Joshua T. White
Financial Economist
Office of Corporate Finance

Education Summary

  • Ph.D. Finance, University of Tennessee, 2012
  • M.B.A. Finance, University of Tennessee, 2008
  • B.S. Finance, University of Tennessee, 2007

Fields of Interest

  • Corporate disclosure
  • Government policy and regulation
  • Corporate governance
  • Securities offerings
Financial Economist
Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Research Assistant and Graduate Instructor
The University of Tennessee
  • Joshua White and Tracie Woidtke, Exogenous changes in analyst coverage prior to SEOs.
  • Sarah Clinton, Joshua White and Tracie Woidtke, Differences in the Information Environment prior to SEOs under Relaxed Disclosure Regulation.
  • Harold Black, Robert Schweitzer, Joshua White and Tracie Woidtke, Appointments of Academic Directors, RSFI Working Paper 2013-02.

Conference Activities

Discussant, 2013 FMA Conference
Paper presentation and discussant, 2012 FMA Conference
Paper presentation (by co-author), 2012 FARS Conference
Paper presentation and discussant, 2011 FMA Conference
Paper presentation, 2011 AAA Conference
Discussant, 2010 FMA Conference
Paper presentation, 2010 AAA Northeast Conference

University Presentations

Clemson University, 2013
Miami University, 2013
Texas A&M University, 2013
University of Alabama, 2013
University of Arizona, 2013
University of Georgia, 2013
University of Mississippi, 2013
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2013
University of Utah, 2013
University of Delaware, 2012
Corporate Governance Center, University of Tennessee, 2012
University of Tennessee, 2011