ii so, the term and conditions of such redemption, including the d: te or 'J:\Ics upon or after which they shall he redeemable, and the amount per 1hare payable in c1se or rcdrmptio01, which nmount m:y vary under different cc l'.ditions and at different re;-lcn:ption d:\ks: (d) Whether that kind, da'i. an(!series, $hall h:\\' t' a sinkinf uml fo( the rcdemr1ion or pur­ chte of sb:ne' of that kind, c-lass, and series and, if o. thr tn rns :mJ : mountpayable int> such sinking fund : (t) The rights to which the holders of the shares of that kind, cl:m, ...,d se ries sh:\11 Le entitled in the c\·cnt of \'Oiunt.uy or in\'o!untary liquid: tivn, disolntion, dimit.ution oa$SCts or w;ndinc-up of the Corporation, and the rel:11ive rights of priority, if any, of pa.ymmt of shares <"f that ldncl, clau, and series; (fJ ;;-:••:!-·•r the sh: res of thnt ki nd, chss, and serie,; : hall bt• corl\'crtihlc i n to ·.•r cxchangt'ahlc for ahart:.. of stock of any rln3" or any othrr !;:d. class, 11nd cries of PreFerred Stock, and. iiso, the terms and conditions of such con,·enion or exr' n :t'. incluclin{: the rncthod of J(l j ustinc t hc rates of conversion nr exch:mge in tht' event of a stock split . stock di,·idcnd, combina tion tlf sh;1res or simil;1r nent; _, / • ::'.. ..:. .·. / . · . . .. .... .. . j. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P24


.i (&) Whither the lharts of that kind, dan, and ames ahaU hnve votlnc rl(hta, in addition to the votinc ri(hts provided by law and, if 10, the terana of •uch \'otinl riiht1: (h) Whethe-r the isSUAnce of any addition."\! shares of auch kind, class, and series, or of any shares of any other kind, el: ss, and triet. lh ll be aubjcc:t to restrictions as to issuance, or as to the powera, preferencea or riJflt•of any such other kind, class, artd tries ; (i) Any othprcferr:ncea. privilqes and 110wers, 11nd lativc, participating, optional or othtr apecial riJhtt, and qualiftcationa, limitations or restrictions of such kind, cl:m. and triea, u the Board of Dircc:tou may deem &ad\'lllble and as ahall not be inc..-onsistcnt with the provision• f this Certificate of Inco.rporation and to the full extent now or hereafter permitted by the laws of Delaware. ·3. Payments of dh·idenda ahnll be as follow•: (a) The hold• of Preferred Stock of .e:1ch kind, class. and series deslrnated as cumulative in respect of dividends, in preference to the holders of the Common Stock, shall be entitled to receive, uand when dc:clarcd by the Do.ord of Din!«:tors out of funds legally avail11hlr: therefor, cash dividends, at the rate fnr suc:l1 series fixed in 3CCOrdance with the provisions of Section A of this Article III and no more; (b) The holders of Prderrcd Stock of each series designated as non·cumul:ttive in respect of dividendi, in preference to the holders of the Common Stock.Jhnlt he entitled to receh·e, as and when dc.cJared by tJuBoard of Dirc:cton out of funds legally available tl.erefor, cash dividends, at the rate for such ttties fixed in attord:ance with the provisions o( Section A o( this Article Ill and no more: (c) No dividend shalll:e p.'tid upon. or declared or set aside for, :my share or Preferred Stock with rell ct to any dividend riod t nless ot the s:1me time a like proportionate dh·idend with respect to the snme dividend period. ratnt,ty in proportion to the respective anntl."ll dh·idend ratc:1 fixed there­ for, shan be s-aid upon. or dc:clared :md set apl\rt for, all shares of Preferred Stock of all kinds, cwses, and series then issued tnd outstanding and entitled to receive such dividend ; (d) So lon.: as any h."lres of PreCcrred Stock shall be outstanding, in no event sh:dl any divi­ dend, whr:thin cah or property, be paid or declared. nor sh:tll :my di trihution be made, on the ConmlOn Stock, nor shall :my shares of the Common Stock be purchased, redeemed or otilerwise acquired for ·:alue by the Corporation. unle,;s all dividends on all cunml:lth·c kinrls, classes, and series ot Preferred Stock with rc pcct .to all p.ut dividenrl periods nnd unless all dividends of nil kinds, classes, and. series of Prdcrrcd Stock for the thtn current dh·idcnd period shnll ha,e been paid or decl:.rcd and ll sum suffident for the p.1ym nt thcrwf set ap:ut, and unleu the Corporat ion shnll not be in default with respect to :my of ib obligations with respect to nny sinkin: fund of :mr kinrl, class, and series of Prderred Stock. Thr foregoing proviions of thiParagraph (d) shall not, howev r. apply to a dividend payable in Common Stock: (c) No di"idrnd!i shnll he deemed to ha\·c nccrued on any share of Preferred Stock of ;.ny kind. class, nnd rics with respect to any period prior to the dntc of origin:tl isne of such share or the divi ;-nd pAyment date inunedi.1tely prc:ceding or followin: such date of origin:! issue, :IS may be pro· vided in threSt>!ntion or rt olutions of tht flonrd of Directors Crt':tting such kind. cl: s. and series. The Prr:fcrr«t t()(k shall not he cntitl«t to p.1rticipate in anr cliddrn<li dcdnwt and paid on thr Common Stock, whr:thrr p.1yable in cash, stock or otherwise. Accru:lls of dividends shnll not bur int e-st. 4. In the e\'Cilt of ;m\' \'ohmtarr or :m·olunt:'lry liquirlation, dis olution, rlistrihution of assrts or winrling-up of the Corporntlon. the h ldrrs of the shares of c;"tch kind, class, :1nd series of the Prefrrred Sto-k thrn outstnnding shalf he entitled t•1 rc:cei\'e out of the net 1\<'t!i of the Corporation. hut only in accordance \\·i:h the prrfcrenccs. if any. provided for surh kind. das. anti series, before an>· dit rihution or payment ahnll he madc-to tl1e holders of the Common Stock. the nmount per shnrc fixed by the re:SO· lution or rcsolntious nf the floord of Directorto he rccei'"c<f hy the holders of shares of each such kind , clus. an<l !'lt'rif'on such \'01unt!\r· or itl\'Olunt:ery liqtticlatinn , di<solutiC'In. distrihtttion of :Hsrt:o or wlndin ·UP, as the case m;"ty be. If such pnyment shall ha ,·c h<-cn made in full to thr ho!tkr of : II out· j _, .... ' 19-30120-1 C2.1 P25


'.-... .• ' . .JJ ' undine Praerred Stock of aD kind, ctasa, and $Cfics, or duty provided for, the remaininc uscts of the Corporation shatJ be available for cUstribution among the holden of the Common Stodc (at provided in Section B(2) of this Article Ill). If upon any such liquidation, dissolution, distribution of assets or windin, up, the net usets oC the Corporation &\oailable for distribution an10nc the holders of any one or mMe kind, class, and series of the PreferreJ Stodc whic:h (i) are entitled to a preference ovu the holders of the Common Stodc upon such liquidation. dissolution, di•trihution of assets or windinr·up, and (ii) rank equally in connection therewith, shall be insufficient to make payment in futl of the preferen· tial amount to which the holders of such shares shall be entitled. t!tcn such assets shall be distributed amonc the holders of such kind, class, and tcries of the Preferred Stock ratably accordinc to the rupective amounts to which they would be entitled in respect of the shares held by them upon auch distribution if all amounts payable on or with respect to such share were paid in full. Neither the consolidation or merger of the Corpor: tion, nor the s:\le, lease or conveyance (whether for cash, !«urities or other property) of an or p: rt of its assets, shO\U be deemed a liquid:\tion, dissolu· ti.on., distribution of assets or windinc·up of the Corporation within the ning of the forqoinc r· fti10DS. S. Excq.t to the extent otherwise uired by law or pro,•ided in the resolution or resolutions of the Board of Directors adopted pursuant to AUthority granted in this Section A of Article lit. the shares of the Preferred Stock shall ha,·e no votinp: ower with respect to any matter whatsover. In no cwnt ahall the Preferred Stock be mtitled to more than one vote in respect of each share of stock. 6. Shares of Preferred Stock which have hcen redeemed, con,·erted, exchan1cd, purcll.'Ued. retired or surrendered to the Corporation, or which h:we been reacquired in any manner, shall h..we the status of authorized 11nd unissued Preferred St.)Ck and may he reis ued hy the Bo.1rd of Directors as shares of the same or any other series. SECTroB-CmuroM STOCK 1. After the requirements with respect to referential dividends, i£ :my, on the Preferred Stock (fixed pursu:mt to Paragraph 2(b) of Section A and as further provided for in Paragr01.ph 3 of Scction A, both of this Article III) shall havt bem met, nnd after the Corporation sh:tll ha\·e complied with all the requirements, if any, with respect to the tting :;ide of sums in a sinking fund for the purcl1.'\se or redernpti6n of sh11res of any kihd. c:Jass, and series of Prefer;cd Stock (fixed pursu:mt to Pamgnph 2(c) and (d) of Section A of this Article I II), then and not otherwise. the holders of Common Stock shall receh·e, to the extent permitted by taw, sU<:h dividends as may be d<'Clared from time to time by the Board of Directors; 2. After distribution in full of the prderenti:l amount, if any (fixed puntmnt to Paragraph 2(e) of Section A of this Article Jll), to be distributed to thholders of Prt'ftrred Stock, in the vent of t!-e voluntary or in"-otuntary liquidation. dis501ution. di trihution of assets or winding· ttp of the Cor· poration, the holders of the Common Stock sh:11l be entitled to rc ceh·e ail the remaining assets of the Corporation of whatever kind available for distribution to stockhol<lcrs ratably in proportion to the number of shares of Cotnmnn Stock held hy them rcspecti,ely: 3. Except as may be otherwise required by law or by this Ccrtificnte o' Incorporation. e:tch holder of Common Stock shall h:we one vote in respect of each share of such stod• held by him on all matters voted upon by :!le stockholders. SECTION C-Ornn PaovJllto:oos I. The stockholders of the Corporation :IT(' cxpre:<sly denied the prt'('fll['ti\'Cr. ight to subscribe to any or all nc!ditional issues of stock of the Corporatinn of :1r.y or all dassificativn >, kind,;, dasscs or series thtrcof . 2. Any and all &hares i st\cd l1y the Corporation for which the full con!'.idt'r:tion h:tll l ec'l p:1i<l or delivered shall be drcmcd fully paid :md nonassess1. ble share$. _, .,..'...... . . . . ·!'., ·.· :., ·.·· · ' .' ·;. . t ' • 1' 1·".·.,. ' 19-30120-1 C2.1 P26


