Jonathan A. Kalodimos
Financial Economist
Office of Corporate Finance

Education Summary

  • Ph.D. Finance, University of Washington, 2014
  • M.S. Finance, University of Florida, 2007
  • B.S. Physics, Kansas State University, 2006

Fields of Interest

  • Corporate governance
  • Financing policy and capital structure
  • Asset pricing

Financial Economist
Division of Economic and Risk Analysis
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Real Estate Capital Markets
Wachovia Bank
  • Thomas Gilbert, Christopher Hrdlicka, Jonathan Kalodimos and Stephan Siegel Daily Data is Bad for Beta: Opacity and Frequency-Dependent Betas, 2014, The Review of Asset Pricing Studies 4 (1), 78-117
  • Jonathan Kalodimos, How Important is Governance? Evidence from Heart Attack Survival

Conference Activities

Paper presentation and discussant, 2014 SWFA Annual Conference

University Presentations

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2014
University of Oklahoma, 2014
Miami University, 2013
University of Washington, 2013