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Office of Municipal Securities

Office of Municipal Securities


About the Office

The Office of Municipal Securities coordinates the SEC's municipal securities activities, administers SEC rules relating to the municipal securities market, advises the Commission on policy matters relating to the municipal bond market, and provides technical assistance in the development and implementation of major SEC initiatives in the municipal securities area. In addition, the Office assists the Division of Enforcement and other SEC Offices and Divisions on a wide array of municipal securities matters. The Office works closely with the municipal securities industry to educate state and local officials and conduit borrowers about the Commission's rules and foster a thorough understanding of the Commission's policies. In addition, it reviews and processes rule filings of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and acts as the Commission's liaison with the MSRB, FINRA, and a variety of industry groups on municipal securities issues.

The Municipal Securities Market

Following an SEC staff review of the municipal securities market, which included examination of a wide range of issues, such as disclosure and transparency, financial reporting and accounting, and investor protection and education, the Commission issued a comprehensive report on the municipal securities market in July 2012. This report includes recommendations to help improve the structure of the $3.7 trillion municipal securities market and enhance the disclosures provided to investors. The recommendations address concerns raised by market participants and others in public field hearings and meetings as well as the public comment process during the agency's review, which was initiated by SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro in mid-2010 and led by SEC Commissioner Elisse Walter.

Protecting investors in the municipal securities market is a core function of the Commission, and the SEC staff remains dedicated to gathering further information about the market to help implement these recommendations to improve the state of the municipal securities market and help investors.

MSRB Rulemaking

We encourage the public to submit comments on MSRB rule filings during applicable comment periods. For detailed instructions, please read How to Submit Comments. All comments will be made available to the public. MSRB rule filings and related comment letters can be found on the SEC's MSRB rulemaking webpage

Contact Information

Office of Municipal Securities: (202) 551-5680

Other SEC Contact Information

If you are interested in employment opportunities with the Office of Municipal Securities, submit your resume to OMS-Resumes@SEC.Gov

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Municipal Advisor Information & Resources

Municipal Advisor Rule, Commission Order, and FAQs

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  • New EDGAR filers must apply for EDGAR access at the EDGAR Filer Management Website by electronically submitting a Form ID
  • Contact EDGAR filer support staff at (202) 551-8900 for additional Form ID information
  • Refer to Sections 9.2.13 - 9.2.14 of EDGAR Filer Manual (Volume II) for a description of the general process for preparing and submitting the Form MA Series
  • To file the Form MA Series log-in to the EDGAR Filer Website




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