, SBCOND: That thereafter, pursuant to resolution of its Board or Directora1 a special meeting or the stockholders r said corporation wae duly called and held, upon notice ln accordance with section 222 or the General Corporation Law or the State or DP.laware at which meeting the necessary number or shares as required by statute were voted in favor or the amendment. THIRD:That said amendment was duly adopted in ac­ cordance with the provisions of Section 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. FOURTH: That the capital of said corporation will not be reduced under or by reason of said amendment. IN 'r/I'INESS WHEREOF1 aa1d ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION1 haa aused its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed and thie ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATivN AT: B -;r-- 5 - . '· r · ; ·.·' ',• .· - . . . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P27


.. •:··· ·. ; . · .·.. •. .•.••..•.• • STATE OF COUNTY OF es: that on this /J BE IT REMEMBERED day of 19/f, personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for th ')a/l,t:v/);. f' J County and State aforesaid, President of ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION, a corporation of the State of Delaware, and he duly executed said certificate before me and ar.knowledged the said certificate to be hie act and deeJ and the uct and deed of said corporation and the facts stated therein are true; and that the seal affixed to said certificate and atteetcd by the Secretary of said corporation is the common or corporate seal of said corporation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and :/),Llljottar'y,Public ' - 6 - _I' ..· .. ,.. '. ,. ' :" ·. . ... . .... '· . .· . .·.· :. ·.· .."': .•;. .. ':'' 19-30120-1 C2.1 P28


•-. ·.8 3. 'u'..• ·.:-.. •, : 6 1 9 .-.i 1, - £ .....,. ··'· . . ClltTU'lCA'l'A' OP AHINDH!Nl' or .:. . • :··.-""... ··.... . !.. CDTmCA'R OP lNCOlPOIATION OF ·,ULftA DnwnCs· CORPOKATtON "•t ' ..• ..• .. . ... . . . . .. . ...f ••••••••• ••• • • ••••••••••• •'• ; . , ":: ULTIA · DVMAIUt.'ti · tJOI't'\ikATI.vM, a .:.; r .. ""'""lin v ......•... . .-. ··.:;::: L.:...:.,, to.::.Jca: '" .! .; ,·:.:'t'' I'W '·· Of-' the C.Mrltt Corporati.oa • . 1. ' .. .... ;. l.av of the State of Delaware, doea hntb1 ·• ;.·:; ·. .. attoo, . ' • ... ·... # .. · .·nusa ",....Tbac u •. a Matiaa o£ theBoard of Directorsoftbe c .. rttol.,tirtn• vtt"• ct,,,., ltdo,t•ct l'tttt1n' rnnh " propo-.vcl ..:JHtnJ-nt l•, thoC.rUU •t• of bcorporaUon of ••14 Corporotfcm. de c brinu Ald A•enJ111 ot to be "c1v1aable 4nc:t - ..."',..,....... .. buao.t... ..·' illt"l• •ettnt ot th• ttoekhol('.ey, nf MIU6i Ct•rporl'tiOD for coa.tderatloo Tb.e raao1ut1cn :actun, forth the rropoaed aoaended h u folluw•• ,·-,;, ,. . -:'.. • : ": " ·i!ioi,viDt Tbat · tbe C.rtlficate of locorporation cf thb Corporation be .-nrlld 1»1.:;::··..;: ,_. -'.-.. CJ;""-. aathe Article thereof nllab&rd ••f\•l1RTH" ec that, •• ••eadtunt, .. t.dUcla · _.,,.M.,•.···.··.. ' - . .i.h.11 ate aad-. ead . ae toll aH '·•· ·<· •··· '· (' .. : :'A····. ;. :··.·:.!I -' ""'! atock which thia \Arpot•tion b autbori&ecl to have . (6, w,vvv) . w6 4.:.;..... Y-\: 01 ...;::..1;4!. i.il I)Jr Sia M1U1on uve tt"oored lbou•aacl Six Million (t..ooo.ooo ) "h.-r .... ,,r value of Ten Cefttl ($.10)p•r •b.re; .. (a) l;..· t A C<)IIIIIIOl· \.vi... .. .,...:"' ... (b) Preferred Stock haviJ.i a Pi,.. Rundrecl Thou•and (500,000) aharea of aoainal or pat velue ot T•n Cent• ($.10)per •hare. # ' :' . T'-e deai&A&Uone. voU.q powers. prefertlnces, optional ol' othar •P• j -''\ l r 0.14ht' and .:la.. iH..:atlun•c •tot!' _quJ1tf1eattone. lti!Hatlone. cr reatrl"t tf'nl ot th• "hew• tb&ll.be ae ·follove: ,....· . ·',,...... ;:...··. . . .:·SICTiOM· A - PWWID Stqg Sbaree 1 tbe Preferred Stork ay be 1•sued in onor more kinde, aubdivided into.. cla•••• aod M t•• at euch tille or tiJM• and for auch conaideration or .:·... :··· cooeidarationl ••the loerd of Dtr• tnr..Y d•termine. All eh•r•• f •ny one aertea ehall be of equal tank and identical in all reapecta. (2) Authority 1a hereby ax rea•ly aranted to the Board of D1rectora to tix, tro. it llu t u1 ....> tiM to ti111Ht • by resolution Ot' Teaotuttona pt"ovic11ng tor tile ltiGct , claae, and aeriee of PTefet'recl Stock, the designation of such kind, cl•••• and aeriee and·the poware, preferences and Tights of the •hAreA of such ltt.M, c:laae, &ad .. rie• and tho poverl! , prefet.!tlCoo"' ano.l rights \)\. til .;h..nll of auc:h kind, -:iaaa, and aorioe, and the qualtficat1onR ,· ltaitations or reatr1ct1• thereof, includint the follovinR: 1 • . • ,;-., i...., . . ·.. ·.. ·.·..:.. \ >. ·.. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P29


·' .:··. ·-·.. ·,• .. .../.·:.· \;_.(. ¥'...... tchl•••d•htinctlv... d.-lt!natt.oa anc! nUIIber of ahu.. coaprhina aueh (a) kiwi, and ••"!"•• which auabcr uy (except vbcre othorvhe provided by the Board of . .Director. la cr .doa al.lch kind,ian, .-nd eer1ee) be . .iQC:l'eaaecl o('.. d.Ct•a•M , (but DOtbelowtheuuabor oflhnt'U th.-n ouc•.taiuHna> ··froa"tt•e t"'"'tt• by ac:tf.u of rhe Board of Direc:ton; !1, ·.-:-.. ·:.·· Tba dividend ; 'faCe:· :. :!·. '•' tbt lbarel of tWt kind, clou, and let'iU 0 whether ('b) ' dt•tdenda ahall be, cu.ula 1ve aoo, l!.u.rcomhi h t• nr dat••· and llae .-alativG ri&hu of prtortty, 1f any • of pft)'111ttnt of dividend• on clue, aDd ••ri•• over ""•"•• of that · t ·tftd, and earl••; abares of any kbul, cla... ..':"" ·. . ·... ·:. eh.tl "• athtftiible w . that tt..uid., due, and (c)... Jlb,ethu ud, lC h• abaru of ••rtn .",'-···• Mu, tlitftetiiif ·an• condttton• of •uc:h rednpttcm, illdactiDa·tha...·:-·L '.t•te or datet· upcm or after which tbey •hdl La roduQublt.t, an4,, tba •• "ut per •11ue· l)avable tn ca ..e u! ld=PtiDn, whteh t .., . vaty ·..:...:.:... uader dlffennt cou .lt.il)lll llnd at tli Her"nt. ,u,lem,,llun J•t t.i thtr!tl•, Mhall h;.w:.: .:; !:·"'"e (d) Whether that kllld, d.aee, and ,,,ntf fo.,. th­ r.G-..L.Lwu r pt!!'eh"'!'' t)f •"""•• of that kind, c:laae, aDd ..eerie• aDCI, U ... .t.>.... ·eo, the teaad a11110Uftta poyable into euch eink.iu' fun ; ·-(e) . the rtahta to vhlch t"' holden of the eharea of that kind, el•.. , aDCI ·· ·· : rr:rn· Pd1n the event of voluntary n1' tmrolnntaey ....,1.. ..1.a1 .:ltq•,tdation, dtaaolutlou, cllltrtbution of . ...or v1ndiu!i-P of thl!' Corporation. and tbft relative rlahta of •.,.•• f tht ktftd, claaa, and aerie•' priority, if Any. of pa,..nt of ••.;f.','· #',,.... ...........'(. : ::;:r.;: Whether the ahara•of tbat killd, c:l•••• and aeries shall ba convertible '(f) trito or eweh ns•.-bll for abarea of stock of any clan or AllY other kind, eta...and eerlea of Preferred Stock, anJ, H•n, t"• tama ·and cood1t1ona of auc:h c:oovereloll or eaehan&•· 1nelu4ina the ..thod ot · adjuetlna the rat•• of eonvardoft or exc:haoa• in the avant of a etock flf'1 tt, · tnclt dtvtdand. eOIIbination of abaree or li•ilai-evnt: w· ,.; 1f.t. . ·,.·.;:. .. • ••• !! (il Vh thei th,.. •t.nee d&hU, hi "cSdiUon teof aucb votina of that kind, c:la.. , and aariea eball have votifta .:::.:, to the votins riahl• provided !¥uL•' by law and, tf ao, the (h) Whether tlte 111uar.e• nf •nJ additional ehana of such kind. claal, aad ac ic:, or of any •hare•of anJ other kind,clae . and »•r1 •• eball be .•. ·:,.. eubjec:t to reatriettofta •• to iasuance, or •• tu th• pov•'•• .,t ,;ieu::vnt:'l!lf or ri&hts of any such other killd, claas, and aeries; oth c prafcren:e . prlvllegea and powera, and relative, (1) Ally partic:ip•tins, optioaal or otb9r apecial rights, and quaUHcationa• limitation .,. "••t tcttoa•of JUch kind, c:laaa, and seriee, •• the Board of D•T ..;"o:-• r,.y dtt.. adviNble and •• aaaall ovl L.:. incor.:: !',.t Hh "" .··· :. provutoos of this Certutcate or iucu ......, .a::.:.on r. • t thP ft l' ...t,...•t now or hereafter per.itted by the lava Pa ftts of dividends •hall be •• follows: Delaware. of (3) 00003 2 ·: ··.· ,· . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P30


