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Exhibit 4(c).7
Base Salaries of Executive Directors
Base salaries for Executive Directors were reviewed in June 2006 with the new salaries below being effective from 1 April 2006.
Roger Urwin
Steve Holliday
  £600,000 *    
Steve Lucas
Nick Winser
Mike Jesanis
US $880,000    
Edward Astle
*   Salary reviewed and effective on appointment to Deputy Group Chief Executive (1 April 2006).
Fees for Non-Executive Directors
Fees for Non-Executive Directors as at 1 April 2006 are given below. There have been no subsequent revisions, with the exception of Sir John Parker who has received a salary increase to £500,000 with effective from 1 April 2006.
Sir John Parker
  £ 500,000    
Kenneth Harvey
  £ 35,000   Plus additional £12,500 for position of Senior Independent Director
John Allan
  £ 35,000   Plus additional £12,500 for chairing
the Remuneration Committee *
John Grant
  £ 35,000    
Paul Joskow
  £ 35,000   Plus additional £12,500 for chairing
the Finance Committee
Stephen Pettit
  £ 35,000   Plus additional £12,500 for chairing the Risk and Responsibility Committee
George Rose
  £ 35,000   Plus additional £15,000 for chairing
the Audit Committee
Maria Richter
  £ 35,000    
*   Appointed as new chairman of the Remuneration committee on 1 Feb 2006 as John Grant stood down as chairman.
In addition, a fee of £1,500 is paid for each Board meeting that Non-Executive Directors attend in their country of resident, which is increased to £3,000 for meetings held outside of their country of residence. This fee is not paid to Sir John Parker.