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Commitments and Contingencies (Notes)
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2013
Commitments and Contingencies Disclosure [Abstract]  
Commitments and Contingencies
Commitments and Contingencies

MeadWestvaco Timber Agreements

In connection with the acquisition of its timberlands, CatchMark Timber Trust entered into a fiber supply agreement and a master stumpage agreement (collectively, the “Timber Agreements”) with a wholly owned subsidiary of MeadWestvaco Corporation (“MeadWestvaco”). The fiber supply agreement provides that MeadWestvaco will purchase specified tonnage of timber from CatchMark TRS at specified prices per ton, depending upon the type of timber. The fiber supply agreement is subject to quarterly market pricing adjustments based on an index published by Timber Mart-South, a quarterly trade publication that reports raw forest product prices in 11 southern states. The master stumpage agreement provides that CatchMark Timber Trust will sell specified amounts of timber and make available certain portions of its timberlands to CatchMark TRS for harvesting. The initial term of the Timber Agreements is October 9, 2007 through December 31, 2032, subject to extension and early termination provisions. The Timber Agreements ensure a long-term source of supply of wood fiber products for MeadWestvaco in order to meet its paperboard and lumber production requirements at specified mills and provide CatchMark Timber Trust with a reliable customer for the wood products from its timberlands.

FRC Timberland Operating Agreement

CatchMark Timber Trust is party to a timberland operating agreement with Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. (“FRC”). Pursuant to the terms of the timberland operating agreement, FRC manages and operates CatchMark Timber Trust's timberlands and related timber operations, including ensuring delivery of timber to MeadWestvaco in compliance with the Timber Agreements. In consideration for rendering the services described in the timberland operating agreement, CatchMark Timber Trust pays FRC (i) a monthly management fee based on the actual acreage FRC manages, which is payable monthly in advance, and (ii) an incentive fee based on net revenues generated by the timberlands. The incentive fee is payable annually in arrears. The timberland operating agreement, as amended, is effective through December 31, 2013, with the option to extend for one-year periods and may be terminated by either party with mutual consent or by CatchMark Timber Trust with or without cause upon providing 120 days’ prior written notice.


From time to time, CatchMark Timber Trust may be a party to legal proceedings, claims, and administrative proceedings that arise in the ordinary course of its business. Management makes assumptions and estimates concerning the likelihood and amount of any reasonably possible loss relating to these matters using the latest information available. CatchMark Timber Trust records a liability for litigation if an unfavorable outcome is probable and the amount of loss or range of loss can be reasonably estimated. If an unfavorable outcome is probable and a reasonable estimate of the loss is a range, CatchMark Timber Trust accrues the best estimate within the range. If no amount within the range is a better estimate than any other amount, CatchMark Timber Trust accrues the minimum amount within the range. If an unfavorable outcome is probable but the amount of the loss cannot be reasonably estimated, CatchMark Timber Trust discloses the nature of the litigation and indicates that an estimate of the loss or range of loss cannot be made. If an unfavorable outcome is reasonably possible and the estimated loss is material, CatchMark Timber Trust discloses the nature and estimate of the possible loss of the litigation. CatchMark Timber Trust does not disclose information with respect to litigation where an unfavorable outcome is considered to be remote.

CatchMark Timber Trust is not currently involved in any legal proceedings of which the outcome is reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on the results of operations or financial condition of CatchMark Timber Trust, nor is CatchMark Timber Trust aware of any such legal proceedings contemplated by governmental authorities.