.. ,,.. .... ._ ,·..-... . ·•··· . ! .-...·.,;. 'i - -·.--AQ{f!tf.f*··· -= . . .. ···· --., ..,., .."( _-•'•...'·..... ...;_.._ _. .. ·:.·:-- ----...... . . .,.. ... - --h kind, .. . cl•••· and latin d. . i.nated • J,_•., . (a) The holdl'lo· ·.rm&I·'St ck;.-f at cuauhtha ,.1n.: r c:t·..f . 'lbic!ecd!l, lu prderonce tu the.: L..;l.dara ul the cOIIiaoia _St._,,,aha}l.:a.. en.l4 to receive, •• end vh•a d tc.l.ar.d by rh• l>vard of ..D1rtc:tp • .R,a_t."'lla' uaull 1aaa4y •vail bll therefor • caah div1dend•, Alt the '·-· - rat.-··fOf'\RCh:.Hr ·:.fixed f.a aocorduce with the provilion• of Section A of thia ArUClo IV and·:DO .110 1, ....,:;··,.,.l,..·iltr-. ' - :-·...:·····. ... ·::·-..:. . "· '"": '';,·• - ······ ..i ··.··. '(b) ··-·· ·· - - · ·· ·· ·4 - , ....· .. ...::.! • . !. : ....;-.•, ow. fte . holdera. -·Of ... " Prden•dStek!lc or .. r.l) •: d.. janated "• ••.. or tleri•• · notCeti:iWl t.1Vi.'·la,_ ...;... &: l · .a¥1Jeonu••'" preu•r-••'c\l Lo the no1cten tb•..ll ltook-. aball be eaU.tled to t'4tcetvb _ t" 11nd wtt " d•('h!'@d by ···. .-; th'! 1! ,.,. !'f · l)t'TeC'tDn out f.m1!'! tl!t tHy •v.,il"' -1• tftf""'"fnr, ,.uh divtdaade) . at;.' the · rite fot· • eueb iedea ·· fixed in accordance with t"l' ·.:-·:. pi'O'Itetcme· ot·fJeeUQ1''·'A'.of tht.-:Ai'ttch tV.. and no lllOT•; · · .....-s· N-:.. ; I4 ii:·b···; set aaida f<•r, any .....;:t:·\:;, {t;:.·::,·-·::.-·\;··• o':r· .d•u larud \Jt · 'o"t" Pr•f•'fl'ed Atoek vtth •ttpeet to anv dividend eriod unleee at the , ... " B fl lhle .l'._upon t .,.·. •d.1viduml 'ol.it.u r :. p :dL u Lhc ·-d.ivl "''J patlod, raubly lo proportion ttl the ru e< t.lv ann..al t.llvtdcucl t1ttea . find therefor, •hall bA p.f.. U On, or Jeelftnd and tH apftrt t tr, Ul . .,. - . ehana ·of ttre,.M'•d Rt,...'-f · eH Un s, c:ln'locn, an4 ::u1ac th•il\ la;o-..11 ...... '·-'"'" ..AA-Cl.o.t. -...11li all.d ltlltitled to. receive e\lcn cUvhlt:11d; . . . . So iona· ·•• t.: ru . ·':"nfened Stock shall be ouuunc11n81 in ao ).... .· .VenthAll Ill)' divf.dond, vhcthor iD c. .h or property, be plid or --·:· cleclar. ao",! all . llnY tfltrf'-nt1on b• udt, on tht' - "n !t.,et-. n!)r:;. ;; abdl .ny ab.arja oC the COtlllaOc\ Stne\ be purchased, redee-d or otb•nr1ea-···­· aequtt'ed for .,O tlue by the Col'pf) atton, unleaa all dividend• oa all ,..: : eu.ulatlve kinda, c ••••• and ••rlea of Prefarred Stock vith reepect to · aU put d,lviclead pel'iodl ancS unie.. all dt-.tdanda of all lttnde, claaael;-<:.1: \, ..\".. &Q4; aed.ea of ·t nfanocJ scock for the tben cuueat didcJend period aball.:..., t, ... •.-1.,. h"• bean paid or declaracl and a aua uffidant' foe tba payunt thereof ..... .:L.· eo apa tl., o &.ul unlt...atbl Corporation alutil nul. . in del ault vlth , reapact :to.-any of ita obliaatlOill With raapaet to any aiut.na fwd of uy ·, . r< . ':";_._.-;. _.·;._ _. ktDCI, claas; and aeries of Prefured Stock. The fonaoin& providona of _ - , \: thi• Par•araph (c!) shall nut. hC'tr.vH. 11pply to a dtv ldenc! r•:rabh in <;oililon :itoc:k. , , ...' ._. , No cl1v1clenda ....11 ba cleeMd to have accrued on any shan, of Preferred · Stock ·of tli)' ltlnd, chae, and aerl•e wtt!'l respect to a•lY period prtou: to tbe·· clati of ortaiul iaaue of auch ahan or the divideucl payaeut date : liiMcU.at,ly pr iq or to.L.Lovua aucb dace ot or i&inal 1....,., < o.o a.& b.­ prov1clect in ttl. r•aolutlon or ruol1.0Uvu.r. of the BoArd of Directo-rs rcioa euch ktud, clae•,.ancS aeriea. The Preferred Stock &ball not be _;-;_ .. on the co..on Accrual& of entitlecl to participate t.n any.·cJlvideucla 4eclared and paid dtviclenda abel1 not bear int•reat. Stock, vbather·· payablein c:aah, atockor otherwi..u. 11ny volu t ry or bv.Ju!:.t.J!'l' (4) ln th " "ntof liquiclnti t'n, ·' ' · ·:'lt"n , d18tt'{Wtinn· nf IO.!J.t8 ftT Viftdft'l'-tlf 'lf th,.,.,..,O!'!ltf'-'n• t'-" ._,.,,..,. _., nf !"!' qluU'PO of e teh ltlacl, claaa,-and· aei!cs of tho Ptefened Stock then outstanding shall hr 'i: entitled to receive out of the , nat . aaaeta of the Corporation, but only in accordance with the preferencea, tf·anv, provided for such kind, class.and series, before ariy clistrlbut101l ··or paJMDt anaH be ude the resolution to the holders of ::. ..:. Common Stock.-the aaount per ehare ..(. OOOtl.t· ·, :.. . fixed by or rcoolutions of the Ronrd of 3 -,,, • ' . ·.· , • ,-• •••. : I, :·:. . . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P31


.'4 •fi..·.:·r:. r.1Nctorl'l to b nceived by the holder• of ' •h tr•• uC \OcH..h sL&ch kind. cl:sc::, .:lf'd aerie• on ...cb \...;J.Wlt&ry :>r l:•·•••l·•flt&C)' l.lquidAtlon, dlllt+olullun, dhtrll>utiun ut ' . . .t • or viad1na-up, •• th• c:a.. aay be.1f auc:h a)"lllent ahall have been •d• in full to the bolder• of all ouuundlna Pref•ued Stock of all kind, cla... and aedee, or duly pi'OVidecl tor • the rau1h.Ln.,-. attaetu ut Lhe l:urpocu L Luu •h.a L l \.• availablf r distribution a.ona the holclara of the Common Stock (•• provided in Section 8(2) of tbta Artlch IV), U\luld•Liuu. J.l.....l U.u11. tlut CorporAtion available lt upf'n tny 'lldt c!1str1but1on of us ts OT windtna-11r, thto n•t u tett of r..r ,U •al'f.l,utltln Alllt"f\8 thf' holdt,.G c>f ltnV <'nlll C\r •or41 ltind, cla811 an4 earle!t of the Preferred Stock Coaaon Stuck.. o.:pon wiadina-up. and (ILi which (1) are entitled to a preference ovor the holders oi the auc:h Hquf<'.,f'1f'n,dia11nlnti"n• dt•tribtttionof A taetsor rank equally io connection therewith. ohall be insufficient to the l•· •1111• r11 o! su ch hn r or n10ng the holder.. of each Y&i.e p• ent I n f11 ll o l tit.• pn:f r,!n t l.1l rn wt1 '" h :rnounl 11hatl tut M'ltttled. then euc:h nseta shall be diatrthutd a.J.tul, .:.1•••• &n.a ac r l'-U o i t iu: i:a,·iu • , .,. J :;L ... '-!.. ... t ••Lli: .--..;:.:.!!:t g !" t-ft reat)ectf.ve •-.ounta to whlc:h tht')' wnu!d 11.: clll lll.:d ln ol lh u ltl hat uj; huL.: '·:· r :• pc.: .:t ,., "' lt 1l t:....m p r :-. ::J U C:h -:!ietrit,.JtJf'\:1If Hll """"'t nt"' r•y..,..nt nn T"o;f'l'r't t() IIUC:h abAre v.re paiu in full. Ne1t.ber the consolidatJ.oo or merger of tho Corporatit•n, r.0 r the "'sle, lease or cooveyence ( o hetht:c for caah. securities or other pro perty) ur all o r port of ite aaeeta. shall be deemed a liquidation. d1ssohot1ou, 111.-trll.mlion of aneta or f""" nir.!! rrnvh1nn•. \o:i:.\4!!:1£ \;=-::.. e Cc-r r.. t c:-n ·dt! !C "o ninn nf th.. (5) Except to tlte extent othervhf' r..quired by law o r provided i..n the reeolutton tiT' T'••nlution• nf t.he 1\na d o( this Sect1on A of Article IV, Dlr4&ctuca adu?tcd pur sua n t to author .H..y &ranted in the 11hares of the Stock shall h.we no Prefe-::-red votioa power with respect to any matter whatsoever. ln no event thal1 the l'rrff!rred !i t •· •·k h u Ill I tl J oi 4t&Cb eh•re of atock. repe r r .:"" " t h, ll1 ol O <' '.'0( 1) ln l v (6) Sharea of Preferred toclt wl.ich have been rt!dcrmed, converted, exchansed. purcb aad.retired orsurrenderedto the tht! the Corporation, orwhichhavebeen re-acquired in any aanner. 11h1t 11 h•w uy be re-1saueu t.v 1H1Hus •>faut ho rized o trd ol IHrc\:Lu r:i a.-:tnd unitumed a;luus.>f the Preferl'ed Stock and .... or aoy o her aeciee. SECTION I - COMMON StOCK (1) Aftu th_. requlreaente with respect to preferential d ividends, Preferred Stock (fixed purauant to PAraaraph 2(b) of Section A 1t any, un d•., and as further shall have been provided for in Parasraph 3 of Section A, both of this Article IV) aet, and atter tt\e Cot'poration ahall have complied with aU the requirements , if any. vtth respect to the eetttna aside of sums in a ainkinf! f und foe t he purchase ;; 1 .;,! ;. t! :·:• u!.. 1. , • o! u..J.y klu.l, c lcl!l!; , and : cr1 r.· ('o !l r<'f rr..P-1 <: r>rlt hn (flxrl nd n ot ura:tv rtl 0r ph !(c)an ) ! SctiA rf thir rtirl TV). otherwillOo the holders of Common s•ock !!hall rec <!1Vf' , t n th r. C'X tr.n t ,.rtllttted by law. auch dividends •• aay be declared from time to time by t he Boa rd of Directors; (2) After distributiOD in full of Lhe prefchntial amoun t , it any ( fixed pursuant <11st r!hu t erl ro the to Paragraph 2(e) hnld r nf PTefe of Section A o f this Article IV), t o be.> r•dStoek ,1n thP vPnt n f the voluntnv o the involuntary Co r p n r a t ioa, liquidation. dissolution, distribution of assets or winding-t..tl .A 4 : . ' , .'-I - ·. :.: ., '· _,. :·. ' ' ::• .. o::. ... -.:, . ;, . ..; · ··'....' _:! 19-30120-1 C2.1 P32


