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XBRL Taxonomy Update (Revised)

The scheduled release date of the forthcoming EDGAR Release 13.1 has been revised and is now scheduled to take effect on May 20, 2013 if approved by the commission. With this scheduled release the SEC will support the 2013 US GAAP Taxonomy and related SEC maintained taxonomies. Also, the 2011 US GAAP Taxonomy will no longer be supported by EDGAR. Remaining filers that have not yet transitioned from the 2011 US GAAP Taxonomy must transition to a supported version with their next submission on or after this date. The SEC staff strongly encourages filers to use the most recent version of taxonomy releases for their Interactive Data submissions to take advantage of the most up to date tags related to new accounting standards and other improvements. For a complete listing of all supported taxonomies, please see our Standard Taxonomies web page at: http://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/edgartaxonomies.shtml.

In addition, with the scheduled EDGAR Release 13.1 there are changes to Chapter 6 of the EDGAR Filer Manual Volume II. Chapter 6 changes include:

  • 6.3.3 relaxed
  • 6.5.18 removed
  • 6.7.6 relaxed
  • 6.7.9 relaxed
  • 6.8.5 removed
  • 6.8.7 removed

The draft redline version can be found at: http://www.sec.gov/info/edgar/edgarfm-vol2-v23_d.pdf.



Modified: 04/22/2013