.,..•. • . . -.. • • • •.. the holders of the eo-on Stock shall be entitled to receive all the retuining aa..ta of the Corporation of vhatever kind available for distribution to stock.Lol4era ratably in proportion to the nuaber of shares of Common Stock held by tbea respectively; SICTION C - OTBEl PIOVlSlOKS (1) Tbe stockholders of the Corporation are expressly denied the preenptive right to subscribe to any or all addit{ooal issues of stock of the Corporation of any or all claaaifieationa,kinds, cl•••••or aeries thereof. (1) Any and all a r••issued by the Corporation for which the full consideration baa been paid or delivered shall be deemed fully paid and nonassessable shares. :That thereaftec, pursuant to the reaolution f its Board of Directors. a special ..etin& of the stockholders of said Corporation vas duly called and held, upon oo iee in accordance with section 222 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware at which .eetins the necessary number of shares as required by statute were voted in favor of the Amend nt. THIID: That said amendaent was duly adopted in accordance witthe provisions of Section 242 of the General Corporation La·" of the State of Delaware. FOURTH:That the capital of said corporation will not be reduced under or by reason of said Aaendaent. II WlTM!SS VBEREOF, said ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION, has caused its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed and this Certificate to by signed by GEORGE G. SOLYMAR, its ... ;9l-. ;-:.., . S lWtK, i ts Secretary, this )·("16ay of April• Preaicleat, and atte111ted by REI.Iot:N t-1. . . ...... ·•:.•••• ••··.'.'"o' :. . ...· '" o·.•t, ,,.. . UlTRA DYNAMICS CORPORA1'ION .·/:.:"" t.·,-=···:'-...·-.-;; I . -. f". ·-·:· n : I,., • ::_ .. \ ) .= B Y :_ = =---=.., ,=-"'. _. -=---· =·---­ '.·)-..>"'..-.•:.•.:-.·:;.-.-.,;......... GEORGE G.SOLPresident . .t 11.0 .••••·• I . .trlft'f ' .---\ I j _) ' • / RY·:_((_J\r L·wL-l- Nk' >K· -----­ REUiiiiM. SIWEK·.Secretary 19-30120-1 C2.1 P33


••·• . . STATE OF NEW YORK COONTY OF WESTCHESTER ) ) ss.: ' On the\oY ay of April, 198J, personally came before ••• a Notary Public in and for the County and State a•aioreaaid, CtORGE C. SOL\MAl, Pr "ident of ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION,Corpnratton of the State of Delaware, and he duly executed laid Certificate before ••and acknowladaad the aaid Certificate to be his act and dead and the act and d•ed of eaid Corporation and the fact• atatedtherein are true; and that the aeal affixed to t.he said Certificate and atteatecl by the Secretay of aaid Corporation ta the ca.mon or corporate seal of said Corporation. ;p ---· ---IN WITNESS WHEREOF, dAy and year aforeaaid. 1 have hereunto aet my hand and seal of office the ' jit,.L - :;;}-:, e ---· . .,. . ftO'R'RY '/'-·- ,./'' .... (SEAL) 6 .' ' ...., ·-·...:.. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P34


• :·... ·'· .. .l,.., 'Si ', .., 'i FILED ID JUN 13 ll83 ·' CIITtrlCATI or AME1IDMEMT OF CIITIPICATI or INCOIPOIATIO ............................................................................... Ultra Dyoaaica Corporation.a corporation oraaniaed and cxiattna under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. OO!S ll!R!BY DtlFY: That at a aeetina of the Board of Dlrec:ou of Ultra Dyuaiu Corporation on April 28, 1983. t:eaoluaona were duly adopted setting forth a propoaed &Mndaent ro tbe Cen1f1catll of lncorporntion of said corporation, declarina aaid a..n&.ent tbe advisable acallingm. ting of the stockholderc of aaid corporation for consideration tnereof.The reaolution setting forth the propoa•d azendaent is as follows: RESOLVED; ThaL the Cer:.i.'icate of Incorporation of thu . ,. corporation be aaendea by chanaina the FIRST Article thereof ao that, aa Amended.aaid Article &hall be anJ read as foll we: "The naae of the corporation ia rurcflow Incor-porated" SECOND: That thereafter, pursuant to resolution of its Board of Directors, a apecial meeting of the stockholders of said corporation vas duly culled and held on April 28, 1983, upon notice ln accordance lth St.ction 2 2 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware at which • et ng the necessary number of shares aa required by statute were voted in favor of the ell!eudmcnt. That said a.enda:ent was duly adopted in accordance •.:1 ththe proviaions of Sectior. 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State ofLlaware. 00002 ..( .. _ ... ....·.·:...\ .' ·: .-.... ;, ·... .....:. ·.:. '· , I • ' ', . : ·.. .;'r , \_ .,:.,. ' ... ·•) ' ::-·.. - - 19-30120-1 C2.1 P35


.. . •. IN WITNISSWR!l!OP, aaid Ultra Dyna•ica Corporationhae cau1ed thia r:art1f1cate to be daoad bJ GIORGI c. SOLYHAR, lu Pr.. ldont ud atteated by <"' UUIIN K. SUIIl, ite Secretary, thtt day of Hay, 1983. ; ULTRA DYNAHICS CORPOIAtiOR ' · . ,.. ..· ·. ; . : - . • .•' " .: .· .; ATTIST: UOOOJ ..:.·-. 19-30120-1 C2.1 P36


•-· ., :'·•'· . - . . STATE OF COLIPORMtA ) COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES )SS.; 1.,; On theJf day of May, 1983, peraoully came before me, a Notary Public in and for the County and State ae aforeeaid, GEORGE G, SOLYMAR, President of ULTRA DYNAMICS CORPORATION, a Corporation f the State of Delaware, and he duly executed aa1d Certificate before me and acknowledged the aaid Cert\flcate to be the act and deed of aaid Corporation and the facts stated therein are true; .; . I and that the aeal affixed to the said Certificate and of the Corporation ia the common or corporate seal of attested by the Secretary aid Corp ration. IN WITNESS WHEREOf, I have hereunto •et my hand and seal of office the day and year aforesaid. .:! :!•.... - - NOTARY PUBLIC 1• rtiiiCI,AI Olfl(:f •• lo>$ AIICUU C:OUIOJ .....Ia COIIMISSIOff f»IRU NOV. 20. JtU .., (SEAL) ".J" \ ' •....\... , : :. . ........ ·' . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P37


,.• :. .••• . FILED· SEP If-i . · fi?Z tt;O OIJ,' ·.' CDnrtCATE or AKEMDH!NT or C!ITinCATE OF INCORPORATION or PUIOP'LOil· INCORPORATED •••••• •• •••••••••••• • •••••<. vr.fl.u. v.••t.q. tJ.c.r.t9P••2.)••••••••••••••••••••••••• ·: PUIOFLOV INOOIPOIATED, a Corporation oraanized and exiatlna under and by virtue of tbe General Corporation Lav of the State of Del vare,doea hereby certify: nUT: That at a aeetias of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, ·· utiona were duly adopted aettins forth a propoaed a.end8.nt to the Certificate of Incorporation of said Corporation, declarlna aatd nt to be adYluble and ealliq a eaetina of the Stockholders of said Corporation for cooaiderat!on thereof.The resolution setting forth the propoeednd..nt ia aa follove: ;... . IJSOLVED: That tho Certificate of Incorporation of thie Corporation be ...aded b)' addiaa a aev aaction 12 to euch Certificate of Incorporation titled "Section 12. Liaitation of Liability of Directors" aa follova: •s.ction 12. Lt.itatloa of Liability of Directore. "(A)A Director of the Corporation shall not be liable to the Corporation or ita Stoctboldera for .oaetar)' d...aes for breach of fiduciary duty aa 4 director, except to the estent aucb exa.ption from liability or lt.itation thereof ia aot per.ittad under the Delaware General Corporation Lav aa the .... exiata or ..,. hereafter be ...nded. < •• "(I) AD)' repeal or .edification of tbeforeaotna paraarepb(A) b)'. he atockh014ar• of the Corporation shall not adveraely affect AD)' r t or protection of a director of the Corporation exiatin& hereunder vitb reapact UJ act or oaiaaioo occurrina prior to, or at the tiM of. neb repeal .oc!Uteatton." to or ... II WITRISS WBIIIOP.aaid PUROFLOW INCORPORATED.hae cau ed ita Co orate Seal to be heteunto affixed and this Certificate to be aianed by George G.Solyaar, ita Preaidnt 1 and atteated by Reuben K. Siwek, its Secretary, thta 4th clay of.. i ' PUROFLOW INCORPORATED Atteet s '>1-iwut BY: . .. # '-- .. . ,... },._ ... --· 19-30120-1 C2.1 P38


..., ..,. .:•. ' .. · ' ·. ·., STAT! OP NEW YOU ) ss.: COUNTY OP WESTCH!ST!R) OQ the 5th clay of Septeab.r, peraonally c:ame before M, a Notary Public io aacl for the Couaty and State •• dor..aicl, GIORGI G. SOLYKAa, Prea1dent of PUROFLOW IICOIPOIAT!D, a Corporation of the State of Delaware, and ,, ·'..· he duly executed..tel Certificate before .. and acknovleclaed the eatcl Certificate to be hie ect ancl cleecl and the act and deed of aaicl Corporation aad the facta atatecl th•r•lD are true; and that the ,.al affixed to the ..tel Certificate and atteateclY the Secretary if aaid Corporation ia the co..on or Corporate Seal of aaicl Corporation. leal of office the IN WITNESS WHEREOF,I have hereunto aet ay hand day and year aforetaid. ancl !··. - """'· ,,. •. (SEAL) ·. - ..-._,.. . .'•' :_ ;.-. .. i . ... . ! .;_ ·. . ... ··-. . 19-30120-1 C2.1 P39


I .·• . II I m ,.. FILED "' ! : \' 'l CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF ., ' ·)', l. f ' l \ I .:.­ ; Puroflow * * Incorporated * * * * J., i ; ,I J Puroflow Incorporated, a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware, DOES HEREBY CERTIFY: FIRST:That the Board of Directors of said corpora-tion, at a meeting duly held, adopted a resolution proposing and 1 declaring advisable the following amendment to the Certificate Incorporation of said corporation: RESOLVED, that the Certificate of Incorporation of Puroflow Incorporated be amended by changing the first three paragraphs of the Fourth Article thereof so that, as amended, said Article shall be and read as follows: "The total number of shares of stock which this corporation is authorized to have outstanding at any ofl I I I j ! I one time is six million five hundred thousand (6,soo·,ooo) shares, which shall be divided as follows: (a) Six million (6,000,000) shares of Common stock having a nominal or par value of Six and Two-Thirds Cents ($.06 2/3) per share. (b) Five hundred thousand (500,000) shares of Preferred stock having a nominal or par value of Ten i -· I I i 5r·. Cents ($.1 ) per share." I l L __ . _ 'f:Al·'' _;r,·. - - - ---_ ;f.• 19-30120-1 C2.1 P40


I' SECOND:That in lieu of a meeting and vote of stock-holders, the stockholders have given unanimous written consent to said amendment in accordance with the provisions of Section 228 ·.:-;· j:. t· {'( of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. i n i:.lI :1.I THIRD:That the aforesaid amendment was duly adopted accordance with the applicable provisions of Sections 242 and ., t :,'j ? in i 228 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. ., tj Vf 1. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said Puroflow Incorporated has li I· q caused this Certificate to be signed by REUBEN M. by GEORGE SOLYMAR, its l'·!' President, and attested SIWEK, its Secretary, this \! "1( day of 1989. Ninth March 1 I· i i ... '• t By , President ! . ATTEST: ·· i· ' l '.;-.. By 1. ._. __..._ -------------- ---- - 19-30120-1 C2.1 P41


CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF PUROFLOVV INCORPORATED ••••••• Puroflow lncorporilted, a corporation organized c.nd existing under and bv virtue of rhe General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. DOES HERESY CERTIFY : fl8.&!: That the Board of Directors of said corporation, at meering duly held. adopted e resolution proposing and declaring adviseble the following amendment to the Certificate of JncorportJtion of said corporation: RESOLVED, That the Certificare of Incorporation of Puroflow Incorporated be 8mended by changing the f rst three paragraphs of the Fourth Article thereof so that. as amended, said Article shell be and rl!ad 8S f oJJows: ''The total number of shares of stock which this corporation is authorized to have issued at fJIJY one tine is Tt.el:ve Mil..l:ion Five 'lbousand (12,500.0001 shares. which shall be divided as follows: (al Twelve Million (12,000,000) shares of Common Stock having a nomir,al or par value of One Cent ( $ .0 t l per share. (b) Five Hundred Thousand (!500,000! hares of Pref@rrtd Stock having a nominal or par valuo of Ten Cents ($.101 per Mare." SECOND:That theroafter, pursuant to resolution of its Board of Direc tors. an Annual Meeting of Stockholders of sa1d corporation was duly called and held on September 1 B , 1995 . upon notice in accordence with Section 222 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware at wh11;h meeting the necessary number of shares as reQuired by stature were voted 1n favor of the amendment. THIRD: applicable Delaware. That the llforesaid amendment wcrs duly adopted in accordance with the provisions of Section 242 of the General Corporation Lw of the State of 19-30120-1 C2.1 P42


Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation of Puroflow Incorporated Page 2 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said Puroflow Incorporated has caused this Certificate to be signed by Michael H . Figoff, its President, and attested by Sandy Yoshisato. its Secretary, this 3rd day of October, 1995. Puroflow Incorporated ATTEST: t+· SaP By Sandy Yoshisat':Secretary 19-30120-1 C2.1 P43


CALIFORNIA ALL-PURPOSE ACKNOWLEDGMENT No. 5907 State of County of Ca1iforni a Los Ange1es before me, October 3, 1995 DATE Sandy Yoshisato, Notary Publ ic NAME. TITLE OF OFFICER ·E.G,"JANE DOE. NOTARY PUBLIC" ()n peffionallyappearedMi_c_h_a_el H_F.-ig_o_f_f NAMESI I OF SIGNER(SI [X] personally known to me - OR - 0 proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whose name(s) is/are subscribed to the within instrument and ac­ knowledged to me that he/she/they executed the same in his /her/their authorized t• 0 • 0 0 0 0 0 0 ¢ $ 0 0 •t capacity(ies) , and that by his/her/their signature(s) on the instrument the person(s), or the entity upon behalf of which the person(s) acted, executed the instrument. -··••SANDRA M.YC.HISATO z -:· I... :·,;· -..• Notarv P\.tlllc - ColifomJo COMM.# 1036417 · • c:LmOS·A:PNG:eElsE:SuC:O2U;N-TV L • 0 0 0 WITNESS my hand and official seal. ----------OPTIONAL----------Though the data below is not required by law. it may prove valuable to persons relying on the document and could prevent fraudulent reattachment of this form. CAPACITY CLAIMED BY SIGNER 0 INDIVIDUAL CXJ CORPORATE OFFICER Presi dent DESCRIPTION OF ATTACHED DOCUMENT Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation TITLE OR TYPE OF DOCUMENT TITLE(S) 0 PARTNER(S) 0 LIMITED 0 GENERAL Two (2) ----- - -------- --------0 ATIORNEY-IN-FACT NUMBER OF PAGES 0 TRUSTEE(S) 0 GUARDIAN/CONSERVATOR 0 OTHER:------October 3. 1995---- --· ·-- ·---· - ---·---- - - DATE OF DOCUMENT SIGNER IS REPRESENTING: NAME OF PEASON(SIOR ENTITY(IESI Purof1ow Incorporated SIGNER(S) OTHER THAN NAMED ABOVE tg1993 NATIONAL NOTARY ASSOCIATION • 8236 Remmet Ave.. P.O.Bo7184 • Canoga Pall<. CA 91309-7184 19-30120-1 C2.1 P44


SECRETARY OF STATE DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS FILED 09:00AM 06/03/1999 991222645 - 0567115 CBRTIFICAT£ OF DBSIGNATI(}N, PR!P!MNC!SAND RIOHTS OF SERIBS A 1l1NIOR PARTICIPATING PREFERRED STOCK OF PtllOPLOW lNCOUORATBD (Purtrumt to Seedon 1 t of the General Corporation Lww of tho State of Delaware} We, MlohaeJ H. Pteo«t President, and Sandy Yoshisato, Sooretary of Purotlow Jncorporated (the '"Comorat;on,), a wrpora on organized and existing under the General Corporation Law o(the State of Delaware, in accordance with the provisions ofSeotion 103 thereof, DO HBR.EBY CERTIFY u follows: That pW'St to the alolthority onfemd \IPOII the aoatd of Directors by the Certiijcate of Inoorporation of the Corporation, the Board ofDireotore on May 28.1999, voted to oreate a series of2S,OOO shares ofPrefen-ed Stoclc designated as Series A Juniot' Partieipatins Prefetred Stock: RBSOLVBD, that pursuant to th.e authority granted to Md vested in the Board of Directors of this Corporation in Keotdmoe with the provisions of 1be Corporation's Certifi atc oflnoorporation and Seetlon IS t(g) otthe General Corporation Law of the StAte orDeJawKre, the Board ofDirecton hereby cre ate& a icries ofFStock of the Company and hereby states the designation and number of share.!, an.d ftxes the relative rights, preferences and limitatiorts thereof (in addition to the provisionset forth in the Corporation's CertifioaftJ of Incorporation which are applicabli to the PAfentd Stock of all ;lu5s ami sm &} as follows; Section 1. PesfmuJon and, AlpOUDJ. There shall be a series of Preferred Stock, par value $.10 per share, of the Co poration which ihall be clesigrtated as ..Series A Junior Participating PRferred Stock:·par value $.10 per shm, and tlw number ofshariS QOnstitutiUi such series shall be 25,000. Such number of tha¢t may be ineteased Ot 6eereaseti by olutlon of the Board of Directors or by resolution of the Bxeoutive Committee of the Board of Directors. provided, that rto decrease shall reduce the number or shatM of Series A Junior Partief p*dng Preferred Stock to a number lesa than that of the shares then outstandine plu& the number of shares issuable upon ex ue of outstMtiin8 ri8hts, pdons or warrants or upon conversion of outstanding securitisinued by the Corporation. Section 2. (A) Dlyidends and Distributions. Subject to the prior and superior rights of the holders of any shares of any scriu ofPrefeami Stook rankini prior and superior to the Series A Junior PartioipatiPreferml Stook with respect to dividetuk, the holdert orsltatet of SeriesJunior PutidpAtlng Preterred Stock in proferonce to tht holders of shares of Common Swgk.par value S.Ol p1r share (tho 14Common .Stodcn), of the Corporation and any other junior !toek, !ball be entitled to receive, when, u and if declared by the Board of Directors out of f1.mdi l iiliY available for the purpose, quarterly dividends payable fn eash on the last day oreaeh fiscal quarter or the Corporation in each year or such othc;r dat"u the Board of Di on of thCorporation &hall approve; (c;ach such date being referred to herein as a "Ouanerly Plvid8nd Payment DIWI'•), oommenclne on tht SZ9096J 19-30120-1 C2.1 P45


first Quarterly Dividend Payment Date afttr the first issuamo of a share ot• .&ac.tlon of a. 5h!re of Seriea A Junior Participatins PAforred Stook in an amount per shate (IQundto Ulo nfiol"fit eeru) equal to the greater ot(a) S t.OO or (b) subject to the provision tor adjmtment hereinafter aet forth, I 000 timea the; agfjf8gate per 'anwunt of all cub dividend,, and l000 times the aggrepte per share amount (payable in kirtd) of all non-oash dividends or othet distribUtions otl\tr tbart a diVidon<l payable in mares of Common Stock or a subdivision of the outJtanding shares of Common Stock (by reclassiftoation or otherwise).declared on the Common Stook !lnoe the immediately pr tdif\8 Quirtcrly Divid.:nd Paymt Date, or, with •Pto the first Quarterly Dividend Payment Date, since the fir&lissuanC9 of any share or fraction of a &bare of Series A Junior Partioipating Preferred Stoek. rn the event the Corporation shall at any time after June 7, 1999 (the: 0Rightl Decrlaration Datt") (i) d lafe any dividend on Comwon Stock pay1bJ in shares of Common Stock, (fi) subdivide (by a stook spilt or otherwf!B) the outat!I'lding Common StoeJc, or{iii) combine (by a revorse stock split or othcrwi5e) the outstanding Common Stock into a smaller number of shares, then in each such. case the amount to which boldof shares of Series A Junior Participating Profemd Stock were entiUed immediately prior to liU h event under clause (b) ofthe preceding sentence shall be adjusted hy multiplying !Uoh smou.nr by a fraction the numerator of which is the number of shares of Common Stock outstanding immediately after such event and the denominator of which Is the nwnber of shares of Common Stock that were ouutanding Immediately prior to sueh evtftt. (B) The Corporation shall de¢lare •dividend or distribution on the Series A Junior Participating Preferred Stock u provided in paraeraph (A) above at the time it declares a dividend or.diatrihution on the Common Stock (other th.an a dividettd payablinsof Common Stock); provided mat. in tbt tviilt no dividand or distribution shall have been declared on the Common Stoek dUring the period between any Quarterly Dividend Paymt Date and the next subsequent QtJarterly Dividend Paym111t Dato. a dividend 9f $1.00 pw &bare on tht Svries A Junior Participating Preferred Stoek shall nevertheless be p&yable on suoh subsequent Qumerly Dividend Payment Date. (C) So lon1ae any &bares oftht Seri10 A Junior Partioipatini Prefenvd Stock are outstanding, no dividends or othtr distributions sh8.ll be deola.rod, paid or distributed, or set aside for payment or di1tribution. on the Common Stock wtleu.in h c15e, the dividtlld required by this Section 2 to be deelared 61\ the Series A Junior Pllr'tieipating Pteterred Stoek shall have been dtelared. (D) The holders of the shares of the Series A Junior :Pamclpadng ltreferred Stoek shall not be entitled to receive any dividends or other distributions except as provided herein. Dividends shall beSin to toc::n:ae and be cumulative on outstanding shares (!) of Series A Junior Participating Preferred Stock from the Quarterly Dividend ':ilymtnt Datf n t precedilll the date of Issue of such shares of Series A Junipr PartlolpatfD.g Preferred Stook unless the date of issue of such sh•res i& prior tc;. th rd date for th: fimQ\larlerly Dividend Payment Date.in which oasa dividends on suob shares shall begin to accrue &om rhe date of issue of sueh shares, or unless the date of issue is a Quarlerly Dividend Paynlent Diatc or iia dat : after tho record date for the detennlnation of holdero!f shares of Series A Junior J>ardeipadng Preferred Stock entitled to Reeive a quarterly dividand and bofore 6Uch Quarterly Dividend . 2 19-30120-1 C2.1 P46


Paymen\ t> te in criUter of which events such divide11d$ mall begin to accrue :and be cwmdative &om sueh Quarterly Dividend Payment Date. Acarued but unpaid dividends shall not bear interest. Dividends paid on the shares of Series A Junior Parti ipa.ting Prefetred Stock in an amount len than the tQtal of such dividWldi at tho time aQ n&d and payablem 5\IIOh iharws &hall be allooated pro rata on a sbar&-by..share basis among all suoh shares at the time oumtanding. The Board of DiRcton may fix a tecOrd date for the ddetmination of holden of mares of Series A Junior Participating Preferred Stock entitled to receive payment of a dividend or distribution declared thereon,which recot<i datshall 'be no mora than 60 days prior to the date fixed for the pa.ynumt thereor. Section 3. Voting Riihts. The holders ofsharas of Series A Junior Partieipating Preferml Stock shall have the followina vodna-rii}lt&; (A) Subject to e provl8lon tor acUustment hereinafter set forth.eaoh share of Serle!A Junior Partieipatins Preferred Stock shall erttitle the holder thereof to 1000 votes on all mat1 rs submitted to a vote of the &tockholdm ofth• Corpora\ion.In the vvent th1Cotporation shall at any time after the R.ighg Decla.radon Date (I) declare any dividend on Common Stock payable in sham of Common Stock.(ii) subdivid(by ilitook 511lit or othorwiso) the outstandin Common Stoele., or (iii) combine (by a reverse stock split or otherwise) the outstanding Common Stock into a smallw nwnbcr of 5harca, tbtn in OGh &\Kh QUO U1e nvmbw Qf votes pa-share to which holders of sbBre! of Series A Junior :Partiolpattn,c Pret'emd Stok wel'fJ enritled imm :aiately prior to auch event &hallbo adj\ Ata by multiplying iuch number by a !faction the numerator ofwbioh is the number ofsharea of Common Stock outstandiJli immediately a.fter suoh event and the denomirt&tor of -wbieh it the rtUMbet t.f"shate$ otCt.mtnoft Stoek tM.r were outstanding immediately prior to &uch cvont. (B)Bxoept as otherwise provided herein or by law, the holders of shares of Series A Junior Pattielpatin& Prd"enc;cl Stock and tbe holdetS orsbof CoStoek shall voto toi-=thor as one class on all matters submitted to a vote of stockholders of the Corporation, (i) If at any time dividends on any Series A Junior Participating Preferred (C) Stock shall oe in mean; in an amount equal &Qat leilit &ix (6) filii quanwly dividend& (whedtw gr not declared and whether or not consecutive) thereon, the oeoumnee of suoh oontfngenoy shall rnark the beginning of a plriod (herein tall.d a ''dtfaWt prriod") wbir;h r.ball .xtend until web time when all accrued and unpaJd dividends for ill previoua quarterly dividend periods and tbr the c\llTtnt quarterly dividd p o4 on •11 s(If Series A Juniot Participatil\S Prefetred Stock then ou1itandiui shall have been declmd and paid or set apart for pa)'IIlent.Durine each default period, all holden ofPrefene<i Stock (including holders of the Series A Junior Participating Prcf md Stook) with dividends in IUT8al'8 in an amoLmt equal to a.t least six (6) full quarterly dividends (whethet or not deelared and whethet ot 1\ot eol'\seeutive) thereon, 'Votin& a. clau, irroipeQtivo of series.shall have the ricbt to elect two (2) Directors. During any default period, sueh voting riSht ofthholders of (ii) Series A Junior Panicipatini Pre!fnod Stook may be exercised initially at a lipecial mMting calltld pursuant to subparagraph (lit) otthls Section 3{C) or at any annual meedng of stockhold, and thereafter at anuualro ings of stoekholdert, provided that neither •uch voting right. nor the right ofthe holders of any mher series orPreforrStock.if any. to increase, in 3 19-30120-1 C2.1 P47


certain oases.the authorized number of Directors shall be eKeroisod unles& the holders of one-third (113) in number or maR ofPRfctted Stock outstanding shall be present in person or by proxy. The absenoe ota quorum of the holders of Common Stock &hill not afteat the exercise by the hold tt of Preferred Stock of such votlns riSht At lny meetinA tt whieh tbe holders of Preferred Stock shall ise &uch voting nia:bt initially durinan exiitini default period.'hey shall havo the riJht, voting es a elus, to eleet Directors to till such vaeanclea, ttany. itt the Board of Directors u may thWeKitt up to two (2) Di tors or, if such right iexqci$ecl •t m annual meetiq. to eleot two (2) Directors. If the number which may be so eleoted at IU\y special meeting doea not amour.t to the required number, the holders ofthPreft!ltTed Stoek hall havo the right to make such in ;r•an in the nwnber ofDirKtors a5 iball be neces&a.ry to pennit the election by them of the required number. Aftc:r the holdetS o(the PMI'erted Sroek shtll have Meteised their ri&ht to tlact Directors in any default period and durin& the continuance of such period, the number of direetol'$ shall not be increased or decreased except by vote ot!ho holders ofPrtfon-ed Stock as btrcin provided or pumwnt to the riiht'of any vquity-wcurities rankini HUior tv or part passu with the SeriM A. J\Ulior Partieipa.th.\8 PMtemd Stook. Unlest the holders ofPrefcrred Stock shall, during an existing (iii) default period. have previoualy txeroised their liaflt o elect Directors, the Board ofDireotors may order, or any stookholder or toellhoJders own.lug In the aggregate not less the. tOft p t (10%) of the total number ohh& ofPrcfemd Stock outstanding, irresp tive oflieriq, may request, the calline ora speoial meeting of the holders of Preferred Stoel4 whioh meeting shall thereupon bo called by the nnan of tho Board or the President of tbe Corporation. Notice of such meeting and of any BIUlllftl mee!Jn& at whteh holders of Preferred Stook are entitled to vote pursuant to this paragraph (C)(iii) shall be given to each bolder of record of Preferred Stock by maiUna a copy of such notiae to him at his last address as the same appears on the books of the Corporation. Sueh mg shall be called for a time not earlier than 10 days and not later than 60 daya aftw Blleh ordw or request or in default ofth•callins of &ugh meetine within 60 day& after such order or request, such meeting may be catted on similar notioe by any stockholder or *tockholders owning in the a.88fes tnc>t le$& than ten petcent (10%) of the total n Q\ber of shares ofPrefened Sto<lk outmandiJle.Notwithstandfni the provisions ofthi& paralfiPh (C)(iii), no such special meeting shall be called during the period within 60 days immediately preceding the date fix•d for the next annual meeting of me stookholders. (iv) Inany default period, the holders of COmmon StOck, and other clas&e& of &tok of the Corporation if applicable, shall continue to bt entitled to elect the whole number of Directors until the holdc:rs of Prctetre<l Stoek shAU have exereiaed theit ript to eleet two (2) Dil'ccWri voting"a class, after the ex4Gist ofwhih rish& (x) tht DiiWton so elected by tho holden of Pre.t'emld Stook shalt eontlnue In oMoe until their suooe!l!!ors shall have heen eleeted by such holden or until tile e;wuation of the default period, and {y) any vacanr;y in tb Board of Directors may (except aa prcwided In paragraph (C)(li) of this Section 3) be tilled by a vote of a majority of tho remaining Directors theretofore elected by the holden ofthe clats of stowhich elt ted the Diregtor whose omoe shall become vacant. Refervnces in this paralf&Ph (C) to Directors eleete4by the holders of a particular elass of stoek shall include Direc-tors elected by such Directors to fltl vacancies as provided In clause (y) of tho foregoing sentence. IMm.Miatelupo11 the expi.t'Adon ote. default etlocf, ('C) the right (v) of the boldtrs of Preferred Stook as a class to elect Directors shall cease, (y) the tenn of any 4 19-30120-1 C2.1 P48


Directors elected by the holders of'Prefe!Ted Stock 88 a olass &hall terminate, and (z) the number of Director& shall be such numbet as may be ptovidod for in the Certificate of lncorporatlon or By-laws irre&pectiv• of any incrasse made pursuant to the provi5ionl ofparqraph (C)(ii) of this Seetion l (sueh numhet being subject, however, to ehege therea er lrt MY aMer provided by law or in the Certificate of Incorporation or By-laws). Any vacanci& in the Board of Directors etlected by the provfsiona of olauses (y) and (t) in the pteeedlng aentenemay be filled by a majority of the remaininv; Directon. (D) Bxt as set forth herein, holden of Series A Junior Pardolpadng PrcfStock shall have no special votirtg rights and their conseflt shall not be required {except to the eXtent lhcy are entitled to vote with bolder& of Conunon Stock a& set forth herein) tOr taking any corporate aetlon. Seetion4. Whenever quarterly dividends or other dividends or distributions p!yable . (A) on the Series A JUniOr P.rticipating PnfClTCd Stock a providin S on 2 are in anears, thereafter and until all aocn1ed and unpaid dividends and distributions.whether or not declared, on shares of Series A I\hUot Parti ipatin& Preferred St l( outstArt4in8 shall have been paid in full, the Corpontion ihall not; Deollll'e or pay dividends on. make any other distributions on. or (i) redeem or purohase or otheroNise aequlre fbt" eoMideratlon any shars otrt1\1dns jtlt'\;Ot (citha to dividend•or \lpon liquidation, dili&oluuou or w1ndina \IP) to1hc Seric:i A Junior Panicipatlng Pretemd Stoek; Declare or pay dividendi on or make any other diftributioqs OA any " {ii) &h.-cs of stock ranldng on a parity (either 8.1 to dividends or upon liquidation, tils!IOludon or winding up) with the Smes A Junior Participating fm-ed Stock excqn dividends paid rabbly on th :Series A Junior Partloipedng ltreferred Stook and allauoh panty atook on which dividends are payable or In arrears fn propottion to the total .tnounts to whleh the hol4et!orall S\lcl\ s ate then entill i · Redeem or purohaae or otherwise acquire for consideration shares (iii) of any stock ranking on a parity{eitlaer .s to cfiVidendt or upot\ liqui ti011, 4iUOllltion Ql' winding up) with tha Series A Junior Partiaipatfne Prefenvd Stook provided that the Coxporadon may at 81\Y time redeem, putebue or otherwitacquite thatel of MY ab puity stin exchange for share& of any stock of the Corporation rankine junior (either as to dividends or upon dissolution, liquidation or winding \lp) to the Series A Junior Participating Prdarcd Stock; or PurchAse or otherwi$e uire f6r consideration any shares of (iv) Sedes A Junior articipatina Prwfmed Stock or any dlarca of 1toc.k rankina on a parity with the Series A J1mior Participattna Junior Preferred Stock exoept in accordance with a purchase offer made in Writing or by publieltion (8$ d=nnined by the J;loatd o(Diteetoa1) to all holdt:rof such shares upon &uoh tenns as the Board ofDirectors.after consideration of the respective annual dividend ratec and other relative riahts and preferoncei of the te5p ive sori ;s and .5 S290%.l 19-30120-1 C2.1 P49


elaases, shall d tennine it'\ good ith will resUlt In ttlr and equltahte treatment among the re5p tive t:mes or clas&es. (B) The Co poration shall not p it any &ubvidiary ofthCorporation to purohue or otherwise aequtre tor consideration any shares ofstoftk otthe Corporation unlcw the Corporation couldunclor paraaraph (A) oftbis Section 4, purchase or othawise acquire such shares at suoh time and. In suoh manner. Sedion S. Reacquiml Sbii(JI, AnyofScriQ A Junior Participating Prefc:md Stook purchased or otherwtacquired by the Corporation in BIIY manner whatsoever shall be retited an4 ¢ancckd promptly after the acquisition thereof. All sueh sbues •han upon thcir cancellation become authorized but unissued shares of PrefemKl Stook and may be raiuued as part ora new 1aiet ofP fStock to be ereated by otudon or resolutions ofthe Board of Djrectors, subject to the conditions and re&triotioni on iisuance set furth herein. Sectlon6. J,.IQJlidatJon. Plssolurlon or WindinK Ug. (A) Upon any liquidation (voluntary or othtrt\'ise)dissolution &r winding up of tho COI])omtion, no distribution shan be mada to tho holdm of shares of stok rankiua junior (eitb« M to divideftds or upon liquidation, dissolution or windins Up) ttl the Series A Junior Participating Prof tmd Stook unless.prior thereto.the bolder1 of,harec ofSeriu A Junior Participating Pteterred Stock shall have reeelved per sharethe amount of $1.00, plua an amount equal to a.ccmd and unpaid dividendi and dil1ribution• thereon, whc:th« or not clcclarcd. to the date of suoh payment (the "Series A UquldBtion Pret'amnqt.'), followinll! tht paym&nt of Uli fWI amount of !he Sories A Liquidation Preterenee, no additioP!dbtributions shalJ bo mado to tho holders of shares of Series A Junior PanicipatinsPreferred Stock unless, prior thereto, the holders of shares of Common Stoek 5Mll have reoelved 8ll amount per share (the "Cpmmpp MjustnlCDt") equal to the quotient obtained by dividing (i} the Smoa A Liquidation Pm nee by (U) 1000 (as app!OJ'rlatety adjusted as set forth fn paragraph (C) below ro refleot such events u atoek &plits, stock dividendi recapitalization• with rapcct to the CQilllDon Stock){ncb number in clause (li), the "Adiustmsnt NumbAr'. Following the payment of the full amoWlt of tbSelie$ A Liquidation Preftrenco and the Coouuon Adj •tmt in t of all ouUbntiil)S Bhares of Series A lunlor ltarticlpatlng Preferred Stook and Common Stock. respectively. holdtrs of Series A Junior Participating Pre!Stock and bolders of shares of Common Stoolc shall r eeive their ratablll' and proportionate lihar"of the RmaininJ a55tt5 to be di5tributed in thCD ratio of the Adjustment Number to 1 with poot to 5UOh Preferred Stook and Common Stock on a pe.-shbasis, vely. (B) In the event there are not suftlolent usets available to pennit payment in full of the Series A Liquidation PrefaRnce and the liquidation PRfmncet of all othr amea of Preferred Stock, if any, whieh rank on a parity wtth the Series A Junior Participating Preferred Stock, them such mn·ainioa assets shall be distributed ratably to U1e holden of 11uch parity1harcs in proportion to their respective liquldatlon preferences. In the event there &re not sufficient assets available to pcnnit ymmt in fUll of the C 1M10n Adjuafn\ettt, then th remaininS assets ihall ba distrib ted ratably to the holders of Common Stook. 6 SZ9096J 19-30120-1 C2.1 P50


(C) In the event the Corporation !lhall at any time after the Rishti D laration Date (i) declare any dividend on Common tock payable in shares of Common Stook, (ii) subdivide the outstandirtg Common StQck, or (iii) CQJ\lbintltc:: outltmdinJ Common Steel; ioto a &mall•number of share&. then fn eaoh case the AdJu&ttnent Number In effect immediately prior to such event shall be adjusted by multiplying sueh Adjustment Number by & fraction the n erator of which is the number of shares of Common Stocl<: outstanding imm iiltely after suoh Went ancJ the denominator of which Is the number of shlll'E!s of'Common Stock that were O\ltlt44dmg immediatey! priot to sueh event. CoPiOlid!JSion. Mcqer. *· Ifthe Corporation shall enter inw any Section 7. consolidation, merger, combination or otber transaotion In which the shares of Common Stoek are c:;J ;dlanted for or changed into other stook or seowitie&,oash and/or any other property.then in any suoh event the sharof Serie1A Junior Participating Preferred Stock shall at the same time be .iimilarly exchanied or chanacd in an lilllOunt per &h re (subject to the provision for adjutltment hereinafter set for'fh) equal to the Adjti!trrtMt Number times tho aggregate amoun.t of stock, securities, cash and/Qr any other propcny (payablin kind). ai tht asv may be.into whi<ib or for which each share of Common Stook ts ohaneed or exchanged. Section 8. No Jtedemotfon. The shares of eries A Junior PlttieiparirtP! ferred Stock shall not be redeem•blr;, Section 9. Banking. The Series A Junior Participatilti Preferred Stook !hall rank junior to all other series of the Corporatiot1's Prefd Stock as to the payment of r;lividendJ and the di&tribution of assets, unless the terms orany suoh series shall provide otherwise. Fractional Sbm-Series A JUDlor Pardcipatiftg Preferred Stbek rM.y be Section 10. Issued in. &aetion.S of a share whieh $ball entitle the holder, in proportion to S\Jeh holder,, i9nalshal'CI&. to exmise voting rlghta, reoeive dividends. psrtfoipate in distrlbutions and to have the benefit of atl other rights of holden orSeries A JUdiot PartieipatinPreferred Stook. Amendment, The Ceriifi ate of InQOrporation of the Corporation shall not Seetion 11. be further amended in any manner whleh would 'materially alter or change the powers, preferences or special riahtt of the Series A Junior Partioipatina Prcfm-ed Stock so as to affliCt them adversely without tM affinnative vote of the holders of a mejority or more of the outstanding shares of Serie5 A Juni9r Parti ipating PRfmW Stock, votiDi ieparat ly as a (;lafi Bffegtiye Qate. This Amended Certiftaate of Designation.Preferences and Seotion 12. Rights o(Serles A Junior Participating Ptefetted Stoek ofPutOflow Ineorportated shall b effectivat 5:00P.M., Eastern SCand:.lrd Time, on June 7, 1999. 1 19-30120-1 C2.1 P51


lN W'J"''NESS WHO.R.EOF, I h.t teUfM &s\d aubS¢ribed this Certift te _,.d do affirm th• foreaoina a& we under punaltiii of perjury mis 28th day of May.1999. A""•t; s 19-30120-1 C2.1 P52


Clln'IFICATI or AMBNDMENT OFTID CBR11JICA.TE Of INCOIU'OB4TJON or PUROFLOW lNCOUORA'J'ED a c:orporrdon orpaized IIUl stil2& undarlftd by virtue Puro1Jow ofthl<ieaanl Ccl Law ofiU Stile ofi>elawa (the ratiOD"). DOl1SHEREBYCIRTlFY: PJltST: Tblt ds6 t:aOdl ofDiNctan ot1he at a dwy Nlltcl mMtiftat duly adopM rt10lutkms llltiDa bth a proposod DaJI!inflllt or lbe Certificato or or dut Corpntioo, dccllrilla said •ondmebe advilable and t1tat said amendment bo c: u &idcnd by tho lfQckholdcn otCorpol'JtiOJ . 'naoIIIOluUOO IIGttlnc fOrth the prupoaed IIIC!Ddmcld iaIS fo1laWI: R.BSOLV!D, t1W dM a...-f'll Dinotol'l dual it i'It tlmCftd AnM<lc FOURTH otebe Cllti6clll etofcu Corporation as followl: "POtJR.TR:lbiS CotporatiOA il autbori=l to iauc two clatiCI of stock to be cilelaltltld..,,.._;vely, MCOIDIIWP Sllx:k"" tr&cl "'Prd'cmd Slock." The toca1 n.Woflhalw of Cona&DOJl Sloct tbit Qlponlioit a&4tltoriaod &o lcsue is 12,000.000, par vaJuo s.1s pw lhall, IICl dlt total llWDbGr r ..,..o!Prer.n.t Stock tbil CCIIPdonis a\&tbori*to 1lne is 500.000 lhln:l ot Pnr.ld Staet, par Vllue S.lO p•witb the Ball'd or audlarif.ed toOf C. the riahts. pa.ac•, Hinl -*or a.cb privilqa and rc:a1riCUOD JnDtCd eo or upon any P.$em£ Stock,adarr n\11Dbcr ot.,..any mch..n..and Ute dl&i--or oraay oftba. 1ht a-d of.Dinlclon ia 111o authc>rizod to increua or dac:rMH m.eaamber oretww oCany IICricl. priar or to lbl ime &t Ultt aerie, \Nt not \)ciDw the numblt of lharu ot auch Rries 1hera oas.... Ja CUI 1M nambet of .un.ot aayiCdeslblllbtJO decl.-l-the•bansCGIIItitutiaJrada 11aaJJ oriaiDaiJy a.m.th• ...-.or.-.ofuJa ..-nNM the ICIUJ5 whlcb thqhad prior tQ cho adoption of lbe .-tution Ar.of OGtohlr L2001 (tile "!ft'tctive 0.'\ MCh share DfCommcm . valuO $.01per lbtre. ot'aeCorpotiUGa iaw:daDd outltaftdift& Or held.U pll' STATE OF DELAWARE SECRETARY OF STATE DIVISION OF CORPORATIONS FILED 04:00PM 09/26/2001 010478351 - 0567115 19-30120-1 C2.1 P53


lharcs immediattly prior to the Eltcclivt Date (tht "Old Common Stack'') abatt automadcaUy be toelauificd .n4 comuaYOCI (lhe ''b\'ertt Spll ?. wttbout Nl)' .ctioa O.D the part of CfJc holder tbRot: .,one·fifbleath of on• lbarc of C'4mQon SkK:k.. The CQQM)ration •hall not ,..,. frKcional ahara em of t RCYm* Spli.t. Holdtll of Old CoStoc::k who wo-uJdotberwilt be .Utlacl t a ft'lcdaa Qf a share on accoWlt of the levae SpUt chill nmvc. upon agmmdw < f' the 'tock cenifi a&es rormwly r tina tbalol or*Old CommoD Stock, tn Jiou ot Uoh tractional share, anaruCNDt In CISh (the "Cesh-in Lio\l AnlOUAt") equallO the thenmarket valve af such &acidoaalinterut. Such l'nltUt valua will be deWmillcd by calc av"'ac ctoaina price of the CommtJJl SUJc:k 11 quoted oct the OTC Bulletin Boud for tht t.tft buana.cU)'t pri.qr to tbe Bffocdve Date. No intll'tSt thalJ be payable on 1hc C.sb·i4·UN A.nount.•• SECOND: nu a-.fter,tho atodcholdcn of the C()Jl*IUcm, at 1duly called m.UQg orthe sto lcln, voted Jn favor or dlt amMdment. THIRD: That nid tmeradmtnt wu 45Qly tdopted in aceordance wUh Ute provisiou of Scctlon 242 of the oon..lCorporation tAw oftht Staca of Del&ware. IN Wil'NiSS WRBUOF, Purotlow Illcorporatocl hal caused this CertifieaLe to dby Michael H.FicoD', itl PraidQt and Chief EXecutive omeer, thii./:S_ day 2001. be of PU1lOFLOW JNCORPOUTBD TOTAl.. P.e3 19-30120-1 C2.1 P54


Secretary of State Division of Corporations Delivered 11:44 AM 10/29/2003 FILED 11:36 AM 10/29/2003 SRV 030693726 - 0567115 FILE CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF CERTIFICATE OF lNCORPORATlON . OF PVR.OFLOW INCORPORATED PUROFLOW INCORPOR.ATED, a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the "'Corporation,,), DOES HEREBY CERTIFY: 1.This Ce:rti.ficate of .Amendment amends the Certificate of Incorporation of the Corporation (the "Certificate ofincorporation' by amending Attiele First to change the name of the Cotporation. The text of Article First of the Certificate oflncotpotation is amended hereby to 2. read as follows: ·F· irst: The name of the Corporation is Araan, Inc., The foregoing amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation was duly adopted by 3. vote of the stockholders holding a majority of the outstanding stock entitled to vote thereon. Thii amendment to the Certificate of Ineorpontion was duly adopted1n 4. accoldance wid:l the provisions of Section 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. undersigned authorized offic:er this '3 IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the CoJ:pOration ha! caused this certificate to be signed by tbe <by of October, 2003. roJ.. iner.osselmann Chairman of tba Board 19-30120-1 C2.1 P55


CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF THE CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION OF AR<;AN, INC. ARGAN, rNC.• a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the. "Corporation"). DOES HEREBY CERTIFY: 1 . This Certificate of Amendment amends the Certificate of lncorporation of the Corporation (the "Certiticate of lnoorporation") by amending the Fourth Article thereof to increase the numbt."r of authorized shares of the Corporation 's Common Siock from 12,000,000 shares to 30,000.000 shares. 2. The text of Article Four of the Certificate of incorporation is hereby amended by deleting the reference therein to "12,000,000''and inserting "30,000,000" in lieu thereof. The foregoing amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation was duly adopted by 3. vote of tht1 stockholders holding a majority of the outstanding stock entiiled to vote thereon. This amendment to the Ceniticate of Incorporation was duly adopted in 4. accordancwith the provisions of Section 242 of the General Corporcttion Law of the State of Delaware. IN WITNESS WHEREOF.the Corporation has cau.d this certificate to he signed by the /1 day of June, 2007. undersignt:d authorized officer this ARGAN. INC.•.. ··-; .• .. · ::> . . .-,.... ,/ ·' . . . -......· ----7· -· ... .·· ,.,-. -Bt:Ji:>/f :;j:;f'///£---<. . • ·' 5' /. arne: R H. Bosselmann Title: Chairman of the Board State of Delaware Secretazy of State Divi.sion of Corporation.s Delivered 10:07 PM 06/25/2007 FILED 09 :37 PM 06/25/2007 SRV 070749258 - 0567115 FILE 19-30120-1 C2.1 P56